This article is going to come across as the saddest and most ridiculous thing you have ever read, and that is okay with me, I would rather you know what happened than be believed.  If it makes you angry I would only be sorry that it will probably be angry with me. Since I cannot assume you are versed in any of it, I have to apologize if you are and some of the details weary you.   Although I live on the outskirts of Seattle, I know them too well to credit the idea that they would be a worthwhile audience or that the Seattle community would have anything meaningful to offer by way of reply.  The reason I want Seattle to STFU is that everyone already knows why America has enemies. They aren’t helping matters. In fact, these people are failures whose only success is in perfecting as a habit of mind the murder of innocent people as a policy statement of their alliance in psychology.   They don’t dare admit a single word of what they have done. You would think since I am writing about the immediate and pressing issue of a serial killer that the police are the right office to address. As I weary you the reasons why this is not true will become obvious. While the murderer does not seem to be with the police office, he is enjoying every detail of their civil sanction.

      The murderers created a band called King Crimson to illustrate their take on sociology, which included a script by a woman who was Antidisestablishmentarianist named Gail Carolyn Burstyn, an Israeli graduate from Bryn Mawr.  Written in 1974 and sent to me as a child this script was about the preparations to unleash the AIDS attack and still is being kept secret under a claim being made by John Lennon’s establishment at Warhol Museum led by an aristocracy of important queers and Lennon’s sidekick Penis J. Sinfield, a furious child molester.   Central to our history and dignity as a people, this murderer has made the claim that the issues are safer in the hand of the people wrote them and their pre-selected beneficiaries. Conspicuously enough the rabid are foreign English. The script is a clue into an entire semiotic system found in Hollywood from the pre-World War Two age, one used to lift Reagan into place over the ashes of JFK.    

      While it is worth the trouble to read the script, you do not have to.  It establishes a few facts that are worth knowing. One of these facts is that the authors play acted as though they were the victims in order to use it as a license to attack us again.   This is very effective trickery because they spell out the date of the plan to kill John Lennon, but there is a secret level of these works that comes from Lennon’s immediates resulting in the distinct impression that Lennon pulled a Houdini with the help of Pentagon-Disney and that this war operation was one of the tributes of his legendary brilliance and that is extremely sinister on another level as well, the evidence that Liverpool was behind not only the extermination plan but the murder of our President John Kennedy.    You would like to believe that is as impossible as it sounds, but in going over the details of these serial assassins from the work in question and the operation in process, you will find that it is the only explanation that fulfills the mystery of the entire machine.

         The Headquarters for these murderers is deeply invested in Pentagon Disney.   They were also working in prior arrangements with an Israeli intellectual arsenal who took me custody as a very small child named Wattenmaker.  Wattenmaker was in touch with Lennon through a man living in the Dakota from King Crimson named Ian MacDonald, a friend of Donald Trump. Ian Wattenmaker’s gang forcefed me a nerve agent as part of the induction to a new preferential arrangement after this gang murdered Martin Luther King and immediately uploaded King Crimson as all the evidence shows.  Likewise, the Beatles were uploaded after JFK landed in Love Field to be shot in Dallas, as part of the Axis revenge plan from their secret society of the occult in Liverpool, led by Penis J. Sinfield. Sinfield repeatedly laughed in my face about torture and the rape of my deaf advocate, one of the terrifying injuries caused by the nerve damage from their secret weapon.

          The rabid used Raymond Mason’s work as part of their hidden axis.   The alliance are criminal sex traffickers making millions through pornography of the Neva Corporation who are headquartered in London with production studios in Japan.   This is spelled out very carefully and clearly in their extermination text. Mason’s studies of hypocrisy towards working women in the sex trade, the World of Suzy Wong was organized in planning by Suzy Wattenmaker and King Crimson who ran a play on the book by Mason titled:  The Rain Does Not Hear by code indexing it to the Wind Talkers of World War Two, about Indians in the Army for their song making a mockery of their target object, James MacRyland Crary, titled: The Wind Does Not Hear, uploading this induction to a new preferential secret government after murdering Dr. King with a record hyped by the adage:  March for No Reason. They repeated this insult to American intelligence and safety in Our Commonwealth when the time was ripe by a slanderous profile on the rock album So. This time they didn’t even make a secret of using me, because by then they had staged a home break in to secure the letters they now claim are theirs to use by any means they choose, including serial murder of bystanders, which is the cause of my lobby.   SWAT action against British Intelligence is long overdue.

         The murderers are using revolutionary montage outside the parameters of journalism but well within the landscape of commercial media.  Knowing the civil plot line created by the exterminators at Warhol allows you to detect and interpret the semiotic montage initiated by D.W. Griffith’s machine in Hollywood from back in the days when Disney was fresh from Franco’s Spain and advising Cecil B. DeMille’s friend Allen Dulles (who put the hit on Kennedy for Reagan) to promote Adolf Hitler as the world’s worst cartoon dictator for their ends.  Warhol and Hitler teamed up by the method of double agency which the Crown’s Secret Service has perfected and even made popular with James Bond films, allusions to which are the lodestone of the brinkmanship in the script which took me hostage to a man named James K., a murdering pimp of Warhol, calling me James C. and leering that I would forgive K and become with KC or I would be used for JC in the AIDS slaughter and so on.  James Kasper as he was known is indexed to Caspar Weinberger as part of the friendly ghost in the machine allusions from British Intelligence serving Oswald Mosley and Gen. Walker in their promotion of Obama as a spiritual settlement for mutual racial advance over the AIDS attack legacy, an allusion to forgiveness for Hitler from Yoko Ono’s Spirit Foundation, another brainstorm of Lennon Houdini.

         If you sympathize with these serial killers you might want to sign onboard with passing laws allowing the rape of deaf children because one of them went to prison enforcing the Warhol barbarian code by the rape of a deaf girl who taught me sign language in violation of the Union blackout in Pittsburgh against my being allowed in school.    The law will state: Hustlers may rape the disabled in Mercy provided they do not transmit the AIDS bacteria, nevermind if we lose our teeth as a result.

        Double Fantasy, the chiller theater record that provided the ghostly soundtrack for acceptance of mass murder, or what David Bowie, the kingpin of Diamond Dogs, called plastic reality, had more conventional language in research community fieldwork than these terms invented and provided by pop artists in the prog rock community (whatever that means) who evade the Soviet term Avant Garde that Brian Eno deserves along with prison.   The conventional term for double fantasy and plastic reality is false sponsorship. It is the art of blaming someone like Castro for the death of JFK or if things get too heavy LBJ for the actions of Reagan. It was dramatized in the eccentric French film dubbed New Wave promoting the fascist schtick of Obama called Diva when the Chief of Police decides to frame his fascist underlings and murder them to close the book on their doings together.  Chief Supporta is an alter-ego of John Lennon at work, in the mania of Hollywood magic. The film directly alludes to how they were using me three times: “It is in the kid’s mailbag,” by the Oct. 20th, my birth date on the poster and by making an aside about my hitchhiking adventure from Pittsburgh to St. Louis in high school just to hear the ripper hatter Robert Fripp who was dogging my footsteps from childhood play his rancid machinery.

       Confusion would be their lucky ticket.   So long as they can say John Lennon really died they will get away with the AIDS attack.  That is why McDonald and Trump are laughing so loud and so often about Fake News. They hold the trump.

       Double Fantasy was also used by Germans when claiming that Polish troops had fired on them or that a communist moron had burned down the Reichstag.  It was used by Gen. Walker when he pretended that Oswald had shot at him and when Reagan had me in D.C. with his attorneys from Pentagon-Disney and the FEMA the night before John Hinckley shot James Brady in the head like a neuroplasm of lead, coming out from the White House and waving to me.   It was staged for the scriptwriters of Lennon’s estate to be used to say Reagan was a 60’s hero who didn’t know and thereby sell the crime of AIDS for hustlers as found art giving it right back to those who did it on the make for the spoils of war. Miles Kirshner, who called me to D.C. for Reagan and Lennon, is a book of numbers.

       Kirshner lived on Clyde Street at Central Catholic and Christian Science Temple, off Rodef Shalom (pronounced Roe-deaf) and WQED where a tenement building tiled with swastikas next door to the Friends Meeting House is found.   His initials MK allude to MK-Ultra, Midori Goto’s alliance with Kasperowski, and the LSD he hawked in high school as ringleader of Ono’s plotting. It signifies Miles Labs of Bayer, Inc. with whose representatives Primo Levi (whose suicide immediately followed a stricken letter I wrote to him in teenage grief and sympathy after being kidnapped, tortured and gassed as a child) met at Pitt to forgive for Zyklon B in return for support in the AIDS plan they authored in the homophone name of Gail Carolyn Burstyn.  As for Seattle, Kirshner and Sherman Alexie were as one at the peace huka, Ono money in greed.