Dealing with challenges from Sherman Alexie and Seattle’s Green Party, on the moral level, always cowardly, encrypted, juvenile and cruel, is easy enough, since at best it is vile regurgitation of slander pursuant to elder abuse, but since the assassin committee are defending those who started AIDS and deeply entrenched in UW’s bully system, moral arguments are largely pointless.   As their singer-prophet and ripper-hatter sings, “the weak must die according to nature’s law.” They target the weak, but if you keep after it long enough and viciously enough, even a worm will recoil.

      Even though I was in D.C. the day Hinckley was arrested I never believed what the media was selling and symbolic alchemy surrounds me showing the Bush crowd, including Reagan and his men, are strident and casual about killing their rivals.   The idea that art mirrors life and life mirrors art was central to the double fantasy guild of Pentagon-Disney in the AIDS attack, so it was no surprise to learn that the film Taxi Driver gets right off with an understated aside from “just one bullet” Pittsburgh Nero, Robert DeNiro, to the effect that Hollywood is just a moonlighting profession for professional assassins in the AIDS platoon with Skeeter and Nava, while immediately intoning about the junkies they now claim to be championing, “Someday a real rain’ll come and wash this scum off the street,” while John Lennon “will take the young and healthy.”   Did I mention that the confederates in Squirrel Hill, the Jewish Holocaust Survivor Community working with Reagan under the name Gail Burstyn sponsored three girls named Nancy, Barbara and Jodie, while a taxi driver scrubbed the tub I bathed in with sanitizers in fury that I washed my hair in a house across the street from Harvey Friedman of Mossad? Where Curtis Hunter lived and near Leslie Katz? Nancy, Barbara and Jodie? In 1975?

       The men who had me in D.C. where Reagan waved to me the night before are his own attorneys for the Gestapo of Pentagon Disney called King Crimson alibi’ing Mt. Desert Island where AIDS was proven a premeditated attack, and that is a big crime for Seattle intelligensia to be hustling for Obama’s cover up yarns.   So let’s look at the glue that holds their disdain for reality in place.

       Pioneers in Linguistic Anthropology at Carnegie Mellon are proven to have put it right to deployment for the purposes of Morgan Trust political crime.   From Bell Labs they put in place the stalking mechanisms they wanted to trigger a backlash, while using the HAIR machine for MK-Ultra, inputting psychological webs for later surveillance not of the authors but of the merchandise, cognitive tracings in play for the alchemy of telluric majesty during mission control of the hysteria.   They inputted and then discriminated without insight a neuro-ventriloquist voice-over impacted by nerve agent in a house with two full-grown military adults named Ostro and a scripted NAAMBLA agent whose father had her hide me in his basement and revolving wall attic to make sure I was traumatized enough to hide where the kidnappers told me to.

      As if that isn’t enough.