This is to address illegal administration and their deranged claims to discourtesy, source them, and continue exposing their hand in the AIDS attack.   Everyone knows you can be killed by neo-Nazi’s in the United States, it is entirely another matter how the entire legal administration became Nazi in Hitler’s Germany.  It is therefore one thing to say, do or die, and altogether another to stand by while syphilis is mongered for philosophy demanding its sanction. The murderers have repeatedly angled at an injury they caused while sneering that the consequence to their victim of their attack is weird.  It doesn’t matter that they are murderers, they are still going to be told on, entire.

     The warpos take refuge behind established channels.   One of their most effective tactics is to read between the lines and then announce that something they can scribble in the blanks is therefore what was stated.   They are guru masters. When nothing else works, they invent. Having attacked me blindside as a child with the words, “I heard you called me an asshole,” and never been subject to review, despite putting their entire military arsenal behind that lie (I had never seen the attacker before, and didn’t know who it was until I was able to stand up and turn around) they think nothing of creating pretexts by which to take illegitimate action.  Should you therefore not speak out?

      A right-minded Injun Chief would just throw the millions I am due at me, and shout, go on now, get outta here, go where you are wanted, queerbait.  I’d gladly scram. As a journalist who disavowed the legitimacy of the AIDS attack my job is very limited. I do feel that I should inform those who will listen regarding the evidence of crime in progress.   Anyone who uses a weapon or threatens you with one is a hostile agency, so it makes no difference what they claim, weaponizing AIDS is an act of a hostile agent, the act of an enemy, and calling themselves a friend, or an ally demanding accomodation is just deranged.   That these monsters are in good with the child molesters who attacked me is very revealing.

        The idea that I have an obligation to die of AIDS so that hustlers behind a script they wrote and pretended to find can make money is criminally insane.  The fact that it comes from government administration is clearly evidence of the derangement at work in the government. Calling it culture studies trashes the dignity of the University systems complicit.  There’s nothing to say, you can’t negotiate respect for ripper hatters.

       You can however sneer as their collegiate performers prance in rivalry for approval from sadists on high.   It doesn’t take mockery to be bedazzled by the truly inane. To find that Tony Levin, for example, in partnership with Tony Cervi, who administered a nerve agent to a weeping, hostage child, should leer that trying to make sense of true evil in order to refute it before they kill again is mockery of the bereaved should find mobs armed with ivory soap demanding the right to wash his mouth out.  Who is this rabid pig after what he did to call anyone on the subject of mockery? This twirp who mocked his own band’s best riffs and rode to prominence on the coattails of Lennon’s disappearing act thinks mockery itself is proof of honesty and a standard that demonstrates sincerity. Literally. And he has his psychotic twirp fans in riot gear seething that is so, unquenchable in their blood lust, backblade honed anew like the once broken sword of the Orc King.

       Let’s laugh at them since they can dish it out.   They effete thusly: said queerbait is off-centrical to the higherness of the laboratory beings in their syphilitic mentations.   Would that they could say conscript thyself to self-censorship, but alas even a zombie sleepwalker might awake, instead, dazzle quaintly that the magi groupie is a sufi show-off, a wigger who can’t even spit on his tail,   With pom poms in their grasp they strut forth both pro-Trump and anti, jockeying for unity before the therapy of higher beings. Imagine moving a couch in a whirlwind of false turns all taken step by step exactly on the correct path and this illustrates the feeling cause by the parallax of the doublecross.   Saying what happened is hexed as a false step and this is plasticized in wrong way markers on the road of reason with the dunce cap of disapproval rating. Aren’t I taking chances enough without being made fun of?

        Addressing the contraptions of soothsay is a contribution to student protection from true evil.  It isn’t just sniping at authorities, it constitutes a bid for transparency about faculty members involved in the murder of students.   Is there something dangerously wrong about asking for an Elite that doesn’t jeopardize the endangered poor? Or a social movement that doesn’t prey on a victim of torture to advance slander mania?   Admittedly I missed the race angle being promoted by the Black allies of JFK’s killers, but I was right on in seeing them put out the entrapment bait to illustrate how they were mobilizing in defense of the AIDS attack with their game of let’s bait the anti-Christian.   Justifying the sly makes many false assumptions impossible to challenge. London wasn’t built in a day. They aren’t slow learners either. Face by face, they try on a new deceit when failing one. Two tongues? They have many, but the game is clear: Black nativism in defense of pussyball, integration as a whore-house sit in demanding tribute for participation.   

     Making fun of someone can be deadly to their advancement but more to the point it can be the fascist line.   Cornel West isn’t a magi at all. He is a blackmailer and a belligerent, promoting human trafficking as their pseudo-philosophical advocate, raging against legitimate contact avoidance, to make terror the new norm, calling his deranged sponsorship of an attack by the wind of performance therapy for a new age of mass murder.  Play all, you need help, so you can batter and rob someone you have a thousand times molested. Ethics, you can call it, that word is up for grabs.