Sophistication is a hallmark of the Kennedy Assassination because the killers sought to carve out a mind game whereby they could depradate upon any investigation.  Although it comes up occasionally, it is far too infrequently that the research teams mention with indignation that Oliver Stone’s film appearance to be a production by the Confederate operation behind the attack and attending war game.   They have a joint venture going at the Community College of Allegheny County in 1992. Jewish Holocaust Survivor insights provided a good deal of the comprehensive program, gestating towards full disclosure if we dare. For example, that Americans were told again and again about Concentration Camps in Germany and said it was fable gave the Holocausters in Pittsburgh the notion of providing documents of the plan to do all this, including AIDS, well in advance to orchestrate denial to their black mirth advantage, and this is quite like Stone, out to humiliate the Left, and being Jewish himself.   Amilda Tuttle, who has the name of a Japanese Language publishing house, gave me Andy Warhol’s phone number in 1975 after the script was planted. Notice that Stone has Warhol give a phone to Morrison in The Doors. Dacoitery stands guard over these observations, of course, because of the principal in The White House, the House of Obama. Obama didn’t release the Kennedy Files you might have noticed.

     Mindsets are part of the cultural agenda.   We are deluged with Fake Insight. The primary sources of the Fake Insight scourge are:  Media Promulgation that in America no one dares call Propaganda; 2. From peer marginals like the base and sadistic fringe provided by Richard Starkey, a gutteral type;  3. From Authoritarians, principly academic and psychiatric, police have a better record in some ways; 4. From piranha agency profilers; 5. From racial dacoitery; most interestingly the so-called Micro-Aggression Campaign.  An example of the self-servicing posits of the House of Obama would be the Black Psychology allegation that black students need emotional welcome at school. I’m sure that is true on one level, but the direction of the angling is to strip awareness away from the fact that emotional bonds are hard to build after flat effect from severe impacted trauma due to home invasion in defense of KKK child mutilation has taken place.  Freedom of Speech is right out, they crash the computers and raid.

        Stone has no more trouble finding African American hirelings than Lyndon Johnson did, or Richard Nixon.   Trump may even behind the micro-aggression upload that fetishes from New York City, a jest against the Liberals in their proprietary refrains.   One of the things we learn about observing Obama and Stone in Pittsburgh is how much more important images are to our Public Schools than real safety.  The record of what was done to me, without intervention and a lot of scurrilous justification from black media ogres in Allegheny County isn’t the only example.  Ming Na Wen’s fairytale community could have killed black school children at Kelly Elementary one day in a stunt driving ordeal they put on attempting to put me into a frame of reference that excluded the truth about either me or about what happened.  Home invasion isn’t the only nightmare that led to.

        The madness in force feeding me hallucinogens as a traumatized, frozen, helpless, hostage school child is part of a mentalplex they want held sacred and inescapable.   The assassin confederacy built environmentals like Mutual Fish for a fluxus refrain of Double Fantasy and Gasper for the Kasperowskis of Warhol who brutally blindsided and gassed me.  They called him the Spirit of Lennon, while saying that my dizziness was proof of hiding something, actually traumatic amnesia, and they get away with this because of the needle in the mind about their AIDS intelligensia who used suicide agents like Sean Strub and Guy Kitchen for presentation of the human form in the art of mayhem.   Meanwhile, Kennedy is just a mannequin the pawn shop window of Stone’s implied claim that his intensity is a rigamarand wrapping around a fandango when, in reality, it is promotion of the Pentagon Disney machine.

      When you look at rhetoric from America’s past, calling the KKK the Invisible Empire and painting Washington, D.C. as an Emerald City presided over by a Wizard of Gold which is what Oz, stands for, ounces of gold, you ask for HitlerReaganism.  Oliver Stone is backstage on shift for this monstrosity, doing his job with a lash of laughter, getting revenge on liberals for all sorts of things, betraying the Nammies, averting their eyes from the Jews, Hiroshima privilege, all sorts of good things, and snickering make the black man cry after a wedgie queerbait.