The Interview

      This Interview was conducted by myself at the request of John Pesa who told me that he felt I understood the questions involved in this situation better than he did (at the time he made the request in response to answers I gave him to questions he had asked me).   I sincerely believe that Mr. Pesa understands the situation more than nearly anyone else I have talked to.  I have tremendous respect for him, and his time-consuming labors trying to make information available to concerned readers.  We live in a country in terrible shape as far as mainstream access for important information and also as far as reading habits are concerned.  I can do absolutely nothing to remedy the despair a reader may feel being faced with divulgences that are hard for them to accept knowing that these letters have no power to change anything.

Interview:  You are considered a notorious paranoid schizophrenic by many people in positions of Authority for writing and publishing that AIDS was an attack, an allegation you made when it first appeared and you were a Medical Library clerk, which was also addressed by Martha Gellhorn in a private letter to you in 1991.  Are you a paranoid schizophrenic?

Mac:  I'd like to sidestep that question because there are too many missing factors in the way you formulated this.  AIDS was an attack and I can prove it very easily having risked my life and suffered severe injury, much of it permanent and internal, in frightening down and dirty research and investigation.  The perpetrators are at large and being given cover fire by The New York Times, a primary player in the atrocity, authors of a generation of fake news to cover for it, but AIDS, as an attack, isn't the only issue.  In addition to AIDS they created a firestorm of cover operations to give the appearance of staging revenge attacks on behalf of the victims, a shrewd and ugly bit of trickery, acceptance of which Seattle's Green Party is to blame, a Veteran's Administration political network uploaded in tandem with the attack.  Further, the assassins were an organized crime cartel within the Federal system who shot JFK and King.  They did not shoot Lennon and Reagan.  That was Fake News.

Interview:  Martha Gellhorn, who saw the liberation of Dachau and covered war for fifty years as a journalist who lived on the field of battle as a very charmed life, said, among other things, "you can't mean that."  Yet you obviously do.  Why in the world would anyone do this?

Mac:  When Hitler's troops took naked people, shot them, and pushed them half-dead into a pit of worms then bulldozed dirt over them, he gave birth to a generation of Jews, just as gleamy eyed as he was, who have deeply contemplated God beyond horror.  During the Red Scare, from Reagan's Hollywood, these individuals joined up with reconstituted fascism behind the scenes of the American Empire, gained control of powerful newspapers and museums, shot American liberalism to hell by hails of public gunfire, and wrote a disturbing script that is now the screenplay of our reality.  That fact is hard enough to accept without trying to answer why.

Interview:  How could they get away with this in broad daylight?

Mac:  They did it with the British.  The British made a copyright claim that privatized classified information, swiveling in to secure the right to broadcast fraudulent information for profit on behalf of the assassins, an act as loathsome as the pharmaceutical companies who were primed and ready to make lots of cash on various experimental treatments.  Through this trickery the British gave our Fourth Estate their excuse to be silent, as well as evil, about the whole thing, while letting the Invisible Empire, a planet-wide highly mobile squad of trillionaires, clean us out while pretending our silliness about courts and fair play held water.

Interview:  Where is this script and material evidence?

Mac:  I have made what I could preserve of it while under attack, which is the necessary and sufficient material, available online in places like Very few people are psychologically prepared to allow themselves to comprehend what is obvious from the letters.  For law-abiding people to fear Authority that much is mind slavery, and this thinking impediment is very widespread and very real.

Interview:  Why didn't the American Civil Rights Movement old guard speak out?

Mac:  Black people, once slaves, were offered, among other things, the post of Imperial Wizard in return for their silence.  One of the sickening jests of this Gangster Federal is that torture became commonplace and acceptable in the USA under the big trophy of the Movement:  the era of Obama.  Blacks gleefully enriched themselves, making all sorts of self-righteous claims, tolerating and acting spitefully about a truly gloomy atrocity.  The black community coddled the assassins, and one of the reasons is that the pimping cartels of pornography were in the Army of the attacker group, they have hookers, and spoils, not all of them are garbage bag girls.  They have trophy horse spoils.  Women are weapons these days.

Interview:  I understand that attempts you made to get help severely backfired.

Mac:  Tactically, the success of Yoko Ono, whose corporate partners wrote the script, Elizabeth Taylor, who worked with Reagan and Elton John bringing Seattle Queers into line, and Nancy Reagan, who had all these creepy alliances like Robert Fripp and George Takei gunning for the blackout, slandered me with a terrifying and immense squall whipped up by a little gang of sickos and sadists in Pittsburgh operating out of WQED-TV and Carnegie Mellon.  It was a School Lynch Program.  They set on my name so effectively and intimately as far as invasion of privacy that Obama left a sticker at my former place of employment reading:  The Joke's on You.  Not a very responsible attitude about mass murder.

Interview:  There are stories within stories.

Mac:  That's right.  Britain and Israel came up with a real dance macabre.  They used me for an injection threat sacrifice in narrative extrusion.   For example, They impacted a neuroplastic head trauma and then claimed that the seizures they induced were REM evidence of withholding incriminating information, for which they poisoned me in the heart and stomach, raped my deaf advocate, slashered a woman and so on.  No contradiction was effective.  If I pointed out that Police ruffians showed me a picture of Ronnie Z. when arresting me on a Trumped up armed robbery charge, they claimed it was me in the picture, and when I gave this testimony, my tormentors responded, well if you didn't commit armed robbery tell us something you did do.  If I told them I had hidden in the top shelf of our towel closet in shattering play dead terror as a pre-pubescent child behind subject to near lethal beatings and kidnapping torture of the chloroform genre.  In answer they lisp that I blinked.

Interview:   Where were the Police?

Mac:  The Queers worked it out with Police through the V.A. and Green Party to claim that I was framing Authority and that I should be held to AIDS injection as a hemlock for philosophical proof that I am not lying.  I don't understand why the school system in Pittsburgh allowed for this to be done, which is was done very openly.  Crooked money like Yoko Ono seems to hold them in such thrall they'd do anything for it. To underscore this process, the U.S. Government had Shannon Harps ripper murdered outside the clubhouse where I was promised asylum, an empty promise, as all such promises are when made by American Authority.

Interview:  John Pesa believes deeply in democratic processes.

Mac:  I live by them, but not with the same faith he does.  I live by them because I like the fact that the First Amendment trumps the Second Amendment.  I'm an unarmed, non-violent man to the very limit of my power.