The text of this Guide to my blog was found because you scrolled down a long cluster of links to find it, a frustration that serves to establish my point of departure.   You came here because you wanted to know about defeat of The United States by an enemy within who have gained prominence on high, an Axis-friendly, Hitler-savvy professional counter-Kennedy syndicate, which is Hollywood’s role in the AIDS attack, now swept under the rug by important people.  Since that is simple you may complain that my mosaic seems so hectic.

    As anyone can see from the evidence, Reagan and his war machine lay in wait and Kennedy rolled right into their entrapment.  Akira Kurosawa had a film called, “High and Low”.  What this tells you about the war crime is therefore simple enough to see.   However, in adding up the hidden artifices of the Easter Egg Hunt put together in Hitler’s resurrection cinema opus, we have a tragedy of dispersion.   Confederate writer Greg Karl, whose alliance with Yoko Ono is as notorious among the important people manning the applause machine of the Rockefeller Empire as the highway brigand Jesse James, spoke of “a bewildering myriad of surface details to arrive at the fundamental theme.”  They use the art of fluxus, which is a mystical concept of totality.

     Yet the murderers never say the truth, they hide the realities, they lie and they cheat, allowing no contrary perspective.   For example, it is extremely ironic how the NAACP gained so much from access to the courts, only to adopt a fanatic hatred for the civil rights of others.  Black Lives Matters are the new Israeli Defense Forces, pounding the innocent while bellowing of historic grievance.   What wouldn’t they say?  In Pittsburgh the “historic Black-Jewish Alliance” which once beat up Puerto Ricans together in NYC, turned on me, an innocent used in mutilation-vivisection by Israeli assassins, jeering me while they set up entrapment after entrapment, ridiculing and exploiting me sexually on the job, working with Greg Karl in what he bragged was “construction of a persona” lie after lie after lie.

      The most-often viewed video of mine online is one that can be used to defame and slander me.  The murderers impacted a nerve agent and tried to manipulate psychology, an evil the South African Police refrained (but considered) using on Nelson Mandela, but the NAACP thought nothing of doing it to a white.  What are you actually seeing in the video?   The golem is being asked if he agreed that sexual liberties of a woman extended to the brink through sexual taunting of grinding vagina monologue to the tongue and tease of mutual naked erection, does the golem still believe she had the right to ease off before penetration, to which the golem, answering the murderers from the pornography machine who mutilated it, yes she does, even AFTER the murderers chemically castrated the golem for that position.

     Ugly as it is, it is another example of what the foreign English rabid did to Gandhi.  The foreign English rabid, a sinister, maniacal genius for denigration, violently plasticized a slave hostage for the weird humiliation of America and for nothing will it stop.