You would like to think the spirit of Roberto Clemente can shine upon and protect Pittsburgh deaf.  Yet his name was evoked by the Rosa Clemente Green Party for the brutal rape of a girl who is legally a child.  Thanks to this wonderful woman, I learned sign language despite the Pittsburgh conspiracy to keep me from ever learning after they brutally deafened me as an object lesson in their war game.  I now am in the Honors Department, albeit age 56, at my school.

      As is typical of the bizarre mentality of foreign English, when Rosa Monteleone, chosen in part for the name Rosine, which is like resin (a swallow of Midori Goto) and Ruzyne (where Vaclav Havel lived) as tart of the Velvet Revolution's cover up for the AIDS attack (Havel was indebted to Bush who blamed my father for the loss of his plane at sea when father was in the radio room, a virtual Tokyo Rose to the Japanese who could hear him) Rosa and Alia, her code named friend Evangelia Karmas for avenging angel of karma, a letter arrived about my eulogy from the Committee of Goodwill, an encomium from Milena Czerna, after I sent them my sad thoughts on the death of Olga, and this was met with the mercy rape of my deaf best friend outside St. Rosalia, they didn't give her AIDS, myuh.

      Peter Gabriel had written to me for three years in the lead up claiming to be from Amnesty International.  Instead, he was setting up torture, stalking and the ripper murder of a bystander to scare me.  This hatter terrorized me with acid-rock gaslighting, and seethed that because I don't have AIDS, I better not complain.  The rapists from the Beatles, Inc. had a chance to befriend me.  I had hitch-hiked all the way from Pittsburgh to St. Louis just to hear Robert Fripp of King Crimson play a free concert.  Instead, they claimed I was framing Reagan and cudda saved John Lennon.  They hyped this among rivals, as a protection racket for the men who mutilated me and wrote the letters they used to scapegoat me.  They never arrested Gail (gay ill) Carolyn Burstyn, the true author.  Want to know why?

       The reason isn't just that Ringo Starr said, hehn, well they killed my best friend so I get to rape his best friend.  Thereason is beyond that.  John Lennon faked his murder and had me tagged for an American prince to jeer and bring the head to Yoko Ono as a symbol of turnaround victory, turning over "Little Boy" chosen from the fleet who dropped the Little Boy bomb, for the tribute from his Oswald Mosley scene, Hitler (in Argentina) and Reagan in operation Little Girl ~ the AIDS attack.

        Investigate to see how I know.