History never passes, it just sometimes isn’t spoken of for a while.  In the 80’s, when the Nordenberg/Posvar mission at the University of Pittsburgh were jeering the contrived naïve idealism of Jimmy Creary, where Jim Urban the Pitt News Sports Editor and his Army style team wrote growling public defense of Iran-Contra as proof of Reagan’s diplomatic wisdom, the weasels working with Michael McGough at the Post-Kzette downtown (informed by my distraught alexytemic amnesia drawn cartoons to Tim Menees that a man named Caspar had brutally kidnapped and tortured me as a child) the establishment conspired to print an article called, “Food Fight,” by the attacker, bearing his name, while Midori Goto, named as the heroine of their gang script, glorified brutal child mutilation in the name of a girl convincingly tagged:  Cindy Rudy (sin dee rue dee), recall the centrality of De De to Neva Corporation’s gas equipment in East Liberty.  All in the name of the spirit of John Lennon.

      Miles Kirshner was deriding my name far and wide, keeping me close shamelessly as an enemy he patted on the back as a friend.  Representing the holocaust survivor community, he also was able to brag of Yoko Ono’s support, despite his undying scorn for John Lennon, which he heaped on me as golem held in effigy.  I was the epitome of stigma; lewdly set upon by snarling canine logic.  All of which was obvious, making questions about my pursuing them to Mt. Desert Island terribly quaint.  The Jews of course knew about food fight desperation.  While I had read about an old man in France after the defeat of Vichy who broke a child’s arm for an apple it didn’t seem as fitting to me as an alternative for ethics and philosophy of education as it did for Mark Nordenberg and his disciple Kirshner. 

      Everyone was aware that I am a marked man, although I seem to be the only person truly aware that I am dying now.  My family doctor Joop postponed treatment for diabetes I suspect because he realizes in his heart of hearts that Pittsburgh cannot afford James Crary, especially not under the distinguished name of Mac.  The nature of my assassination is portrayed as an execution in secret authority from The White House on high and while Washington’s Federal Court Judge Pechman mocked me for seeking protection from domestic violence, it also originates with my mother.

       My school, where she worked, also enjoys playing the role of deceived mother.  Mother didn’t just scream bloody murder into my head as if it was Johnny Rotten’s microphone while I was coughing blood from being brutally beaten and gassed, she cutely depicted me as having a listening problem.  When I came home asking to be driven to the hospital for a broken arm, she refused, forced me to wait, have dinner, and then finally taking me to the doctor when shown the X-ray laughed and exclaimed, “Oh it IS broken!” with a raucous whoop.

        My counselor Jessica called wrongful death, torture, evidence of mass murder, deranged crime by assassins “unfortunately inactionable” and instructed me, “Live with it because the law can do nothing about it.”  Herself a conscientious Christian gal, she swooned with smiles as I described the religious raptures of Robert Fripp, a terrorist who originated this whole horror, using cut throat gang sign signifiers through the banks and schools as a secret warden of home invasion statecraft as spiritually invasive soulcraft, a new broadcast system from Queen Elizabeth and Pentagon-Disney.

        In order to trace the murder of Shannon Harps in Seattle and show its lethal planning about which they would not allow me to warn, in arranging my exclusion from Seattle Community College, when the hospital, under Fripp’s direction, commenced to administer a malpractice agent that shortened by life span, government-ordered without trial, euthanasia for reporting vivisection, you need to unearth bank records from Squirrel Hill that reveal the teller Wiswell at the time that Dr. Karns of Pitt and Tantliger raged into my apartment as a tag team and did justice upon me with a poison that left me with permanent acid reflux, leading to many lab tests.  Laboratory politics are at the root of matters in the genocide and planet destroyers including Bayer.  Bayer, these authors of bee extermination leading to the death of mankind, were the idea extolled by Catholic fantast Greg Karl in his summons World of Ash.  Miles Laboratory is a product of Bayer and Mobay who we have to thank not only for many Pittsburgh jobs but also Auschwitz and Miles Kirshner’s tapes produced by WQED for Yoko Ono despite his contempt for John Lennon and plying of various stigma-related subjects for jeering providing soundtrack for potheads living in sin with their hoes.   Bayer makes a lot of money from diabetes, and figures to get off world with Steve Hawking on the money they’ve made from AIDS.

       The switchboard of extermination murder is today still controlled by an apparatus put together by Europe and New York City through Carnegie Mellon calling themselves a Lennon and Ayn Rand ticket who proved their loyalty to diversity by uploading the Obama Administration, despite releasing the AIDS attack and helping the assailants laugh, which Obama caustically sneered was a joke on you.   Their campaign of murder is dark with tribal and bank assurances, a casino of Native American revenge for other insignificant genocide past.  The history of the crime was rendered invisible by an impossible explanation while making a loud statement concerning ignorance being willful by revealing the entire operation making it obvious in cold light of refusal to notice.  On the room by room level of control group observation, hungrily staring at me as I die, they depicted their justification famously as chivalry, when, in reality human trafficking.  It is hard to sell bee extermination as an act of chivalry either.  Yet they continue to get away with it by an alliance between female scum and virgins of no virtue.  The Jewish contribution was a shrug of abomination, having the experience to predict how the lay-abouts would answer.  The Jews just laughed, go ahead and tell them, then they are to blame, too.

        Avoidance can be called nothing but approval.                            

        What was done to me was the flip side of what Lennon did to his own name.  Back in 1983, I was regaled by a friend of Bridget Delvato with the hum that when she died it was Her death.  My death….MYYYY death she kept saying as though death were her love slave.  It was the time when Consuelo summoned me to help as a stage center mime in a performance of Sore Throats in the ROTC shooting gallery at Carnegie Mellon.  AIDS was new.  The idea of death being a property is very Ayn Rand, and by her methods of disappearing rich men she called prime movers in special actions by the ruling class why shouldn’t John Lennon stage his own death and sell his surviving image as a point of bondage to lead his special flock to Valhalla?  It’s what he did.  It’s how he won the war.  

      They like giving people facials and then shooting them in the head.  Just as the bullet for Kennedy’s throat was aimed at the voice of America by “I’ll do all the talking,” killer Reagan, they impaled a neuroplasm into my vocal centers and then signified an oblique stroke in “Go/to” found in the script when Midori Goto showed up to snuff film me for the Neva Corporation by detonating the impacted neuroplasm now in my facial nerve.   My bitter hatred for Peter Gabriel comes from his psychotic con and hatchet job career.  I was attacked by perverts from the government who pretended to be offering me marital bliss.  Their reasoning is tilted.  Jesus, they say, is higher than the evils of man, therefore, they continue, anyone who wants to stop the evils of man should be killed in the name of Jesus, and that settles it for them with a stroke of the wise beard.

      The ogres called Elders showed up with Jocelyn Elders while Davey Jones of Duquesne plied the Davey Jones locker for the locker of locker rooms with Jocelyn of Duquesne over the jostling of the Elders on an over-crowded planet.   That there is no real question of chivalry is perfectly obvious from their cobalt bomb ultimatum.   Beginning execution by a pervert with sexual bliss isn’t exactly divine retribution that Ringo Starr makes it out to be, raping deaf Jeannie.  Ringo is notorious.  JFK was famous.  See the difference?  He claimed he knew how to find out all about me, but his rhapsodies online like, “did they use a ball gag?” and “suffer not a fool to live,” directed at me and exploiting the tragedy visited on my best friend, do not exactly play out as justified suspicion about me.  It’s planned foreign curse on a hostage symbol not objective prosecution.

      Their counter-accusation was a spiteful and planned ruse.  They didn’t even try to hide it.  Rosine, their most vicious, was picked for Ruzyne, where Zappa’s pal Havel lurked.   Such symbols of decency, myuh.