New York and London, in their noxious Imperial anarchy, have not risked their White House media capture and adventure (in an issue approaching one concerning both Media and Extinction, particularly their unfavorable role in extinction) by broadcasting the truth about AIDS proven an attack, but they continue to prosecute a secret, illegal game they say they’ve won, as instinctive fetters blink away the information among the Don’t-Tell-Me-That baristas of the standing norm. What we are playing with is simple enough: a bloodthirsty media who know what they can get away with not reporting.


      The twist that Carnegie Mellon put together was simple enough. Yes, the people who they say killed John Lennon tortured James Crary but he is not John Lennon so it doesn’t mean anything. This is an important gyration. It creates the moebius vortex the attackers used to upload the program. The riddle of human nature becomes the turbine. Paul McCartney’s sneaky agents David McWade and Cameron Brown summed it up with one immutable fluxus catch phrase that burns into the astral belt of eternity: people are weird.

      What this reveals among other things is the truth about what they deny. It is not just the visible signifiers of an invisible playwright that become obvious, but the phenomenology, hidden meaning, dimension on the level of the murder of JFK.

      What Saul Brecher (pronounced like the first part of the street Solway) son of Lou Brecher, pronounced Lube Wrecker, did when he swindled me for my grandfather’s silver dollars was toss me a little California gold piece as an idiot test. The back was different from the one in the book so I thought it was fool’s gold, but I know now it was real. Once when I saw Antonio Suntaine on a bic commercial Penny Crary of 1717 Murdoch told me he was Jose Greco and took me to see him. He was very impressive and I tried to convince myself. All growing up I got mail addressed to Jimmy Creary. This is how the Steelers covered for the Stealers. The parochial mindset is very strange and the AIDS attack bears all sorts of fingerprints addressed to convincing you that it isn’t Reagan, at least not the Reagan in the book.

      You will notice that James Brady, unlike James Crary, wasn’t brutally tortured after being shot in the head.

      The people who did this, we know from their corporate society, are contraction happy. Bayer and Monsanto were joined to make Mobay. The sant in the configuration of the AIDS attack was used again and again for sanitation, in the murder of King, in the name Leslie Sanetta Katz, in the walled nation program of Trump and Santorum.

      Mel Gibson’s father lives in nearby Westmoreland County. He promotes a few black gloved hands playing for megabucks, like a Hutu happy Frenchman stage-managing elimination of the Tutsis with a wink while Obama shepherds in the traumatized gangbangers to the church of Democratic Party war whoops. Gibson is the sort of malicious clowniac who Yoko Ono hired for gibbering cameramen in her film of sadistic glee, the lopers of RAPE. Gibson likes the image of 39 lashes and conspired to have deaf Jeannie planted in the house 3939 for Eye-Ai project of 1717 (Two Virgins pussyball, a war game clocked to the AIDS attack by London), in Sotheby’s secret sequel of real RAPE Neva Corporation.

      How simple to devise a script of their weirdness and then claim to find it when the time is ripe to drown out the screams of little Jimmy with the counter-claim that they (the authors) are the victims, so listen to them. This system is impossible to disentangle for me and a slipknot for them, but no the less revealing in sum.

      The attackers weren’t going to stop at me just being afraid of being boiled in the shower of their imaginary prison with AIDS. They took to slashering people. All of this is interesting for what Carnegie Mellon did with their moebius twist. AIDS dogs my house like the Kennedy curse and a good deal of it was due to Temple University and Bobby Seale, who hobnobbed at the staged and phony intercept with South African Police Zulus claiming a racial mandate, with the war cry, about me, “Let’s have a barbecue!” Factually, this is why the Obama Presidency was a far cry from a race victory. It was more the victory of the black gangster in Beat Kitano’s film BROTHER. He got the money after a bloodbath courtesy his partners in crime. We should look at the role of Japanese guerillas, particularly Yuri Kochiyama, but what with her crying THE WHITE SUCK! THE WHITE SUCK! Black pimps of moral relativism will never do it, they have a horror of self-examination. They will never preach reparations for the Cheyenne Indians, I’m sure. When it comes to their misdeeds, they say, let’s move on. They attacked a symbolic white who was trying to help them and got the greatest of laughs out of the white bigots who arranged and enjoyed the show. My luck ran out the day I was born.

      It's important to remember facts like these fall into play:  1.  The game of chicken they are playing and wound compare is the opposite of the Hippocratic Oath and involved human sacrificialism of innocent people BECAUSE they were innocent.  2.  Leaders of the AIDS Act-Up culture have been proven to have been posing from within the planning division.  3.  I was both in D.C. with Reagan's attorneys when he claims he was shot and the recipient of the Two Jimmy C's script.  4.  People aren't asking why Posvar, the author of the FEMA set me up with a Nuclear Magnate from Reagan's team.  5.  Pentagon Disney and Ming Na Wen were behind the Kelly School incident where I was fraudulently blamed as a driver while a protesting passenger.  6.  George Takei is an advocate for a talented tenth concept on insider status.  7.  Carole O'Connor's television programs duringthe AIDS scare made fiends of reckless victims instead of focusing on the fiends behind the attack.  O'Connor was the name of Wen's contact in the Kelly School affair.   The details within details are poison.  There are many more Issues Society Social items to organize and detail.