The suicidal tendencies of British Royalty in their alliance with Clinton Media was on exhibition today.   Washington Police forces routinely side with their own killers and those of Shannon Harps under the current Governor.   Their reasoning with Yoko Ono as leader was on exhibition this week in NWAsian Weekly, the Asian Community’s strongest voice in the Chinatown/International District (CID).  Editor Ng’s mother was very elderly and infirm and ashamed of her condition, ending up a deathbed picture in the paper, remember all them victims, they have shame and need your exampling, myuh.   

     The louts have already won, as I have said many times, by failure to warn, now they turn to Operation:  Shaming, a food fight for victim status.   They sneak that they were being sneaky while hiding that they advertised privately they didn’t give a shit and wanted the Whole which was greater than the sum of them parts, and shit.   So, oh, brother, here we go again.   The new Orwellian conjob, love is hate and hate is love, is clearly on exhibition against their lie of a discovery Found-Art project, in the first four numbers of my Social Security Card the Fords signed me up for 1972: which begins ~ 198-4.   The louts are craven and eager to claim a military justification on high.  King Crimson has even covertly announced that release of the AIDS attack was an act of conscience by Paul’s tyranny.  Join us in our empathy project, they bray.

       Don’t worry about it.  I’m used to dealing with retarded ex-peers who think that behaving into a trap to prove it is there is worse than releasing the AIDS virus, talk about jealousy (vomit).  The British warlords behind it do nothing ever but laugh themselves sick, they left a smoking gun that can’t be traced just to laugh at the miserably aware.   From a pragmatic point of view, at which they excel, it is better not to jeopardize lives, which have been proven at risk, than to challenge the confederates by entering facts into historic access.   Trump is in the perfect position to launch a nuclear strike from North Korea if America revolts against the Hitler plan for which Israel provided his Jewish attorney guild.  The unconventional plot method, proven by the alliance of Zell and Kirshner, swastika and Star of David, along with the alliance of Matt Marcus and Mike Seate, Star of David, and black biker with swastika tattoo, are an example of wicked, far-out, super-effective Sociological Imagination that Hillary Clinton used to command America into surrender to the Hitler Plan.

        Knowing nothing about this forms alliance of swords with the Majestic and Mystical Crash of evidence and memory into announcement of revelation by the assassins from on high.   Trump is the Sociological Imagination of Hillary Clinton unmasked.   Obama provided the structural climate whereby the hoodwinkers told all, a massive release of proof about Hitler in South America, Kennedy killed by The Power Elite ~ The Warren Committers and Rockefeller Establishment, put to the tune of Muhammed Ali’s guilt-tripping over sex out of wedlock in support of the KKK.  Man, them British.  There may be no King.

      I repeat that their claim of jealous possession was a violent, impacted nerve trauma by a nerve agent created in criminal planning.  All those laws that Lennon violated were meant to normalize the give them what they want then and deserve mentality of Wm. F. Buckley.  

       You can tell a lot about what people are capable of by what they say.  You can also expect what they did before to work again.  When Miles Kirshner wrote, “there is no such thing as objective reality only what they jury believes,” it announces the power of Tupac’s killers to wear their horns proundly in his name:  Operation:  That Way We Can Say.   When you upstage the Black franchise at PITT they will say you aren’t special when subjecting you to Holocaust Simulation Plans in mutilation therapy for their only and true victims.   

      Yoko Ono crime team, which is NY Times media, ranted that the object lesson on Ultrahigh has no rights before the Lord Majestic of the AIDS Attack, to wear its inside out and that by REM even the attempt to hide (don’t say like Anne Frank) is detected and punished, and in vomitbag misery at 2 a.m. the quahthing regurgitated the scummy memory of being held in the cultural normality of brutal hostage to murderers dragging him to Behind the Green Door, Devil in Mrs. Jones, sneaking him in the backdoor of a theater where the management waited to let them in to Texas Chainsaw, Last House on the Left, promising that they will get their services rendered and PAID in full from the Liars Club of Neva Confederacy.

      My father Ryland disowned me on his deathbed.  I don’t see why I owe him a defense of his role in the CIA plan and Ringo Starr never cared that little Jimmy had a lovely smile before he was crushed.  He should stop yapping in media with the grins of Meghan Markle.