Obama is a black totalitarian who made a mistake.   He kept me alive because his faction prefer to have their cunning dredged and admired by the defeated to being victorious in silence, but that’s not the mistake I am referring to.   Obama believed that if he used a military neuroplasm and detonated it around friendly psychiatrists who misrepresented his crime as schizophrenia, he could launch the frightening and experimental barrage known as Ultrahigh, the brainwave sonar they are using, and the result would be the elimination of all memory of Mt. Desert Island, what the Obamas did in service to HitlerReagan, that my mind, spirit and memory would be eviscerated under public beliefs and that the school would enforce his view that my being tortured was divine punishment.   Part of his sinister operation worked.  He did succeed in carrying off a set of high crimes as the outcome of the Kennedy assassination and his beneficiary role as high pirate of the case, proven by the Texas Schoolbook to be one and the same.

     First, Obama is slippery as a fast cat.   His faction brainstormed the cosmic trash that dissent and outspokenness against the military meant denouncing of their secrets was a joke punishable by deadly hazing.  Kennedy set the stage for this in 1961 when he said to the Press Corps that secrecy had no place in an open society.  The speech itself reads true  but by today’s standards come over as a paranoid nut, if you didn’t know who was talking.  The Obama syphilitics spewed and gyrated that if a person was against secrecy then they had no rights in their private spirit.  He could poison them, lie, rape their deaf advocate, steal the case ledger they had written about impacting the neuroplasm and violate the wedding rights of the falsely accused.  His big day was when he worked with Attillas from Dealey Plaza decieving a victim of torture about the love of his girl. 

       Taking the Kennedy women for the conquerors was a notorious part of the  game.  Progress is being made exposing Reagan, Trump and Obama, and progress is being made undermining their slave grip on the sophomoric mentality on which they thrive.  Progress is being made against their lugers and their doctors of deceit, it is clear what Obama did for the Geffen Corporation, he created a white to humiliate and sacrifice, to burn in effigy of JFK so that those who think it is justice will secretly cheer the AIDS occult warrior behind the dirtiest crime in human history and they didn’t stop there.  They had set up a pussyball operation that they think was the crowing glory of operation Soul Breaker.   It’s not worth looking at the details knowing that the ugly pig responsible, Midori Goto, was executioner of Kennedy by proxy and working with this faction, but it is worth exploring how they brainwashed me to detect their conveyances, resist them, and then rape and castrate me for not being man enough to yield a woman making herself available for conquest.  This was too much for a maniacal culture who want war as a natural state, and asserted their agency proudly with the Kennedy demonstration project, as they did with the Crary demonstration project.

      Issues in anthropology have yielded insight into the suspected relationship of papi-killing Mel Gibson to the crimes of Obama and Nicki Dibarno, a child sex Bohemian Grove style tagteam who worked with the  Proctors in Pittsburgh making pedophile bondage out to be anthropological research.  Obama keeps the issues focused on a digest of Black effete catering to their causes advancement in which was tied to their collusion in the AIDS attack, and finds various pawns, military honor conscious Gay soldiers and so on, to stalk his prey as executioner shadows demanding allegiance to the extermination plan that killed Kennedy.

       Obama's precocious little weasels are salivating with gratification seeing me stand up before his sophomore hoard, saying, "they castrated me," and having them crudely despise me for it and shout, then you suck.  There has never been a warlord so vile.

      Behind all this, ranting and foaming at the beard, is the high pirate Ringo Starr, threatening to slasher more children, poison more poets, blind more women, anything it takes to scare people into humility before the crown of extermination.  Blacks are vicious fools.  They put their wallets, their peacock preening, the stupid loyalty to The White House and its absurd farce, before dignity about the truth concerning HitlerReagan’s murder of JFK and the precious estate of our society’s social history.  Blacks have risen to power in America through a series of deranged, ignominous tricks and it won’t work.  Lapsing into silence as though fulfilling a special purpose has exposed them as the source of the Kennedy curse on which the totalitarians feed.