Last Rights

an editorial by Mac Crary

Sunday July 23, 2017



It's a little early for me preparedness-wise, but I was asked to write my current opinion, which means there's a reader, which doesn't mean there's a friendly reader, which in turn doesn't mean I should comply, but the deadliness in the air has returned and we have seen what foreign English will do before. Apology will not avail them.

Their pretenses are numerous and I have lived among their satraps and heard from them as they spoke with rapturous eyes and enthrallment concerning their treachery, which they call religiously and mysteriously by the wonderment of "The Work." For them it is a priceless piece of art, beyond materialism, a grave challenge to the civil authorities, but of which our civics dare not speak even in gestures, they prefer to applaud, many dazzled, few comprehend. When told, they find for the killers.

Dia, of the New York Voodoo Museum, by chanceful purpose of Rydal, PA, who called me to announce Lennon's grand illusion in the manner of an Ayn Rand mystery on Dec. 8, 1980, had a mother I came across on a peace march in D.C. shortly after also coming across Lew Karl, of the marry Lu-car-ellis. Dia's mother once said to me, shortly after the neurosurgeon who operated on her husband Karel laughed at him for what he said was now sounding loike a Bolshevik, that "in war only the art matters, not the people."

Despite their many admissions to being unconcerned and gratified by their own success in the AIDS attack, you might as well be talking to Gorgon's kids when discussing the Beatles with the victims. They enjoyed the bloodletting, seeing a child who was tortured screaming, being purred to by the women of Peter Gabriel that they would never have been so soft, that they were street wise, kings of remorselessness, worthy of being pedophiled by Ringo Starr and held forever in the debt of Tojo Shrine SS shrinks. If you hate them they will stick you with it.

Midori Goto, flanked by Muhammed Ali and Black Panthers, grimaced against the queerbait, held her nose, curled her lip, evoked Martin Sheen and Maximile Kolbe, while hissing that super-rejection play out in a tryst with child molesters at the prick of a needle, raping a child to protect children, how droll. This is what they want all of us to agree that the Hippy Movement came to. The British exist beyond disgrace. My condition is a proje"kc"tion of what they really are. They are using my condition to promote themselves because that is their war strategy. Nobody loves such a loser, so the women swim to their conquerors panting to be taken.

I realize that the Clubhouse in Pittsburgh deny that Obama was behind the AIDS attack, serving as Prince Charming of the drone never-never land he was offered for quisling status, and being at Mercy Behavioral, I can see why they would deny it, because Mercy and Seattle were both both purposefully Confederate in the high crime and outrage, but in my personal opinion an organization claiming to represent the mentally ill, whether those living with it, or recovering from it, should be punished if they advocate for Obama.

Obama depredated on an impacted neurological injury he knew was a vicious experiment. He lied about the evidence and wouldn't let up. He stripped me of rights and de-humanized me for being white, and then he called it a joke. I understand why the caged bird sings, and understand why the free bird cries, and know that mockery of white people can come from heartbreak, but I can, will and do draw the line at schaedenfreude, a character made infamous by concentration camp pictures of German guards cackling at the Jews they murdered. It can never be made becoming by theories like those of Cornell West and Neely Fuller.

CCAC in other words may as well not even bother trying to justify what the Proctors, and the Hutus of Kuntu Theater did in our library by Rosine Monteleone, who came purposefully to lie to me and humiliate me in an attack on a serious injury, believing, which is exactly what they do, that this is war and only the art matters.

The rabid were bulwarked by what the overly precious among them construed as the double bind of an illusion park. Their double fantasy was many times proven a deceptive partnership between the Beatles and those they alledge killed Lennon, infamously Dia, a plan you cannot escape, if you try they will stick you. Lying about this fact the people who did it are proud of themselves and deeply amused by rubbing it in the face of those who wouldn't dare question its legality for fear of what it really is coming to light. Again, we can only thank Obama.

The rabid Sir Paul McCartney brays of rescuing me through his windbag Penis Sinfield. This is clearly another foreign English treachery. In Yojimbo the protagonist, too weak to fight two klans, stages attacks to get them fighting each other, until they are weak enough for him to stand alone. The tenement fire, unfortunately for the Crown's Opium and chattel slavery campaign, in Honolulu, was too clumsy to past muster as revenge for Grenfell. It obviously is a case of Yojimbo trying to save a manchild from himself. On Mt. Desert Island, defending Will Zell, Don Denis brayed at me, for rabid Pener Gabriel, when giving me scabies, "you want responsibility....I pour it on you steaming, I hope it's enough." It's never enough for the Reichstag pyros.

AIDS is not manmade they say, then how can I be to blame for it? More suspiciously, why are they teamed with those who did it? Why did they claim virginity was proof of rape to rape another innocent deaf person they blamed who also knew nothing about it? Because people are weird? From Stockholm syndrome, semi-comatonic, to bulbar syndrome, the joke's on you, speak, memory, and you will die laughing.

After I hitchhiked from Pittsburgh to St. Louis just to hear the coward Fripp play his mean and nasty guitar in a period of soothsay from his lackey-ness, when I had just finished high school, I did repeatedly make statements to the effect that I had been tortured and was being victimized by a slanderous whisper campaign. It had no effect. Instead, it had a counter-effect. CMU was one of the schools wired up for the journeyman committee of Schwarzenegger's invasion into Arnoldburgh. They had Brian Milnes taping the m-illnes-s of a child rustled by career pornographers. The NAACPers supported hired slanderers from Oliver Stone, including Andrea Swimmer and Ming Na Wen, sneering that the incident at Kelly School wasn't special enough to lead them question their alliance with the KKK.

The murderers had a big trump, their refusal to keep private the frightful details of mauling by ripper pedophiles. They demanded it be told and there is a glut on the market selling tears for the sadists, particularly among Gorgon's kids in Queer Seattle. As I face the nightly and daily suffocation of being castrated for reporting kidnapping, my school, protecting hospital criminals in a society of brutality, tests and deadly friends with no integrity, actually expected me to take leadership, and prance around disdain as the dickless wiz kid, in the Honors Program of a school with no Honor, snickering Robert Fripp is your best friend.

Lie after cowardly, cowardly, cowardly lie.

A man marked DD (do or die).