Tacoma Community College’s Una Voce came out today and I was excited about the Yemen article we all voted for getting into circulation so I can feel stronger about that issue which is so scary and sad, yet also so illustrative of the Obama failure.   Of course, I realize that what his faction did, the Israeli-British and American Corporation alliance that tortured me as a child, is create a wiped out liberal object lesson to say to Yemenis or others in parallel circumstances, yes that one is eloquent but you cannot respect this person they will only damage your cause.   It cannot be contended with in that domain. The photo in Una Voce has the look of someone who wants to be liked but isn’t. The spelling of my name was a gym teacher mispronunciation to connote disrespect, further evidence of the futility. I can’t really name the super-worker responsible since he is a one-man classified information vendetta indexing to Ringo and the brother of the man who administered the nerve agent that they call “acid” as in TACID, but his performance can arguably be presented as an illustration of the model communicating the poison crime description preferred by the administrators behind the AIDS attack.  Notice the devious similarity between the way they evade due process, announce a libel and refuse to admit the evidence they failed, but tried to destroy, much as Oliver North wormed his way around Congress and managed to get installationed as the leader of the National Rifle Association, underscoring the fact that John Rawls idea of the closest continuer doesn’t apply to liberals and never was meant to, it is meant to be interpreted as the closest ALLOWABLE continuer to legitimate liberalism, understood as being watched by an omnipotent Dealey Plaza. This also shows that the indexicalities between Iran-Contra and Michel Foucault’s negotiations with Iran do not merely index to (let’s do this and get back to fighting later style) the AIDS attack war game on Mt. Desert Island, but are authentically the same drug poison team, super-sensitive, they bellow, to rapid eye movement that may hide communism, a traitor’s heart, rape, anything but forcefed nerve agent and trace elements of near death trauma inflicted on a child by blindside assailants.    The Yemen article was not where we had voted and agreed to put it, but that was to be expected, the military prerogative of Ringo is illustrated by Fripp in his human contact adventures, let’s hear from them before we ignore them, myuh. This was model behavior of the authoritarians in the lead up to poison crime discipline, discipline, Fripp announced, tastefully on the heels of what they said was assassination. The curators of acid rock, privileged and regal, controllers of plastic reality, always interested in doing what has never been done before, and yet, in some ways, always so predictable.

         As the informed American looks for ways to criminalize the methods of expulsion of immigrants, the illegal qualifier in other words applying to deportation, illegalization of deportation methods being criminally normalized by those who routinely normalize crime is a challenge taking place in a landscape where unlimited resources for the 1% at the top is being described to Our Commonwealth as proof of profoundly limited resources requiring us to avert our eyes from subhuman acts like separating parents from children.   This tactical derision towards American thought and liberation spirit derives from a tragically lucid definition of American convenience. The perpetrators have been shown to be a black military alliance, including religious extremists, who fault not the methods of the Old Confederacy depicted in the Reagan loyalist’s film: Birth of a Nation, but the symbol it uses. Ah, say the Obamas, it’s not the rabid animal in mansflesh we hate that is wrong but the race of the sacrificial hate object. Make the slobberer white instead, then we’ll play honeychile.   You will notice the corner of my mouth is wrinkled where salivation problems occur, indexed to Salvation Army in James Center who put up a Gwynne Padres shirt for seduction to wear a man who died of salivary gland cancer. Hiring an If-Then role is called Agent Provocateur, it means like the yippies who started violence in D.C. during peace marches to prevent the success of the non-violent movement, it’s a false flag style fulfillment that would mean hiring some thug to masquerade as an immigrant, do terror and get a backlash going. Happy Trails for the acid heads in the Palisades.

        The idea of learning from going the wrong direction to see where it is leading was completely lost on those who announced support for the program that killed them in Seattle, claiming a siege loyalty to the Green Party liberation Liars Club.   The structural underpinning is either join us (meaning the killers) or join them (meaning the sick and dying) to prove yourself to the illegal command structure either way. They couldn’t credit someone indexed not to be credited until after death by Catholic Workers, Anonymous working with Gail Burstyn all along.   They claimed their war wounds made them immune to charges of being pink finks. Then they denied this by ripper homicide. The phony baloney by their Geffen extremists isn’t anything about AIDS having been a weapon, a fact that Zappa and Obama are forced to dance around but never name because of black confederacy as attaches of the crime on Mt. Desert Island, failure to warn, and manipulation to profiteer.   That exhibits why the Seattle Left is not really anti-Trump at all, they are play-acting it as a face-saving gesture.

        Sean Ono Lennon’s failure, indexed to the name of his father’s supposed nemesis SOL Marks, and coded for The Rising Sun, arrives from the facts he is forced to withhold to proclaim his stupid non-stand.   He participated with Greg Karl in “construction of a persona” and cannot find any way to represent himself as dutiful son that allows him to discuss cogently the fact that confusion isn’t hypocrisy, which would at least allow him to idealize the fiend he claims is spiritual godfather of the attackers in some warped holy way.   The notion of contrarian satisfaction they have advanced is specially designed as a strategic symbolic counter-attack against the United States by the former AXIS powers, in which contrarian views are absolutely restricted and must follow the prescription or be inadmissible, absolutely restrictive of all contrarian ideas, about the letter to Leslie Katz for example (grounded in reality rather than sick manufacture) announcing allowance of no resistance to the AIDS attackers and no alternative contrarianism.   The resistance allowed is clear evidence of pre-scripitivity and perfect as an example of the temperamental orthodoxy of millenialist student power, pouting at someone different.

      You don’t want to admit that Seattle Queers sided with the faction who started AIDS, it’s understandable, but you have to.  The fact that it was lesbians providing the rallying cry in feminist cheers for a macho saint who burned women gangrenous from MisterRogers’ lair to bring them back to reality means a lot more than Seattle can afford to admit, even to themselves.  Their homicidal hatred for the truth is telltale. I’m not preaching myself as super-bright, I am, after all, spending these beautiful early Summer days doing math, but if your standard of achievement is: MANIAC MANIAC, shop elsewhere. The indexes and the lingo all were in place to assign Sean Ono his bent.

       Meanwhile back at the sad facts, Zappa preached free speech while siding with child molesters and Reagan’s crackdown on the same.   Zappa’s Flag was said to be immortalized by burning to symbolize the oath of Sean Strub to die Green by manner of AIDS, and the Aum Shinrikyo Legion of Foucault bitterly announcing their verdict by method of logo-rapine called Medicine Man in tribute to the holocaust of Victor Frankl.   Super privileged eccentrics, a society of acid rock, hissed, no way man we are pure empathy, we are your muse. This was put right up front by the attackers as a cultural universal, the parochial snivel, the leer, and though it might contradict finer feelings about stigma, what is reality but a status climb?

          Burstyn, Fripp and Trump were together all along, invented a processing format for poison crime discipline.    The pigment/figment dialectic of McGarvey and Starkey were built in ideological regalism longing for finer days of yacht on a game board of Nazism clocked like Yahtzee to the number 63 for Mr. Re.   Anonymous, the signal name of the I and I said, “if you die you die” (u z, u z), adoption of a hoax, heh heh heh, the nature of plastic reality, pre-ordained. They said of 1963 that, “Not even Hitler,” was killed that way, while restructuring the fluxus refrain to shift the emphasis of the construction, connotations that rebound with mysticism, no one receiving, ah KNOW one, the Knowing one, not EVEN Hitler.  How the word Matters entered the lexicon does. It arrives by way of this alliance originating, one upon a time, at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

       The Right Wing Trolls have said, “Give me sodomy or give me death,” in school rape style of Peter Gabriel, but they vow you will never give us Upton Sinclair.   

       We still have to try.  So, I’m happy about the Yemen article.  It made sense to me.