A very talented mathematician of my friendship LaMonte Thomas had a look at the evidence that I assembled in my research activity and was very frightened by it. I felt badly. The people I am researching don't at all, they gloat, which puts me in a bind, you see, and partially explains why I am up against ripper hatters completely alone. Tacoma Community College although accepting me has informed me that I cannot pay for classes under Financial Aid arrangements until Winter of 2018, which means not going to school until January. I have enough to keep busy, a few places to look for a job, and am welcome at the old clubhouse in Seattle, which I frequent.

My former school, Community College of Allegheny County, has a few professors aware of what shook up LaMonte. One of them, Michael Bennett, put me on the track of a South African writer named Lauren Beukes, who is the focus of this day's representation concerning my discoveries and what sort of social momentum Obama and his millenial scene have put up to resist any headway. Part of what scared LaMonte is that he realizes there is no possible way to resolve this situation without a nationwide strike on the false witness campaign that has kept out of the press what I have learned. This fact is obvious to anyone who sees the evidence in question. It is that nightmarish.

Permit me to point out that it is also why I was forbidden to attend school at Seattle Central College. My own school allowed me to speak of it and rise to the Honors Department. Panic on the part of school Administration is likely to be a very real problem for a long time to come, as a result I think it is wise to show how snickering the opposition are, because it might help calm some nerves to see their nerves of steel in action, and show that who I am dealing with in fact gloat over such squeamishness.

In a book of short pieces published last year, in a non-fiction segment, Lauren Beukes writes, "mostly, it's the cold-blooded interrogation I get off on. Journalism gives me a license to intrude, to ask queasily personal questions" (e.g. of dying AIDS victims with tuberculosis). Prof. Bennett had assigned me (MacRyland Crary) Moxyland by Beukes, so I already knew she understood what was going on. What I haven't been able to determine yet is whether she, a South African, is gloating. She would have grounds, with Obama protecting the racket she describes in her cyberpunk communication, a sinister upper tier confederacy who lured teens into rebellion by sponsoring their leader to exploit their actions for a backlash. This premise of fake rebellion, staged for effect, was something I already knew about from Lauren Slayton's cover operation for Mt. Desert Island in 1988 for Great Britain.

The evidence that had my calm, mature, equestrian friend, LaMonte trembling, proves AIDS manmade, packaged and planned in advance, and what makes the material too grave for Prof. Bennett or my old school to attend to is the simple fact that from the nearby University of Pittsburgh, African Black leaders, including Unity Dow, helped pull it off by a deal for Black advancement and the method, a program of inhuman sacrifice, was chosen to milk what Dow terms, "the screams of the innocent," for special effects.

Given the profound health consequences of serial mutilation and torture crimes that have befallen me, there is a question of whether I will be well enough to attend school in 2018, but I plan to try, and can use the time preparing. Sociology is a strong program here.