What could it be but pacification? Penis Seattle’s tonsiling that they was licked before they even admitted what happened? Many of these termites, the ringleaders in Seattle with their money hooks in New York City, were young and at the beginning of their cathouse climb when they cut their deal of lies with the AIDS Confederacy. Their names are dung in moral history but still limelighted with the discourtesy of their scummy getaway. If you challenge them get used to eating dung, but not like Nazi Germany, Hitler had no where near the success turning Jew on Jew that the Jews of Pittsburgh had turning Seattle Queers on other people in the margins, burning them out in the name of Come Out, turning the boiling water of AIDS on their attempts to establish counterculture and snickering that they were avengers. How evil can you get? The fire-breathing, baby-eating, shitbag Ringo Starr at their helm.