It used to be said that haters cannot endure public exposure and that when you turn on the light the cockroaches scatter; this certainly is true insofar as what British rock stars have done and are doing to me.   In other words, it is difficult to sustain openly the idea that dismemberment and early death are the blessings of Lennon, or that Roberto Clemente would sanction his name being evoked in the brutal rape of a mentally retarded minority deaf girl in his adopted hometown, there there is a blackout as Yoko Ono’s money changes hands.   Meanwhile, Reagan’s protecting little brats in Genesis continue playing a game of stupid-as-they-wanna-be calling me disloyal to a generation for not realizing they were allies of Nixon all along. We are, after all, talking about how the AIDS attackers got away. King Edward had lost what he took for some fine hams in Hiroshima and everyone was going to have to pay for it.   Aaron Dixon could relate.

     The tactic of his division, starring The Beatles, was to create a generation based on the solidarity of self-immolation.  The Pitman/Quarrymen told me, “you have to use inhalants,” while threatening me with murder, but that Thos. Albert gets excused because his brother bled from the mouth.   Although I was forced to commit a form of hostage suicide, Ringo says no, best of all he denies that those cheated by the confusion of the 60’s of their better judgement even have the right to change their minds.   Disloyalty to Lennon on this crucial point is their key concept for experimental escalation in derision towards American Civil Liberties. They actually hustled this instigation of child mutilation and adult ongoing torture abuse by claiming they were from Amnesty International.  Operating a shadow government they shot up the town on the basis of a double entendre between Attica State, which Lennon pleaded solidarity in during their riots, and attic estate, to which they laid claim by planting on the victim of Pitman/Quarrymen.

      Ringo and Gabriel have a strong affinity with and preference for extremely brutal and violent criminals.   In Department of Corrections study we learned exactly how the Texas Prisons have forged an alliance of necessity between troopers and gangs, what Tony Cervi, who administered the nerve agent in a deep pit past Coal Hollow called “caught between a rock and a hard place.”   Led by Mark Norderberg of Pitt they used me to demonstrate a doctrine they called, “the nature of reality,” which he announced in class to be triumph by successful prosecution of a false allegation, not even care that their victim is now dying.

      The New World Order laughed that the fucked the brains out of my fiance, one of my paybacks for 100% loyalty to King Crimson growing up.   Straighten me out, they say? The Honors Program is exactly where I was when they attacked me blindside as a child. Their anti-intellectual connivances stretch the chin-strokers alleging this the right to whoreship as they choose, while clucking that I shared brain cells with my killers and this made me friends, nevermind the public trust, the desperation of a juvenile gone deaf, the dependency relations inevitable in such a tragedy, I shared brain cells by trusting them, Thos. Gordon, Wilma Coon, as they shat on our school’s bylaws.   Just being mean? They were compensatory coding for the days of the Orum Speculum.