King Edward evidently got some far out pussy during unreported trips to Nagasaki (whom his entourage from Brooks Brothers likely dubbed nuggasucky) and when his palatial Nefirtiti was crisped resulted in special assignation to lewd Hippy psychedelicists for Hitler’s revenge at the stage of Love Field.   We’re not allowed to say that of course, it’s mean.   The Billy Club of King Edward’s plan to retake the United States of America for Britain descended upon me blindside in grade school when Ronnie, Caspar and Sinfield took me hostage in the tip of the iceburg at Pitt later dubbed NAACP anthropology when they covered for KKK child pornography cinema at Warhol Museum, black wiz kids had been recruited at WQED by South Africa’s post-Apartheid civil plan scripted by Sir McCartney’s attache from Israel Gail Burstyn.  The deviants in Seattle Left were pushovers.  It’s a laugh.

       The dereliction and the villainy of the deceived traces to places of Black Intelligensia like Howard, Columbia, Alice Walker, Spike ole Lee and Wilkinsburg.  One can almost learn from Adolf Hitler whose ambassador Mr. Douglas pouted, “if you try to help Black people they will only turn on you,” and he was right.  King Edward got off a 1-2 punch from the KKK and Black Power in Dealey Plaza.

       Truth hurts, pinhead.