In All Things Kennedy Facebook page, a sly action may have taken place where an agent for the murderer editorialized a psychiatric metaphor to generate defense of the child rapist ripper hatters by comparing it to the belief that Jackie Kennedy was in on the hit on JFK. The fact that they are psychologically incapable of serious debate and only capable of generating cyberbot text in defense of child mutilationists is clear text about their power and syphilis. By gumming up the First Amendment with derision they hope to shout down evidence of mass murder, gurgling at the blood drenched hookah of Ringo Starr.

Jackie was not involved in her husband's death. The fact that there were still people who were capable of being terribly, terribly heartbroken and concerned testified to an age of America that cannot really even be said to exist anymore. The idea that Jackie could have had something to do with it comes from the new era, an era where some woman like Jakcie Kennedy COULD do something like that, be patted on the back, rewarded and her victim hounded and laughed at. We've changed, but looking with reality at the past does not allow you to whitewash how low the enemy within has descended while riding high. Child rape is not the joke that the murderer continues to propound it to be.

I don't think it is a joke that someone said that Jackie should be suspected. I think the problems that come with the study of Jackie Kennedy include the way that trust is so eroded you cannot ignore how a shadow of this sort arises. Further, the indexicalities of Anthony Quinn to Onasis are directly related to the cinema hit team. To ignore that is to ignore the confiscation of his wife which is a dimension of the killers' depravity. Anyone who looks at how my tragedy was processed by pile on Hollywood in contemptuousness, meaning Oliver Stone, cannot ignore that facet. It's important to see the reasons why such a shadow would form. The enemy within is capable of that if they could manuveur a woman like Jakcie into place for that ends. They are very evil and elegant persons in the Royal entourage, capable of anything.