This (being May 10, 2017) is the day of my last final exam at the Community College of Allegheny County where I have been a presence since its inception.  Having earned several distinctions, Honors scholar, Psi Beta and Poetry Award Winner, I am leaving with one diploma in General Studies, two classes shy in Liberal Arts, a grade point average of 3.96 and significant improvement in the atmosphere of disposition among the community itself towards my independent research into battlefield movements showing that AIDS was a pre-meditated attack, a down and dirty detective investigation that got started when I was a medical library clerk in 1984. 

      This issue concerns the legacy of my distinguished father who for a while was Chair of Philosophy of Education for the University of Pittsburgh which is now the largest employer in town, having surpassed the disappearing steel industry.  He was a Navy lieutenant in WW2 and a Peace Corps leader.  What happened to my father and I was a little like Arab Spring.  In Arab Spring a very idealistic and liberal group of men and women rose to prominence as leaders only to be crushed by a counter-attack.  In the wake of the mayhem, marginalized elements took control of the disenfranchised saying that if the power structure wasn’t defeated one way it would be another.  The Liberal leadership of the Kennedy years which saw all of them murdered, found me an object lesson in the darkest project of all, by which time Black America had sided with the attackers.  My condition and hatred for me was used to turn the tables, and make a compensating atmosphere out of what everyone seems to have agreed is a pathetic joke.  I was betrayed by absolutely everyone I know.  Acceptance shouldn’t be taken exactly for forgiveness.

       The huge hurdle for historic understanding of the desperate measures taken by British Royalty under the advice of Steve Hawking concerning our crowded planet is acknowledging some of the eerier phenomenon in their script, put to music by Peter Gabriel in the name of Gail Carolyn Burstyn.  Police Academy society were completely outwitted by the British chauvanists in acid rock, and to a great extent teamed up from war and corrections.  Britain put out a James Bond movie in which the agent makes a fool out of a Southern Sheriff, and the gaslighters in King Crimson enjoyed how Ian Wattenmaker poisoned me with a nerve agent and then got University women into a huff by manipulating my condition as a brain-impaired victim of brutal torture in childhood through character assassination, a function of women that Blacks took very readily to, as well, making it dangerous for anyone to speak up in my favor, and, of course, no one did.  To the bitter end many of the students continued to resort to manufacture justifying what had been done.  Whatever else, tampering is a forte of Yoko Ono and the Warhol Museum, and nobody at the Carnegie or Heinz Museum certainly ever signed a Hippocratic Oath.

       Indian removal in generations past was tied to expansion of slavery in much the way attacks on white liberals expanded a system of human trafficking.  That any society, much less a city like Pittsburgh, could stare like dumbfounded cowards at the story of what happened to me as a child and spit hatred at me as a liar is beyond tears of horror.  The NAACP’s mental illness in the matter, which its proponents at Pitt called black psychology, framed the arguments to justify.  Meanwhile, Peter Gabriel rammed a brainwave yammer from Senegal through the impacted neuroplasm, as he vowed to murder me while I wore my inside out, set to the tune of a storm and warning show of thunder and light.  David Reitzes said of their fake mutiny and pre-planned interrogation distortion, “we have ways of making record play.”  They had ways of impacting record, too. 

       The AIDS attack was called prescriptive by its authors.  It followed a planned course of action.  The agitation that took place was a staged and fake mutiny used as a pacification program.  The ethno-history involves a Clinton/Trump New York media alliance put together by Robert Fripp of King Crimson in the name of Leslie Katz.  Pentagon-Disney worked out a frame up around my marriage prospects and voided the privacy of the womb for their ends.  The killers were Kennedy’s assassins.  To date it has all been adopted and they are still in charge of our society of corrections.  I am damaged by medical bullets, and retiring to Tacoma from here to nurse diabetes.  I have also lived most of my life in a stupor from medically misrepresented head trauma.  Reckoning the obscene abuse of power from England has been infuriating, but I am ready to name names and provide both the damning evidence and background narrative necessary to see the picture amidst the scenery.  My health wavers from torture under their program. 

        This being 2017 I don’t know if you are capable of being surprised anymore but discovery that the AIDS attack was authored by the Beatles Empire as one of their projects is probably for many the greatest psychological hurdle.  Loyalty to them runs thick in the blood; uploaded long ago on the coattails of foul play and a shot in the dark from Dealey Plaza, the red carpet unfurled in the runway for them after JFK’s last jaunt from Love Field.  We have accepted instead Peter Sinfield, a magnate of treachery in the Beatles Empire, celebrity broker from Pentagon Disney for Reagan, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones.  They made a minor mistake in taking me for someone who would accept their narrative without proof or as someone they could super-inform with personal witness who could be mutilated into apostasy.  They made no mistake in judgment when it came to the U.S. Government and people, however.  No one else has objected to the most absurd and doctored lies.  They sleep well in their conquest.  That Hitler struck back this way in revenge doesn’t surprise me.  Silent acceptance has.  I’m finished being surprised.  I still plan to inform you who will read as will.

        The theology of murderers is too interesting to stupid people; I don’t know how they got away with that aspect but it is very salient in their doings.  Myth came first.  Although Leslie Katz provided the connivance, the warped nature of the slander in the first place, that I cudda saved John Lennon but was obsessed with a virgin, must have originated in the mind of the Queen.