Vaclav Havel once taught that if you work very hard you may still fail to change the world, but if you fail to work you are guaranteed not to make any progress.   Martha Gellhorn despaired of her work, but for her to write was necessary all the same. Whichever way you look at my writing, which has been put on an informal death row to mandate chaptering, you may also wonder if it is counter-productive to write at all, since the chaptering is sport for warcraft mayhem and I am being used as a Hollywood warcraft scribe, towards which ends I have sought recognition in attempts to stop.  The more the situation in social feuding can be made to look like race hostility the less likely anyone will intervene, so Hollywood is heavily invested in creating a race feud atmosphere. To understand this requires the difficult and elusive concept of Yojimbo that was used to conscript people into Obama’s override of investigation into the AIDS attack, claiming that racial progress was made, and to see into this further requires an understanding of the history lesson in the mutiny that developed between Martin Luther King and the NAACP over the Vietnam War.   To gather up this understanding into assessment of the perpetrator faction’s fancy footwork arrives us at their exploitation of confusion to make seemingly reasonable claims.

        Rather than pepper spray, the British rabid sow threads that are catchy, seemingly true, but full of lies.    This creates an ensnaring web and the terrible digital disconnect of the Obama age which has the millenials in a state of chronic sleeping sickness.   We know already the rabid are intransigent, cannot afford to admit the evidence, and sneer with a dogma of conflict theory that is built on a false witness campaign that is already a done deal.   Naturally any explosive mob scene they can incite along the precepts of their slander and rumor mills will be welcome as a force for their takeover campaign. People who do not know what is going on but think they do are all the same as useful as the sly and vicious class conscious blacks in the military who sneered at King all along.  We now live in the world that has been built by the idea that King was killed by white racism, when all the evidence shows it was the faction whose agent, a black woman, stabbed him with a letter opener, not black on black crime, mind you, but an agency of shared interest.

        One of the issues critical to understanding this is the Union stronghold that was developed by the Israeli faction in Pittsburgh with the help of Her Majesty’s agent, Peter Gabriel, a Beatles portfolio operative, SONY, University of Washington and Dr. Ralph Proctor at WQED, who are responsible for a murder war game and on campus death sports.   Penis Gabriel chimed in about “towers built to last,” when he backstabbed me as a man in recovery from torture who testified to an AIDS testing war game before we learned that the Beatles and U.S. Government were working together on that war game, being Two Virgins Pussyball, an idea that they cannot explain having originated with Lennon, which it is fully scripted by Greg Karl, one of those who takes credit for supposedly killing him, in partnership with Reagan’s attorneys, who had me in D.C. to be waved to the night before he claims he was shot.  Nevertheless, it was Two Virgins Pussyball, it was premeditated and Lennon did leave the franchise to his Japanese warrior wife. After Elvis died his record company had a spokesman on TV who said, “He’s worth more to us now that he’s dead.” Who was Lennon worth most to after he staged his Double Fantasy exit with the help of Pentagon Disney? Those who started AIDS, and if you figure it out well enough to testify they will of course rip you to pieces.

         The crime was worked by the universal derision of women towards the male rejected lover.   This was worked with wormtongue to also make out the way I was used, discarded, used, discarded, for spite as somehow my own misconduct.   So they had the perfect example of the crybaby two-timer. What they didn’t say was that they brutally tortured me and forcefed me a nerve agent.  That’s was classified information from Aladdin’s genie.

       It’s not the only blank spot the attitude problem children listening to Rusted Root as though the voice of God have garbled.   If you think of a white liberal veteran of WW2 from Iowa being Chair of Philosophy of Education at Pitt as being an outsider as Dr. Proctor did, as because against the Vietnam War elliptically to blame for a veteran suicide on campus, you have to reflect that Dr. King was scorned as an outsider in Pittsburgh by local blacks who didn’t give two hoots what he thought and laughed at the idea he could lead them.   When he spoke at Forbes Field in 1962 and asked Roberto Clemente to speak, too, Roberto didn’t show up. Maybe that’s why it has been so easy for Clemente’s name to be abducted into utility for his killers. Rosa could explain, perhaps, but I was there, taking my life into my hands campaigning against both the very vicious KKK and against Apartheid, while the pro-Klan, pro-Apartheid white power circuit laughed about what they had planned for Dr. Proctor to help them do to me.   This is on record, just like the Kelly School incident near Celeron.

       An Indian man named Dalip used a tactic of Gail Burstyn and Erasmus called false praise for those about whom you spitefully laugh, clap clap for the peacenik sleeping with the wrong color, clap clap.   This seduction and entrapment was vital to creating the image of the predator of love that was Swami Nostra’d into proof against the idea of the walrus in a hideous diversion campaign about Mt. Desert Island making Lennon’s estate into a ball of warcraft.   Even though the Black attaches of the Green Party set this up with Midori Goto through SONY for the rise of Obama as kingpin of Godspell, it generated the smoke and mirrors of race conflict that was used to disguise the common cause of class conflict and Blacks going along with the AIDS attack to get ahead.   Having seen King preach non-violence after an outrage igniting wrath they pretty much wanted him out of the way. This evolved into the present condition of manufacture that allows Yojimbo circling of a snitch. Pitt, meanwhile, just laughs, behind the Hollywood wall of Pentagon Disney management who wrote as their pirate law brochure, “There is no such thing as objective reality only what the jury believes.”

         The interesting thing about Trump who worked with Spike Lee and Penis Gabriel using me to create a silent plebiscite approving the AIDS attack is that his scientific apparatus about scarcity and common sense hoarding comes from someone who isn’t really building a Green future at all, he’s out to sell gas guzzling green machines to the pimps in charge of pussyball warfare.   Interestingly, for a legend of scrawl at the First Class rescue boats on the Titanic, Riback called me “puppet of the fire,” and said, “to play you has me tiered.” Provocative spelling from the days when Cartieri (cart/eerie) was doing accidently on purpose to D.T. on a night that wounded time for KE, the most beautiful of all, but if you go the Arnie Sacnusum road, be sure to answer:  Who did Neville Shute?.