holding my head up / blurry from the poison gas / behold I fall in a place / eyed by peer disapproval

     From a social and this also means psychiatric point of view, it is much, much safer to side with those who assassinated President Kennedy and then released the AIDS virus, which include the partnership of Ringo Starr and Gail Burstyn, his agent, even if you dare to admit concern with him.   The Ultrahigh ring have no concept of Civil Rights. These are the real new age home invaders whose gifts and powers make the Gestapo of yesteryear look like Cro-Magnon men by comparison. The certain, and proven discovery that the Beatles were behind the AIDS attack and in on the murder of JFK has reduced American History to serfdom, the laughable protests of Jewish children at the gate of the crematorium.   There’s nothing delusional about it. My best friend was raped, I was subject to serial mutilation, tortures beyond all horror, and many bystanders have been massacred, including police ambushes, protecting the turf of the slave ring Ringo ran. John Lennon and Ronald Reagan have two things in common: both staged the hits on themselves and both had me there with their attorneys from Pentagon-Disney, using me as a conduit for the hotwiring and siphoning of American Government into the hands of their henchmen, notoriously the bitter Donald Trump.

       Why me explains the reason that Barack Obama has been such a peacock, resembling no man more than the executioner in a film also produced by Oliver Stone, as his Presidency was, the film Salvador, preening himself as he tells a hippy he is about to shoot to take off his glasses.  It is why Obama had to politicize my terrifying injuries. For one, I had the same ancestral and inherited claim on the Presidency as Dubya, my father also served on the USS San Jacinto, making me a lucrative item to kidnap by Pittsburgh Police pedophiles in Ringo’s slave ring, second due to disciplic succession, I was in the Kennedy camp, my father being a human rights author committed to progressive, humanist social change.   After being tortured I was an irregular and deaf student, but I took up with Islamic studies for a while, a teacher from Iran and Harvard visiting Temple. Islam did a lot for me for a long time. I had an impacted nerve injury that the sadists working Ringo’s slave ring manipulated cruelly. I also studied the Syria situation which left me very broken, and wrote a report for the Criminology Department of my school, before I shifted to Hollywood studies.  The authorities, among their crimes, refused to allow me working hearing aids for over ten years, because the treacherous war criminals in King Crimson are using me for a new age mind control experiment where Her Majesty’s social power and religious extremism is a dark and brutal police agency. Because of how I was born and the identifiers attached to me, Obama saw me as Banquo’s ghost, he went into frenzies of hostility at the mention of my name. My peers completely abandoned me, there is no feedback loop towards involvement with an emotionally destroyed deaf man, which leads to a confrontation in the commons where the spirit world is an occupied zone, so obviously, I’m not selling anyone on conversion to Islam, but I happen to know that the poor and dignified muslims are at risk from the same armed and dangerous nightmare machine.   At best, in their culture, I am a plea-bargaining infidel.

         So it is all perfectly understandable that I would be followed.  What is revealing however is followed by who? They are plotting to make a lot of money laughing openly at the byproduct of their auditory hallucination machine, claiming escalation to soul total review was in the cards.   Can’t have a spiritual stranger like me around upstaging the star of David Geffen. One of the men who followed me came to Allentown on my birthday in 1987 after his racket announced the Wall Street Crash the day before. His name is John Stockwell of the CIA.   Stockwell lectured against George Schultz who had bellowed that there were dangers in America that they couldn’t prove so that Civil Rights didn’t matter, and he led us to think he was against that practice of right wing attacks on people who are suspected of unproven allegations from the paranoid mind of Reagan, but who was he with but Robert Fripp, who accuses his students of causing other students to drop their picks from across the room by smirking, and announces full bray to trust his judgment where every other witness scoffs.   He had deaf Jeannie raped because of the specious argument he constructed in mind slavery to a nerve agent seething that the virginity of Leslie Katz proved the existence of pent up sex rage in her pet. A likely gamble by a chauvinist pig covering for extermination warfare.

       The was no French Resistance, in the sense of Seattle trying to protect the at risk.  All their blood oath and death vow regimen was saluting the attackers, another specious web of the species of intrigue you expect now from King Crimson.   There was no resistance, no underground seeking the truth about AIDS, seeking to warn or help, only a Performance Art clique who worked through their operation before releasing the virus, purring dungeon master asides like, “You killed my partner, I’m gonna get you,” as an overdub while laughing from behind the curtain.   If you like Hollywood crazy, this is Hollywood at its best.

       The proclamations of the attackers are a strange mixture of half-truth but peer silence proves the weapon system effective and the crime a totality of victory.   Even narrative is almost impossible to come by. Media found a brainwashing technique of signalling allusions to tip off those who would prefer to be led by those who did it allowing them to say in the spirit of Tom Sawyer style of espionage, “So, that’s what’s going on!”   None of the realities are admissible, none of the questions are being asked. Can’t teach an old dog a new trick. There goes Yoko Ono again with another attack prostitute trying to shake up the campus gossip scene to allow vicious targeting of the bereaved. The Department of the Navy stood by while she extorted by torture an Apology for the our victory in the Pacific War to the allies of King Edward.  They stood by while she absolutely horribly humiliated a victory of child mutilation targeted for being from their fleet as a runt of the litter.

        The Empty Set delivered to me by a British agent in Sit ‘n Spin the morning of 9/11/2001 in the form of a black spot, the morning of the plane crashes by the attackers behind AIDS, Mt. Desert Island, the script and most important of all the official sleight of hand involved, is a symbol that comes down like the guillotine of the Stemmons Freeway sign over JFK in his last moment.   The open umbrella in the hands of one of his killers is a mockery of trust, a sign pinned on Kennedy’s tail reading, “Please kick me,” at least in the minds of the new safes who foreclosed on public discussion and trouble our sleep by fulfillment of the attackers’ brain trust.

      As far as first points of register, the issue of being 15 y.o. Is a non-starter, excepting for those who prefer to leave out everything and leave it all to the attackers.  My conduct was exemplary, despite being severely and permanently rendered trauma-conic, a misdeed that would have infuriated Ayn Rand, she never would have tolerated Paul McCartney’s secretaries forging her signature upon it as they tried to forge mine on Y.O.’s dirty.   You, at least I, simply could not find an adult who was not violently committed to corrupting the morals of a minor as a program. The adults raised and hired underage women to render a collective sneer at how I had been held in bondage, seduction by criminal children that is a big gamble by the Ku Klux Klan who worked with Ringo’s slave ring on Her Majesty’s script.    The fact that all of the adults knew and were enlisted in Pittsbsurgh is what Dr. Proctor means in normalizing it. Dr. Proctor may assess it in slurred speech as a racially coded issue, but his real message is Pittsburgh Provincialism, that his idea of a social norm is customary collusion between the so-called adults, when they have a sissy. The cabinet-membership approval is union enlisted.  The idea that sexual contact between children renders the victim a slave by the loyalty of the other children to the plan is an observatory high seat rendering by the Eco-Pedos of Al Gore demanding loyalty to the huns.

        Using pornography to justify the AIDS attack is old news.  My best friend was raped by the illicit corporation and while it won’t buy me a cup of coffee at school it shows you Administration will murder a student to get by on their cheap thrills.  Larry Flynt is a very good example of the game and want really happened. He is an extremely violent supporter of the very men who shot him in the back, completely taken in by Hitler-Reagan, seething hysterically that you will do as he did or be shot in the back, too.   If it happened to him, nobody escapes. It simplifies the problem of admitting that at best he was fooled and used for a tool. I don’t operate a party line from my home. Pornography is what it is. You semi-castrate someone into isolation and they need physical therapy, the very alibi the assassins used for their war game brain trust they now want to hex.  The targeted a battered hostage of their slave ring and want to pin it on their number using a strip tease pen from the Carousel Club. Respect for New York City media isn’t even a consideration. The way Woody Allen manuvered in what University of Washington has set up in partnership with Reagan is typical deceit, playing The Grand Inquisitor after a nightmare of fallen morals is just like him, as well as the cut and paste technique of cherry-picking selective interrogation where evidence is destroyed and reality inadmissible, American Law voided.   The reason Penis Gabriel is so good with ugly souled rivals is that he is one.

        In looking at the meditations of the way the film Carrie was used in their framework for performance values you have the goblin, Morlock of Holy Word yapping that queerbait was crucified in the name of sacred Jewry, stab him again, what you the DO say now, queerbait?  Peace? Hahahaha, say it again dogeyes. Let’s look briefly at Larry Lederer. What’s in a name? In a person’s representation by personal behavior and statement? Deafened and traumatized into a small circle of acquaintances with heavy direct access to me in a Pittsburgh Public School while they secretly worked for Cyril Wecht on his big project, I was afraid to take initiative and unable to set out on my own.  They knotted me up in a loop of bartering what to do on my birthday once for example, I cried and pleaded to let us take a walk to Chatham, after an hour of wrangling, they agree, we never made it past the corner when Lederer went into a froth of refusal. An hour became forever. There stood Lederer, who had shouted we talked about him only it was in code, who called me to ask advice to do the opposite, Led, er, er.

       We find the performance power of Language throughout in Noam Chomsky’s syndicate with Langer, as well.   He seeks to interrogate the impacted neuroplasm with the help of Robert Fripp, gurgling that it is the sacred vessel of Allah most intuitional, that little Jimmy stands accused of being all-knowing, flipping the switch to bigotry power and the thrill of the masses, like the voice of Wattenmaker, “just give us one sacrifice, just give us one small child.”  The soul scrubber syndicate howling, “Judge not lest you be judged,” and exposed by ripper hatter British pedophile attorneys, big moves by the kinder kutchen kirshner klukkers, laughing at my father’s heartbreak for a sickening remark from Mel Gibson.

       From the usual abandonment by blood oath and refraction onto a witness, they announce as resource giants that the victims should never bite the hand that feeds them, no, we would never, they weep to an indignant throne of Paul McCartney.   They have traded their loyalty to themselves, to Kennedy, to Martin Luther King, to their own generation and values, to a ripper guttersnipe from the banks of New York City, Yoko Ono, who announces that the deadly virus was a mandatory sweep meant to demand solidarity, a plague mass.   They are a wolf pack on high who see the sexual freedoms of others as the licentiousness of undeserving serfs who have taken their due at the strip show of Pinkerton Sex, cover girls of Feminist rags, violinist banshees, death tattoos and a virgin in Two Virgins eugenic, pro-Black race pussyball, the Whore House Sit-In of the AIDS attack cult, selling their grip on yesterdays that JFK never heard and doling out poisoned waffles courtesy Farrakhan and Zappa, demanding you eat it as a test of love.