King Edward of England was demoted by Churchill to Duke Edward who forced his abdication for friendship with Hitler whose escape and revenge he plotted as a neophyte of Cecil Rhodes.  The Beatles were uploaded by Royal power after Duke Edward's faction assassinated JFK.  This process was arranged by Rothschild type bankers flattering themselves as Illuminati.  Under the Bush regime they murdered Princess Diana to polarize the mission for which they are using James MacRyland Crary against Prince William, the coming King, who is an advocate for the authors of the AIDS Holocaust seeking to use deception to advance British domain over the United States of America as a deluded spoil of their improper and deceptive off-the-record narrative.  The British authored the AIDS Onslaught with Reagan and then boxed me into a dilemma of punishment for speaking the truth into the historic record, blaming me for their own letters and describing me as a partner of their agent Gail Burstyn.  This goblin nest comes from Pentagon-Disney and the NY Media lobby allied to Hollywood who allowed Leslie Sanetta Katz, the real partner in the Gail-Leslie Aliance, to incite an insane narrative deposited in the backwaters of Pittsburgh to damage authentic testimony and cultural reporting of the affair.  John Lennon was criminally insane and grandiose.  He used our media to compel complicity in the X-termination.

       The legal dimension of QueebNacht is between me and Prince Williams' fanatical suicide bombers.  QueebNacht is a term that refers to the Miami massacre and its creepy museum mafia advocates.  The Clintons and Schwarzeneggers withheld from you the centrality of Dia Galas in the attack on 911 and the certain evidence that the anthrax tigers and their flying tiger mission were the in fact shown by court documents from Mt. Desert Island to have been the authors of the AIDS assassination of our society's soul.  The Civil Rights Movement, drunk with spoils like Obama, turned our society into a cheat where torture is as normal today as it was under slavery, and no one will intervene.  Mutilation by the SWAPO Zulus is considered to be part of the fun.  The assassins are victorious masqueraders as vicious to the Queers as Rosine Monteleone was to me for Rosa Clemente an ally of the pervert Peter Gabriel who will lie to anybody.  The Queers transferred blame to themselves by cheering this sort of home invasion and facelying.  I owe them nothing but contempt.  The arrival of their hero Prince William, the coming King of England, is on the crimson carpet of an idiot rumble of thrill kill pussyball long planned in the name of British coaching of religious fundamentalism and aristocratic perversion over a hustled one night stand made cackles by Ming Na Wen with Oliver Stone, a brutal division of Pentagon-Disney, working for King Crimson at a place called PITT, a plan of conquest by petty art theft.

        Lennon was a golden parachute for those who released AIDS and a gold mine for Yoko Ono representing the sexual entanglements of fascist Japan.  By nauseating misrule and a miracle of privatized psychosis they have created a history of naïve fantasy and consigned truth to the moral zone of psychiatric text while calling collusion a temper tantrum by detectives of the Queer soul.  This secret script was deposited in wait by Palace derision towards the United States being used in terrifying gloat.  They planted me as a child among violent segregationists informed by the idea to recruit token blacks in a backwater of Pennsylvania where I could be used as mercilessly as a barn animal and systematically uploaded the powers to communicate when it served their purpose as they proceeded, to convey justification for a blackout through the flashing lights of horrifying humiliation, a symbol of British contempt for the American common man made holy by the contempt of the common man for a child they mutilated.  The Palace took action in what they offer as detection of the soul to frame on the battlefield of U.S. territory the simple truth that I have blamed, for good reason, the deranged conduct of the Queers for the grandiose tragedy that they subsumed into crocodile tears about Lennon, led by the estate Ringo Starr who wrote the mail and then declared himself President in the film:  Mailman.  Failure to warn was transformed into an injection of virus committee at Carnegie Mellon as Pentagon Disney allowed the mania of the broadcast brainbeam, demanding the plotted sentence of slave writing, in their self-glorification as loathsome poetry thieves.

        Having heard that, you escape from its truth by denial and negation into the peace of their clutches.  Vying to claim the right to ascribe blame in the AIDS attack is a sorry and putrid way to live.  I didn't choose it, they did by a base piracy of transference.  They even called me "chosen" in their package, the text they authored and then pretended to steal.  I am defending those at risk of being deceived.  The at risk meant nothing to the aggressors, and never will.  They wanted a market they called before the beginning:  Plague Mass.  The afflicted were asked to subscribe to their own devourers, and complied.  Their attempt to blame and enslave me proves the ground for their rejection.  It is in the language of their gunshot and the irrevocable lies told by my birth mother who twisted the narrative into line with the plans of Gail Burstyn, while keeping me in deafness and dire poverty.  They made a crime of attempting to warn.  They brutally punished attempts to escape slavery.  It was even in the script they authored and then pretended to steal.  The Queers worked with those who released AIDS in authoring an AIDS injection council.  They did it in the name of fashion and petty decorum.  There is something very wrong with the whole story Robert Fripp used in the name of Leslie Sanetta Katz.  Its adoption shows a creepy and felonious plescite.

       Lowlife black pedestrian detectives mocking the laws advocated for the whitest of white bigot law firms for the ultra-rich, apparently promised awesome spoils for betraying a country they hate sneering it is African justice, all written for them by white haters born in SWAPO lands, eager to bribe some Zulus, and yet this cult goes by the NAACP.   The conspicuous agent for the tattoo entrapment warning and military operation on Mt. Desert Island was Katz' partner, a man even agent named Matt Marcus (mark us).  There was always a chance that playing into it would work as warning, since entrapment is illegal, but the Queer backstabbers were on the make for a robbery they invented, rich people cleverly passing money to themselves under the noses of the poor and desperate so they would feel robbed.  As they sniveled at me with the lewd cartoon tag of "Van Gogh" they whimpered of stigma while promoting Mike Exler (X-slur)  One is truly sickened by the infamy and betrayal as the victims boasted of being manipulated into calling themselves pisschrists, a contribution of brutal reckoning Sir McCartney to children, as though remorseless sadism was pity in his Orsen Welles world of Orwell.  The mind can't comprehend the contradiction of the lemmings.

        Was I wrong that Nava's friend Cheryl Levin (share ill) referred to Fripp and Tony "if you wash I'll be offended" Levin?  The Official Lie is that they were commiserating by holding hostages and making contagion a mandatory blood bond.  While Andrea Swimmer, an awful call girl, was given no end of advocacy by a choir of church feminist Nazis I was pounded with sacrilegious lies and the gloat of child molesters performing disgusting acts to extrude for the gluttony of snickering from the lisp of a tabloid King.