Without JFK and Dr. King the momentum of the time they were leading could not fulfill its promise is a belief I do not hold, although I miss them and it worked that way.   Dr. King was preparing The Poor People’s Campaign and when it fared badly under Ralph Abernathy it was not because people had come to their senses and realized that it was a pipe dream anyway.   Dr. King’s Poor People Campaign shows us that a lack of understanding was present, more so than a loss of courage or the rise of prudence. Understanding how it might have worked allows us to see this clearly.

      The Civil Rights Movement had beginnings in acts such as Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a bus.   The significance of this moment is overlooked by those who didn’t comprehend where it was leading. Her act took place on mass transit.  When Martin Luther King reached out to Ho Chi Minh from Riverside Baptist Church he ignited a mutiny at the NAACP, supposedly over loyal service to the war effort, when in reality the question of human rights was at work:  specifically the human right of access to suitable transit, meaning mass transit. The war put up a smokescreen about this factor, getting human rights all mixed up with conscientious objection, leading to serious confusion and religious stuff that was irrelevant since human rights apply to everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs.

      When segregation began, the abolitionist jayhawkers soon were scorned as luckless jaywalkers by the auto industry that boomed with the first war and car loans.   Henry Ford, very well liked by Adolf Hitler, also was maverick employing black workers. Getting blacks behind the wheel of the status quo was part of the conjob that went into ending the prospect of a much healthy world where a doctor’s agreement would be needed to have a personal car.

       In downtown Seattle we find an impossible framework:  Monaco Hotel, The W, Hotel Seattle and Astoria Gifts, impossible, because obviously in tribute to the AIDS attack and scam run that Lennon’s Houdini exit was real.   Monaco is where Ringo lives, W. is President Bush, Astoria is where my father was born, Hotel Seattle read Shotel, as in show and tell. The regal dementia of Seattle’s elect mentality played out in a crusade to claim this crime was adopted rather than plotted in a pretend discovery.

      When America yielded the Nuremberg Trials to England, they set the stage for forgiveness of war criminals, the second chance of Hitler in Argentina, and ingracious remarks from Lennon about a day in the life (Nov. 22, 1963), as though America’s role was second fiddle.  King Edward’s fighting elves are said to be loyal to the Goblin truce between Santorum/McCartney and Caspar. Using Roberto Clemente’s name was ghoulish and grave-robbing when Rosa Clemente sent in Rosa Monteleone to loot the conscientious objection status of a man fighting an impacted, personality change neuroplasm as part of the art syndicate of the Crown.