To understand why the Illuminati wanted the Occupy Wall Street movement to happen is a little bit riddlesome even though I’m sure you know and understand that by Illuminati I mean the illegal power structure that itself occupies the United States of America through media tyranny behind the Kennedy assassination which they regard as a legitimate act of statecraft.   By suckering Queer Seattle’s anarchist back up into the Occupy theater farce they gained a rubber stamp of approval for their viper politics underwriting a specious higher authority than the Federal Government coming from places like the cult of Gurdjieff.  The assassination of a Federal Judge by these celebrity forces, like the instigation of massacres, is a testament of their collection agency methods, slashering Shannon Harps over a penny in Capitol Hill.   The Illuminati of Beatlemania warcraft in other words endorsed itself in the AIDS attack and methods of blaming the victims while issuing high minded offers like viatical purchases if the poor souls should have a life insurance they might want to barter into indemnity to Ringo Starr and Gail Burstyn, Amalgamated.

       I don’t mean to skirt over entirely how we know this.  Greg Starsinic, the name mongering both Greg Karl, a brazen plot writer, and Arsenic as muckraking agent of Ringo Starr sets the tune for a method of name game agents that is the work of the British from the start of plan.   At the bottom of this essay is a plate of several illustration concerning the degrading and demented mind at work on the subconscious values of our people.  In the course of this essay I will prepare you for the images.   The corruption of thieving nature, as distinct from purer minded greed, masks mass murder.   This fact was written by the Geffen Corporation into their own interest by a one-man one corporation approach to weaponizing the AIDS attack as a ransom to hold what they call non-victims hostage.   By this device the victims were confederated into endorsement of their own murderers, demanding that those they kill, too, also join.

       The complexity of the Hitlerian mind behind this fishing net comes from an aristocracy among the terrible people in higher education and artists following the Beatles’ lead.   What I propose to show is the deviance and fearful dependency being built on cold blooded wolves of war.   It is a very pernicious and watchful one, poisoning Our Commonwealth so that we live in a closet where we receive nothing but lies, down to the food banks and clinics.   Justice, access to the courts, recorded history are completely out of the question.   Even the few scholars still alive to coach dissent woo a victim of torture by the usual gestures, a morsel of morale building, a soft word as though it can balance the loss of limbs.  These are honey tongued poisoners, shown up as nothing but lies by their failure to warn, and their despicable refusal to address the facts of tragedy and betrayal.  There are, however, Black Success Stories of The AIDS Attack which is used not only to balance everything, but to provide really big guns of enforcement.

         The murderers in King Crimson were once trusted by me.   This is a significant vantage point because it finds out the infamy of the Beatles for what it is, an instrument of mass death in the Kennedy assassination plan from the Texas Schoolbook.   With study and heightened awareness you can see and detect the magic show in the old films of Dallas, where a control division of police planned and executed the murder of JFK and Oswald systematically in cold blood, unable to hide their mannerisms.  Such an execution proves to have been child’s play for the sorcerers of Hollywood and fiends of Pentagon Disney in their global satire of the human race.    The lead criminals in King Crimson knew they would need an excuse to turn violently on someone who loved them and had magnanimously suffered life-destroying injuries in their name in order to use their prey as a hot button to favor an ideological opponent and capture the approval of the human race in the AIDS attack.  Everywhere you turn it is always lies now.  As recently as yesterday they used the names of two starlets in the Reagan child pornography guild, Deanna and Julie, at the clinic and signed off with the rabid’s refrain from his Occupy cult, “what did you learn from this today?”  Meanwhile, my new, military friendly school, cancelled the course they had posted on Kennedy’s policies and the 1960’s in favor of multi-cultural communication, making clear that Kennedy was selfish and incapable of looking after the issues of the world, living by his dick they like to say, when they do.

       The stupids in Seattle gloat that they proved the case against me when, in reality, they sided with their own killers, proved a case against themselves and then projected it on me in malice as a medium for silencing someone bold enough to properly investigate.   It has been a very ugly spectacle.   The viper laughed at me because his poison crime heart had been so effective.  There are blackmails from violent child sexers who held me in bondage, the script itself that says John Lennon was killed and Reagan his friend, there are situational embarrassment from homelessness, screaming in seizures, and of course they made off with my gorgeous King Crimson fiance, in a rancid crime of home invasion, engineered by Neva pornographic and their ringleader Midori Goto.  Most of the Kennedy researchers took their side, sniveling that my falling in love with Rosa and reaching out to Midori Goto proved me a Pavlovian usurper now dependent, in erectile dysfunction, on the warehouse of the very corporation who molested me, who they snicker I pay to see their services online, leaving me crying all night from decades of isolation, now castrated.

        These friends of poetry.

        Yet for all their talk, they hid a neuroplasm, calling me, as agent Hanley did, by crank epithets like, “gizmo”.  The Pavlovian nature, in other words, was the as-one mentality gyrated among Seattle stupids by Penis Gabriel, their over-hawk.   He made a monkey of them by promoting African Royalists over their interest while converting pseudo-protest over alms into a medium for mandatory spread.   No one gets outta here alive Oliver Stone added with the injection needle of fickle fate at the ready, as a jake.   Example the specimen, they pouted, as we learn from n’you.  The illegal homework in the FBI’s big Texas Schoolbook play, is worth big bucks and they want it.  It is Eastergate, from Money, Mississippi, written for the black man, brainmilk from a deaf white slave; a sellout legacy from Valhalla to their swisher sweets.

     In the illustration we see how widespread the multicultural communication was, the Leslie snout chinned image in an old Thai magazine of the Chapman warrior, and a facsimile of the disappeared front page of the Carnegie Mellon Rand Paul Press leading to the situation of a rubber in the dumpster.