This essay is about the historic gum infection that I am suffering which has proven intractable and is titled Ulysses because the aggression in Pennsylvania comes from the Grant Building and Ray Geiger, deceased, referred to me repeatedly as Ulysses, supposedly because of the endlessly epic way the British lockdown on media has used me for Hollywood ends as I sought, by my own attempts to rectify, work and research by which to survive having been deafened.  The case for having been poisoned in the mouth, suggestive of how Gen. Grant died, is perfectly suspicious, and repeats offenses that have awaited me before in the State of Washington, dungeon and alliance of Pennsylvania in the AIDS attack from which center the Black eccentrics of Green Party methods are very alert and vicious on behalf of Kennedy’s assassins. The dentist lied, refusing a follow up on the grounds that I had exhausted my insurance when, in reality, only 46 dollars of a 1500 dollar annual insurance policy has been touched this year.   Steve Tangney allowed me to come camping on a trip with a facility that impounded my art after working on life-destroying fraud to jack up the value, and a diseased abscess appeared on my lip that apparently was bacteria which festered over the year into a grim gum condition. This facility not only targeted and participated in the ripper hatter murder of a female bystander, construed as a demonstration by police authority in plausible concern for threat (they demanded my kitchen knife only a few days before the murder, and slammed me in the face with a basketball), but have inmates who have over the years demonstrated a fetish like interest in the use of bacteriologicals, and home wrecker targeting beginning in childhood for a police machine that linguistically connived a Chief by the name of the phonemes in the allegation made to justify Mt. Desert Island and torture by Ringo Starr, Gerlikowske follows the pattern of the claim that they were working on inner aggression after ordeals of vagina licking offered by Leslie Katz who withheld the poison of her virginity, created the Lennon framework for the game of Two Virgins.

        Dr. Andrew Cho. of the Military Friendly School who took custody of me upon returning here after the murder of Donnie Chin, is a one-man Good Cop/Bad Cop routine.  His natural sympathies, because he is Asian centric, would be for Alpana and Midori. He is from Burma and so is Aung San who was a favorite of Mitch McConnell, whose namesake, Mitch Hauckmann presided over Mt. Desert Island for Geffen Corporation.   There is a rupture in the Asian-Black community and Cho has demonstrated that Blacks may participate in racial harassment of Asians, just as my work proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Pittsburgh NAACP and Black Church of Pennsylvania included key players who were in on the way I was birthed there to torture as a voodoo doll and they were in on the AIDS attack and method of art council profiteer.  The council was waiting for me to grow up, to frame me and blame me for a crime I knew nothing about as a seance in execution of a symbol of innocence and liberal legal authority by virtue of intellectual heritage. It is impossible to know where Cho, for example, really stands, because of his style of claim to objectivity, self-confessed anger issues, pro-Asian leanings, and the joy he takes in manipulating peers, supposedly to expose their weaknesses for academic purity of mind, all very laudable.

         Unfortunately, the issue isn’t restricted to any one particular person.  What we are seeing in the abandonment of the duties of the newspaper establishment to report, rather than promote, the truth of the AIDS attack is not just the final stages of an overthrow of the principles and foundation of our people by Pentagon Disney, but the weaponizing of perceptions.   We speak of lenses but mass delusion is not made of glass. The cult of Yoko Ono who commissioned the ripper attack as therapy, they claim, for AIDS, after being shown to have released AIDS while positioning themselves to delude and mislead victims in a defamation campaign that headhunts so viciously it is a test case in the erosion of public safety to grave and dangerous ripper maniacs in service to the legend fostered by the campaign to lionize Lennon as a spiritual leader of a so-called Plague Mass by devils who take joy in being so called, who led from the front, but knew in 1974 of the plan being hatched.   Black leaders like Cornel West were alluded to in the script which hatched near Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and whose adjuncts in letters like Neely Fuller conceived of Compensatory Coding to give Black cover operations to Gail Burstyn. Compensatory coding for Auschwitz was Burstyn’s game, too, just as Blacks at our college evoke Tuskegee Syphilis to promote their campaign of torture and mayhem in the State of Washington’s criminal government’s production of: I am the Walrus.

          Weaponizing perception takes a particularly sadistic and diabolical form in my case about which have heard no end, seething and sneering that they have the right to slay over sex, that Jimmy is a jinx, a hex, and that the slightest batted eyelash is proof of a felony.  It’s not that it isn’t criminally insane, or proof of their brain damaged souls, but that it works because they claim they see everything, know everything, authoring voice overs and making infamous manufacture, like the incident at Kelly School, which they maniacally punish through what they call pre-paid blindside attacks, taking bets that the sadism they relish and soak their brains of fetish in will or will not be enough for forestall their lust for further mayhem?   They already know they are lying, they just need to convince the victim and prey that the public will support their drone weapon aimed at someone who refutes their bray of supremacy.

          One of the murderers who held me hostage and subjected to me brainwash as a child was David Shapiro of Hollywood whose obsession in those days was pyromania.  To learn that the murderers are deeply enthralled with pyromania is no surprise. They authored the AIDS attack. Feeding someone a bacteria is very typical of them.   There was in their lifelong register of phony grounds for torture as an entertainment settlement some question of whether I mis-spoke in whether they forced me to eat stool, so, the murdering pigs decided they could do this and make good on their idea that my pure soul was being squeezed by holy war musicians in London to fulfill the blast of mass murder production art from on high, the Council, as they call themselves, who hotwire into my attempts to keep a life as a reporter open to review so they could represent a faction of killers who want to demonstrate that seeking informed and mature peers is actually reckless endangerment of society.   They used my words for acts of the school massacre style that their godfather Penis Gabriel enjoys in order to attempt to shut down my public testimony, while portraying me as their Antonio Negri, a form of sabotage based on the ordeal that Italy put a professor through who was accused of knowingly inspiring a terror cell. This was all planned and discussed with me by The Carnegie’s Robert Johnson, of Duquesne and the address 1717, a symbol of the Two Virgins cult in Pittsburgh.

       Tangney also came from Duquesne who stole my fiance, commissioned murders and rape, tortured me, and lured to me to Seattle supposedly for safety where I was chemically castrated.   To be asked not to be rude to these huns about their personal relations after the horribly crude methods by which they targeted me is far-fetched. People have to be advised that the States of Washington and Pennsylvania are criminally insane.