Schools prefer to allow the unallowable if the alternative is being asked to think the unthinkable.  It isn’t just advocacy for the 2nd Amendment over the First, fulling knowing it leads to bullying and school massacres.   The slipknot activates at the truth line. It means completely whitewashing and blanking out cold-blooded, thrill-kill sadism and hissing, because we trust them about known outsiders, even after they advertised intent to do rape and slasher murder on the front page of a Carnegie Mellon campus newspaper.   

       In the 60’s a body art sociologist used himself for an experiment but becoming a pigmented white man who appeared black.  The resulting book, Black Like Me, was on my shelves growing up under a painting of Hitler Nuns. Adapting Black Like Me into a showcase for an untouchable, Untouchable Like Me, to humanize the Elephant Man dimension of the AIDS attack, was not only pre-thought social planning, but the idea seems quaintly 60’s and even came up in a Cuban film.  As a defeated gesture of solidarity a beautiful young man of protest injects himself with HIV, but for a University Administration to mandate a lifelong ordeal of serial Holocaust Experiments, gassing in Kings Estate, Touchyblood contamination on Mt. Desert Island, mercy rape because it didn’t involve injection, signifies the criminally insane.

      Shortly after I arrived in Tacoma during the Summer of 2017, I was invited on a trip to the coastline by Steve Tangney, the root of whose last name, Tang, has high indexicality.  He is an inter-racially married leader of Emerald House from Rosa’s class at Duquesne, from whose prior allegiance to Shawn Brooks came the castration of my person by a Nurse in Brooks’ confederacy and the rape of deaf Jeannie as Karma for crossing the Pittsburgh’s Union’s determination that I never be allowed Sign Language.   UW wanted to be able to parade my academic performance as a tribute to the URN, not to Jeannie. On the camping trip a serious looking open sore emerged on my lip, but by the time we came home it seemed to be healing and yet a year later I saw a similar exit sore when being treated for a long gestating gingivitis. The message that cognated, whether intended or unintended, concerned the way the Union hopes to make me their cash cow by serial mutilation and then extort, with deadly threats, Hollywood money from my slave like condition, the utility of a victim experiment, operation:  Loot Sick, put your money where you mouth is, liberal.

         As a deaf man I am used to making the best of things, but being publicly raped by people who raped a Korean orphan with Downs Syndrome, while claiming to be representing Asian women everywhere, is not only a little much, it is heartbreaking and shattering because it is being done by University of Washington Administration.   At TCC in first year Sociology Dr. Cho gave us an article about Tuskegee, Milgram, Stanford Prison, which said they were experiments that can no longer be done, how’s that for public relations in the aftermath of the AIDS atrocity. With diabetes, chemical castration, and a crummy mouth, it got a lot easier to sell the idea that my loverboy days are washed up, and off limits is okay.

      We live in a society of bumper sticker heads where it is easier to ascertain what you can really get away with from the high fives returned for street slogans than such false assurances from the military friendly administrators who, while admittingly not openly catering to outsiders, nevertheless extend a gracious hand to criminals willing and able to violate school.   UW Nature Studies were very British about their detached amusement concerning AIDS. It came, of course, billed as empathy mandating, but if you doubt that it was Hollywood vying for expression of pain for insider pay, look at Lewis Lapham’s absolutely levity in announcing against a land “where anyone and everyone is offering their tears for sale.” Knowing every human pain is the trick to having markets.  It’s complicated until you realize the British are lying. False assumptions are decidedly not transparency.

     So what that brings me to is that the issues in operation require sessions of learning.   There are too many indicies, too many indications of planning, to overlook. Explorations of dialogue going on between media key terms heaped with conveyances, semiotics, fluxus expressions, sacred cows of the Left like Chomsky, innuendo, initialisms, they are metalinguistic, and a dimension of advanced planning given full license simply by pretending, openly pretending, to be found art.  Some of the ideas are commonplace in low key academics. For example, the notion of the neoliberal is often regarded spitefully. An example of why could be found in the contrasting news stories concerning the rescue of kids in Thailand from a flooded cave and mass starvation of Muslims in Yemen. The Thailand story got more attention because of its potential for Disney, but the complainers, themselves, hid everything they knew about the AIDS attack slapping five for spoils claims offered by Warner Brothers.  As an anti-military scholar I was taken aback to learn I am the bogeymonster for Seattle Left. By the time it sank in a lot of damage had been done. A sociologist, in other words, was involved in the AIDS attack, it’s not who you are that matters, it’s how you can be used as a sacrificial symbol. Talk your way out of it, queerbait, is what they said to me from day one when they started their serial acts of assault and battery.

      Throughout all this advocacy for armed and violent pedophiles kidnapping and torturing the child of his political opposition, possibly erected by the CIA as a straw man humanist to set me up, the Santorum machine opposed sex education that could defend society.  It wasn’t holy to dissociate yourself from high risk, he announced pleasantly, contracting a demonstration, but sexual entrapment and lures were not the only thing at work, they weren’t taking chances, they used a nerve agent to render compulsive, seizure tasering neurobedient terror, posting on the cover of their ripper hatter paper, “You gonna eat that?” while neurohypnotically shouting, “Stick it in your mouth!”

      The British leered that terror of being tortured was rape, and hoodwinked at castration of a mutilated victim of terror trauma with the nauseating lisp of satisfy, barking of cadaverous brothers getting last licks on the cosmic wimpout board of Miles Laboratories.