“Wants to save the world but can’t even save himself,” is the formula used to describe me by the bumper sticker heads behind the terrible attack in Pittsburgh.   It is widely believed that the authors have the material they need to humiliate me despite what they have done. It is a long secret session in media between travesty and the duplicity of their mockingbird head trip.   Those who study the fascism that exists in the Administrative level of the U.S., prodded by discovery of investment banks helping finance the Third Reich, the military-industrial arrangements that saw the war in Vietnam as a pot of gold, and so on, have long-noted that some of the enthusiasm for colonialism originates with Thomas Malthus and the East India Company in Britain.  Malthus was saying in defense of the inevitability behind war, “pray all you want to there is no more.” This theme was also a theme in the famous Table Talks of Adolf Hitler, the idea that the seeming blasphemy of the idea of might makes right simply reflects the nature of reality, and those with the will to understand that fact were more likely to be victors over those who weaken themselves with wishful pieties.   The foundation of the American Government in the situation that now exists under President Trump decades after the AIDS attack is very similar and can be formulated as: go ahead and explain all you want to, it won’t change anything, the world isn’t reasonable and no one will listen. In other words, what our media have done under the guise of being rational navigators is a seance of Hitler’s Table Talks conducted semi-openly in the name of John Lennon while pretending from both sides of the aisle to be conducting management feuds.

      I know people, some of them black, who have spoken openly of support for the AIDS attack, so I also know that many of the people who are silent in the case are complicit.  Few people have said outright, I oppose the war crime, but among those who have, a few are believable. It would help me to know a few more such souls, but I’ve tried not to ask anyone, since I know the danger that a minority of rational people face in a morally catastrophic arrangement of punishment terror by The Crown of England working with Oliver Stone in the names of Reagan and Lennon, which is an issue that is specifically central to the injunction:  go ahead and talk all you want to, there is no one to listen. Just as I was poisoned horrifically for trying to get word out, those who helped me have been raped and targeted. The suspicious fact that the murderers behind the actions claim to be from a bank cartel representing the victims behind the wall of Reagan and Lennon is not being evaluated by the necessary academic minds. Explain all you want to, there is no one to listen.

        The history of Abolitionist newspapers is very exciting copy for historical research.  Men like Elijah Lovejoy stand out because they lost their lives, but there were men who survived who remain a tribute to the dignity possible in our political landscape.   Suppose the situation however had been arrived at through the Confederacy that the Abolitionists became convinced it was better to remain silent, that things would work themselves out, that no one would listen or believe them, or better yet that support for the institution of slavery was the very best way ever of freeing the slaves, an investment on their education.   Quite a windfall for the Confederacy. That is exactly what has been done with the idea that Lennon’s ghost is an avenging angel of karma, because he did not really become one by death, he was one all along, Lennon came with Yoko Ono in the name of King Edward to rectify the defeat of the Imperial aristocracy who supported Hitler in America and England, men like Ronald Wilson Reagan.  So their partnership in the AIDS attack is not hypocrisy, it is a Confederate trick. AIDS was a long planned attack. JFK walked right into a well-laid trap in a long planned attack with a long term calendar made on a very simple axis by the new Axis world order. There is no other explanation as all the evidence shows. It is implacable deception by a monstrous media cartel who have supported the crime committed under the name of Gail Carolyn Burstyn in order to induce and force acceptance and punishment for dissent.  The mentality is extremely violent martial law reasoning.

       There are two kinds of little.  A small man may have great character.   A powerfully built man may be petty and asinine.  Al Souma, of Seattle Central Community College, is a little, little man on the order of Barack Obama.  His importance is in the office he holds or once held, but his deficiency is louder in his actions and inactions concerning brutality of a surreal and deranged arrangement that he willfully allowed to claim innocent lives under his watch.   Souma banned me from school, an act that made him an instrument of a union and media lobby that have a secret treaty to keep American history vanquished and ignored as an off the record non-event, and his conscription into this silence carried with it, as I warned Seattle Central it would, the price that innocent bystanders died by insane hands.  This was inevitable in the non-contesting stance of Seattle towards the lies and unprincipled mania behind the justifications offered by Administration for the sickening and disturbing war game that Museum moguls claim was a partnership of Reagan and Lennon meant to navigate the atrocity, and not evidence of planning. That’s entirely fraudulent, false and yet absolutely necessary to justify Souma’s petty and tyrannical willingness to smother the situation in loyalty to Obama and allow the murder of Shannon Harps to go uncontested in its root dialogue.

         He said I was a troublemaker who wouldn’t succeed at school.  I now am on my second diploma in Honors and Phi Theta Kappa and still own no weapons, wait patiently for replies, answer my mail and read my assignments, turning in my homework on time.  Where is the troublemaking in trying to get help for the bystanders, at risk and historians who have been viciously defrauded? The victim cartels afflicted with AIDS have played a shell game with their justification.  One day they say I cudda saved John Lennon and the next day they demand why should I be a lucky one, all while hiding it was Lennon all along and that they are the ones who blocked my ability to get help, timely warning or save lives across, they are the reason Gail Burstyn was never arrested, they are the ones being led by The Crown’s deception.  It almost follows the plot of Star Trek’s episode, “And the Children Shall Lead,” in which Friendly Angel, the villain, was played by the lawyer for both the Hermann Goering Estate and Jack Ruby, a major real suspect in the murder of JFK. The hysterical web of gyrationists are the children claiming the right to lead, based on false assumptions and the thrill kills of beatlemania.   Anti-beatlemania has become a major issue of liberation politics.

          The people behind the suspicious experiment on Mt. Desert Island are criminals.  They operated with super-license from a martial society whose real legal powers factually do not exist.  Police hookers don’t amuse me the way they do foreign English in perception control, but there was much more to the plan of a Tarantella about AIDS pre-dating appearance of the virus, then management by cruel assassination of a targeted hate object.   The idea of charting the screams of a slave in the pit to detonate a super-mentality by emotional energy of primal scream as therapy, the outgrowth of an impacted viturperative neurological disorder put to the utility of navigation is proof of the planning, not brilliant opportunism.  Nelson Harrison at Pitt made a point, after contracting to demolish my plans to be married, to brag of his longstanding marriage. There is no place for tolerance of adultery in the brotherhood of man put together by Dr. King’s killers, plain and simple, if he was one, he had to go, the idea that I was being forced to live by my own standards in the name of allowing my fiance to desert me was a profile in neuroplastic head trauma ripper mayhem by the tormentor division.

      The attackers are getting away with it by being sophisticates, by being super hard to even articulate concerning their methods, justification, arguments of implied consent, facetious alibi structure and articulation of traps in the reasoning available to dissent, much less is it possible to find an avenue of defense for appropriate address.  The murderers put JFK in a bisected image on the cover of the first Humanist Magazine as a symbol of the Karl package stating that humanism is devoid of spirit and thus non-human, so that the child of a humanist, myself, can redeem himself by dying and being dubbed St. AIDS atrocity, this was written about openly and brazonically. John Lennon’s biting remark in his song, “Revolution,” got a bone from his bosom buddy Reagan because he crowed that anyone carrying a communist image was out.  Marxism has long been seen as the objective proof of treason, so find some other way than organizing resistance to deliberate starvation to build the brotherhood of man.

      This was conducted fiercely and openly.   The Beatles plotted and executed support for child bondage mayhem, mutilationists and vivisection.  The Crown’s outlet in Pittsburgh published the hun who attacked me blindside under the title of a letter called:  Food Fight. Every detail shows that the macabre Hitlers in King Crimson are criminally insane. The very slogan of the new movement, “Me, too,” was being used by them in production of the script in 1974.   Many of our students are dutiful children just following the rules as best they know how. What hope do they have if our academics refuse to manage the issues of this berserk situation properly? The superwave of brutalization and cover stories that wiped out my childhood are the exact same team and fingerprints of martial secret law authority that wiped me out when I tried to get help first to the afflicted and then to those being attacked by misled powers directing the afflicted.  That’s the trickery in its root formula. The mandatory sainthood jive of Martin Sheen all acted out with terrifying venoms by the special people who were once in the Broadway Musical HAIR, perpetrators of the lemmings plan who didn’t tell the children they molested that the reason cunnilingus and pederasty sound so nasty is because of gonorrhea, abortion and child slavery.

     The fact that the letters also came from Israel allowed the Britain/Israeli alliance to validate every lie told by the murderers while sneering at brazen and open Declaration of Hate Crime concerning me, calling every manner of name, tampering neurologically, lying to and sexually molesting me, to make me into the  posterboy for why we hate liberalism.