"Nobuko's stupid code," (found in Queen Elizabeth's script) described in the Texas Schoolbook is a presentation all over the ruse about JFK.  There's creole in the nuances of Zorro.  Being able to understand this separates the men from the boys.   Deep thinking goes on behind Pentagon-Disney.  Think of your first exposure to Mickey Mouse magic:  How simple it appeared and yet how amazing and impossible to believe or imagine how was done!   The staged and phony intercept was a trick made much louder and much clearer than most of their sorcery.   Leaving it unquestioned was a significant gesture of crowd approval.

       Don't take a picture, do it with your mind, is drummed into our heads at Robert Fripp's esoteric charm school.  This helps them select who rises in slavery to the Beatles while challenging our right to keep our own record as personal resources and god forbid distress signals.  Part of the affair we all know about is being asked to perceive in the evidence what we are told to think by the publishing government.  I realize, at least at first, you won't come into the room believing scenarios match up between what they did to JFK and the Texas Schoolbook.  So, what' missing?

        The common denominator is that this was revenge targeting.

       The idea of being contemptible didn’t even enter into Pittsburgh’s head as a consideration, that is how low they are.   As a child they attacked me blindside, held in me in traumatic bondage, jeered me, subjected me to degrading acts of unspeakable sexual degradation, gassed me in a holocaust experiment, impacted a semi-coma neurological injury to induce robot control by neurobedience, bragged of it in writing, created child bondage sex films with the music industry and museum mafia, then working with Police they pulled the big heist, a switcheroo over to pseudo-anthropology on Mt. Desert Island in an AIDS testing experiment.   British filth in King Crimson not only organized the brutal a.m. rape of a deaf girl with Downs Syndrome who has epilepsy, calling it mercy because they didn’t give her AIDS when they are the cult that created the virus, as proven, they went on to ripper murder a bystander in Seattle in warning.   They used the claim that John Lennon died in fulfillment of a script he wrote about his staged and phony murder:  double fantasy, a lead crime in the attack on JFK and AIDS onslaught, as proved.   Chemical castration alone of an innocent man is grounds for the arrest of Prince William.  These murderers announced that I was a suspicion person BECAUSE I had turned to them for help and trusted them, an amazing double game of turn the tables on your disciples.  It is to be born in mind that before I realized King Crimson themselves were behind the attack, I had hitchhiked in the Summer of 1979 all the way from Pittsburgh to St. Louis just to one of them play a free concert on his guitar in a record store.  Far from being the Mark David Chapman he claimed, I was an unarmed Governors School poet who came and left quietly.  Nothing felt like the day I had to sit closer at his school because being very deaf only to have him get up to communicate offense being taken to the group and move away the safe distance required to keep me in the dark as to what was being said, after they invited me there and charged me money to do their farm work for them.

         All it takes is one glance at this website to confirm that Peter Gabriel is criminally insane.

        The truth crystalizes around the claim they made to finding the letters they actually wrote while conning me.  These murderers bragged openly in letters to me that they were "unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS," that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," and whined that if Archimedes met Hero in ancient times the industrial revolution would have predated the population explosion, while braying that the earth is their egg.   They planned and executed the AIDS attack while misleading the victims with the refrain, we are just going to walk a mile in your shoes by viciously torturing a The White!  In full view of the administration of higher learning, they raped, rippered, pussyballed, child molested, filmed it, swapped it, and threatened extinction.  They are so proud of themselves they let me tell anyone I want.   Hitler had academic supremacists eager to prove it at Pitt.  In their ravenous, horrible syphilis it is literally impossible for them to stop themselves.   Post like this one, go unnoted for content or circling by the first names gang.

        The Kennedy assassins actually explained everything they were doing to this guy from Pittsburgh who they knew wouldn't be believed. They actually put him through quite an ordeal, two holocaust simulation experiments, mutilation, castration, denial of due process, under Wecht, including a nerve agent. His story was posted, but the game for them has always been to get the support of the Kennedys themselves. It's a pretty grave secret. I found the dude's website, absolutely credible, Patricia. He is an Honors student in college after finally learning sign language from a girl with Downs Syndrome. They refused to teach him in the State cooperating with Texas Schoolbook

        The rabid in fact are so depraved that the mind of their victim was shattered for years.  I stared into space in a trauma care facility, which they engaged in terror unending.

         Coming out of a coma from child mutilation, I was led into this.   They had linguist signifier names from the musical occult on hand to crook a finger for the dirt farmers:  Nester Van Sickle, Federal hooligan for story of the bird.   What they were doing is perfectly obvious from the old educational film shown by Prof. Johns at TCC yesterday made about a class lesson prepared for the day after King was killed.  A black from Iowa chimes in against the "virus of bigotry".  That's nice.  So we defeat the AIDS virus by promotion of a squeaky clean Black Mr. President, yippy.   And it was all fucking planned by these pieces of shit.

       King had a dream but Disney said no until Lucas weighed in for a peace monument worthy of Mao.