The Texas Schoolbook, a script by Pentagon-Disney, found in Squirrel Hill, a Jewish holocaust survivor’s community, formally put to paper by Bryn Mawr’s Gail Carolyn Burstyn, as a pen name for ghost writers including Cyril Wecht and Primo Levi, in 1974, has a very informative key passage (the microfilm copy of a xerox of which still remains in the public domain) concerning, “Nobuko’s stupid code about what boys should do and girls should do.”  Referring to the Japanese film star of the movie, “Children of Hiroshima,” it does not say but it does mean, as we find out by cruel labors:  “Nobuko’s stupid code about the Kennedy assassination,” plain and simple.   Rightly attributed, the Texas Schoolbook came from the National Archives subculture as a time capsule explaining what Reagan took for a military necessity.  His allies uploaded successfully with the help of British gunboat musicians wearing a mask of sarcasm on their deadly seriousness.   Believing this is not what happened when it was has led to terrible tragedy.   It is also very hard to know when those claiming there’s another explanation are just pretending.   It is extremely easy for traitors to just look like fools.   

      One of the most damaging elements emerged in our cities where some very steamy intellectuals go undetected since they don’t bother with school.  LSD made the so-called Spirit Foundation, who are the most extreme, invisible and eccentric Lennon heavies in Beatlemania, into psychotics of conviction.  It is very hard to know from what evidence we have what is going on with Pentagon Disney’s magic mind listener.   We do know that it enhances ventriloquism in the service of an old domestic terror tactic from the days of George Wallace when he plugged as his slogan:  Send ‘em a message.  The gaslighting techniques of police psychiatry known as forensic assertive are ferocious and casually invent threats that are not there to suit their style of gaming.  The secret wars of the local police department can be followed upwards to a syphilitic and vigilante office of Executive estate.

      What Barack Obama was calling “the audacity of hope” was another euphemism to make you cringe translating back into real language as “the arrogance of power.”   He did nothing to belabor the issues of morality central to our future.  The dead zone grew under his watch.  Somehow his term of showing himself for as cool and pro-military as Bush managed to pave the way for Donald Trump.   The worst thing of all was callously accepting being made beneficiary of an installment plan by Kennedy’s assassins.  Nobody took him for a hero, but it’s still disappointing.  By perpetuating the blackout and smokescreen keeping the public in the dark about the Texas Schoolbook, Kennedy’s killers and their associates circulated the underlying ideas of the parochial fascism in text  into public acceptance in the hopes that being found out later, when the time came to reveal, for what they did, will by virtue of bringing into the fold millions of accomplices prevent their names as being understood as a**holes forever, but Ringo Starr is fooled, nobody else.