The story I am telling came out first in part during the Star War Missile Defense debate of the 1980 Republican Administration, focused on the development of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, part of that financial plan.   CMU and Pitt (University of Pittsburgh) were jointed indexed to Holy War intelligence in a Martial Law/Marital Law war game clocked to the AIDS attack by CMU (Church Military Union discriminator) and Pit (Pitt) also alter-ego nicknamed in the indexicalities, as shown by the Vienna Circle Texas Schoolbook from 1974 explaining King Edward’s assassination of President Kennedy, signed Gail Carolyn Burstyn, a homophone of Christian apocalypse, which I made available online over furious and violent opposition from the authors.   The British have claimed they wanted this kept silent as estate property of Yoko Ono, who they also claim is leading a political uprising in the name of the victims, but that doesn’t make any sense, because the target of their sadism and terror crime is me, who knew nothing about what was going on, in defense of Gail Burstyn, their partner in crime. Fathoming and sorting that particularly cruel fact will make the difference between extricating the United States from the mission of Great Britain in humiliating us this way and failure to do so.

         In considering any of it, my letters to Pitt Administration and Her Majesty’s Investigating Attorney back in the 80’s, it should be borne in mind that Great Britain lied to my face and then called it their credential for demanding to be believed.   These people are heartless perpetrators of completely unprovoked violent crime playing for keeps by any means that they can get away with.

       Due to the doctrine of the Eastern guru-philosopher the attackers evoked for the harvest of tears which is quoted by King Crimson, the ringleader of Gail Burstyn’s statement, a slogan of Gurdiev, “Conscious pain and intentional suffering,” they think nothing of torturing children and saying it is perfectly acceptable since the prey was imprinted as an involuntary fan.  In severe trauma, as a high school, near deaf student in tears of terror, I hitchhiked to St. Louis from Pittsburgh just to introduce myself to one of these self-described wizards. These guttersnipes are not only dacoits of Yoko Ono but they are notorious for public saying in mega-volumes things like, “It doesn’t make any difference what you think about us, but it does make a whole lot of difference what we think about you.”    They also think nothing of violently acting out this attitude through physical and verbal attacks in Pittsburgh.

        To confirm that this is true, look briefly at the celebrated way Ming Na Wen, CMU student now with Pentagon Disney, arranged her game of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, with staged incidents depicting me as being places I never was doing things I never did in fulfillment of partner Greg Karl’s nostrum of forging my name and identity in what he calls in his tract about this hegemony, “Constructing a persona,” all directly described in the Texas Schoolbook script and endorsed, financed and punished by Yoko Ono completely without trial, threatening hysterical riots by her fans if there is any attempt even to admit this all went on, rape, arson, murder and all, for many years.    Ming Wen worked with Midori Goto and Andrea Swimmer, both agents for CMU, Sony and Neva Pornographic, in solidarity with the assassination scroll, working through Alternative Conflict resolution in acts including, but not limited to, the 911 attacks in New York City, depicted by them as mercy killing in a gesture of de-escalation from nuclear war threat, provided of course that America surrender to Great Britain in the AIDS attack they forged our name when authoring and allow Yoko Ono to finish her disgraceful mission of hegemony and deceit. Wen’s team engineered the Kelly School reckless driving incident in which I was passenger to make me out for the driver. Thos. O’Connor, the owner of the vehicle, took other actions relevant to their performance of weaponizing empathy in a game of crocodile tears.

      In King Crimson style, O’Connor wrapped his limbs around me, dragged me to the floors and shouted, “You work like a fucking nigger, Crary,” into my pre-seizure psyche for the ends of psychiatric extrusion after they detonated the seizure plasm for synthetic demonic possession, indexed to Burstyn, a name from The Exorcist, to the Enemy Within.  Mis-spells like “legacyo f” and corpse-like limbs were put in and on the cover of such books by Robert Kennedy. Swimmer worked for Natural Language experimental research at CMU making Watergate tapes of their prey for intimidation retrieval by sarcastic trauma in amnesia while assembling a Rad Right Wing jeering section led by Obama.

        The filth of Andrea Swimmer’s father’s house was unlike any pit of hell I had ever seen and he obviously forced an I.U.D. on her before she was 15 years old.  She didn’t want help. She took to the role of being boy crazy. Meanwhile, however, she was setting up forbidden language for Obama based on the correct view that a fallen woman is always being victimized.   The fact that I would not have done that to her and offered to help her was re-wired with the help of Lewis Lapham and Midori Goto, working from New York City (although both touched down in Pittsburgh to announce their agency) around the doctrine that victims always becomes abusers, to push the constructed persona they were building to hide that I was held hostage and subject to child mutilation.  Ignoring that I was resisting violence and violent indoctrination, Swimmers claim that the one who would not have done it to her did it to her (which is obviously false) was evoked to magnify the crime by allowing Yoko Ono to promote child pornography in which I was held hostage and produce more, including a film of the rape of my deaf advocate, in the name of making her money back on John Lennon, about whose disappearance I had nothing to do, always, of course, to protect Gail Burstyn, who also, like Swimmer, worked for the Neva Corporation.   This all matched the repeated voice-over’s by Wen’s faction about the 911 attacks, masquerading as speaking for AIDS victims, “Why did we do that? To prove we would never do that!” Logic!

        The punch line was immediate and totalitarian which whimsy, a kinder, gentler Adolf Hitler promoting only revenge of privilege, now dubbed Kasper the Friendly Ghost, racially inclusive in an Ark of purified behavior:  All! Together ! Now!!

         Gurdiev’s doctrine of conscious pain and intentional suffering which they adopted as a license to do deranged and endless injury to an innocent person is exactly as Jim Jones as it sound.  Further, its adherents pass through a church in Augusta, Maine for the deaf with a field of Ambrosia literally in Guyana. This church, which I visited, after testifying about Zell of Mt. Desert Island, who worked with King Crimson and Yoko Ono on this operation, concerning proof I secured of his prior knowledge of the AIDS attack, made in a Maine State Trooper’s polygraph room, insist on the answer, “Yes” from its deaf members when repeatedly demanded of them in accelerated speech, “If you died right now do you believe you would go to heaven?” snapping their fingers in our faces, “Come on, come on.”

       What is foremost in the mind of a dangerous psychotic masquerading as just and reasonable while relegating to his inflated, petty mind the role of judge, jury and executioner, is who is going to stop me?  The syphilitic discourse that ensues as he taunted his prey and circles the target merrily goes on like a rumination from the Arabian Nights. You dare not bore them, for they will lash out demanding new, blood-drinking chapters of satisfy.  The rage they have been told they rightly feel to be justified is distilled down to one small portion, the mark, and they seethe that this will limit the suffering of others, that they be allowed satisfy this small portion of gloat. Sadism isn’t ruled out, to the contrary, it is doctrine that it satisfy must be achieved by the more horrible sadism available.   Bear in mind that David Shapiro, part of the Hollywood wing of the AIDS attack lobby, bragged of being a pyromaniac while this government authoritarianism syndicate was operating with me as their focal obsession. Their capacity for vigilante mayhem clearly is boundless.

     I know these people.  They hate with frenetic hysteria anyone who feels compassion or sympathy which they translate into a desire to die and so be it that again converts easily into the demand you do.  This they call Kings Heavenly Estate and biological linkage, indexed to the Quarrymen, the original name of the Beatles when at the Cavern Inn, as demonstrated by the Pitman gang who gassed me in Kings Estate at the stage management of Holocaust Jewry in Pittsburgh led by Gail Burstyn.  Obama does not allow such freedom of speech.

       So University of Washington, who co-authored extermination practices towards me, has much to lie about between belches of snarling glee.  They have tyrannically advocated for hammer head blindside child assassins by whimpering that British rock stars may never be cross, even in a case of multiple homicides, all bystanders, to their credit as therapy.  No one dares report it. Fear of the government leads to silence and that fear is well founded. There is no possible consideration of respect for agency this criminally insane. Obama and his friends committed total fraud in mass murder and they pulled it off under the mask of sociology, voiding the presumption of innocence concerning a token white.

         Do you think you could look into this on your own?  I hear that UW, to say nothing of Yale, have ten schools of learning.  Yet to understand the AIDS attack does not yield readily to without education and that education is forbidden, in fact, it is shown that investigation will be executed and the family of educators targeted for horrible reprisals, by the Beatles operating out of Warhol Museum, so they say the issue doesn’t exist.  This answer is curiously powerful. It yields all benefits to the script-writers while keeping it secret for them, conveniently snickering that they would be endangered if the victims knew.

      Their charges, the victims of atrocity, are convinced now that no act of evil is disallowed them because they live with evil, too.    This was planned by the exterminators as a way of taking those they shot first, the Kennedys, and their proteges in America, private citizens like me, permanently hostage to the greatest of humiliations, defeat by those we trusted in a terrifying backstab.   Rather than face up to this, we have tried to avert our eyes from the humiliation through denial.

       They suffocated me and when I cried for help they called me a bully.