Even with the conspiracy unmasked our society is helpless.  To hang the hoodwinkers would be the end of the society we know as ourselves.   The assassin strategy involving subculturalization (ie. emergence from unexpected places) of the horrible truth, beginning with the cottage industry in Dallas, transformed America as surely as the invention of anaesthesia transformed American medicine.   Our conscience has been put to death asking with a laugh why shouldn’t it be that way, do you think you are Jesus or something?   

    We know that towards the end of her life, Marilyn Monroe became very afraid, and Judy Garland was suffering abuses.   The Bank of Hollywood was secretly paying for other plans than their happiness.   Extremist, psychotic beneficiaries (of the assassination combine) harbor as a leading player of the insane criminal network of the actor system one most burning with duplicity and sadism, enjoying public trust, notorious Martin Sheen, who I had the opportunity to meet much to my misfortune.   One look at me and you see the echoes of the violence done to Marilyn, and the necrophiliac dacoits who raped her in the funeral parlor have nothing on Sheen’s main man in City of Pittsburgh, a so-called Catholic Worker named Vincent Eirene.   Sheen likes the system the AIDS attackers put into place because he relishes the mutilationism involved, it is especially keen to him to have a tabloid roster, illegally obtained and full of lies, by which to legislate cosmetic damage, stolen capacity for beauty and call his victim treasonous.   We shouldn’t search overlong for the reasons our sister Marilyn suffered terror, being such a lewd invitation for the cunning likes of these two Catholic ripper licky chops.   

     Which brings us rather directly into the lion’s den of the question:  how did they do this and why did they get away with broadcasting, advertising and bragging about not only release of the AIDS attack, but to make money by screen rights, in an institution, meaning Federal control system of (in)human trafficking, pursuant aggrandizement of the men who killed Dr. King and JFK?  It seems disturbing that we are voting for the criminals behind it, and there is a cogent ideological and political standpoint from which they operated, which was adopted.  They claim, through the office of Peter Gabriel that what they pulled, while criminal, was endorsed and inherently right.  They have a roster of issues they bring to the table and complication, demand for answers, powers to destroy evidence, loudly trumpet their hegemony.

       We don’t exactly really have News Media anymore.  We have a system of event orchestration where what the news will be is planned in advance to manipulate the poltergeists of cultural mentalities being cultivated.  Law Enforcement has abdicated to a martial intelligence cloister of magnates it would be disingenuous to call Illuminati because of how stupid they are, in favor of Cultural Enforcement of the most demented bent.   The Martial Law = Marital Law slipknot of their shoddy trick is meaningless beyond using trickery to exploit morality for a laugh; surely you don’t think a rotten pig like Mick Jagger, in his tickerbell tights tiptoeing the butterfly effect of face-stomping jackboots takes the ecclesiastics of the X-terminators seriously.   Making someone a slave with horrible libels played extremely well for these resourceful manipulators who turned up the volume control on African Issues like Apartheid to smother the AIDS attack in the winsome assurances of progress.   

       The widespread awareness that America is organized for exploitation is not constructively answered by the way Obama has fashioned a movement where violence is becoming the new cool.   The construction of a mask ridiculing civilization and teachers as agents of pacification is every bit as dangerous to our students as the white nationalist cults triggering gun attacks.  America’s divided self must be understood, not nurtured into secret applause for Jekyll and Hyde.