Two Virgins

      This site is mostly visual information, found in the chapters named Crimopolis, Raw Materials, and other galleries of the show Hollywood put on with Axis Cinema for control of the AIDS attack. It is meant as an elementary research tool for those who have the courage to understand the AIDS attack. There is also a script planted on my house when I was battered into a semi-coma, with a neuroplastic head injury authorities inflicted to make me pliable and to give me appearance that would be used to discredit me, while they lied about what they had done and misrepresented the injury, largely for media production purposes.  The AIDS criminals are in the process of securing cinema rights by holding me hostage to a persona as identity crime, by which they orchestrated home invasion.

      New York City media worked in a home invasion operation with members of Pittsburgh gangs who tortured me into terrible condition who have Seattle back-up, being promised spoils by a script written by Lennon's associates who then faked his own death.  I don't believe the diagnosis of schizophrenia given by the authorities who tortured me.  This crime by the US Government has gone on many years.  It reached a frenzy during the lead up to 911 when the Obama/Clinton government were working with Midori Goto on this revenge plan.  The material evidence in this site shows that this was a long planned semiotic meant for total war victory.

        Two Virgins Pussyball was clocked to the AIDS attack.  It was a military entertainment package by the AIDS attackers rigged by the British and Geffen Corporation in which I play the role of sacrificial victim to amuse Queer Seattle.  The idea originated with Lennon who has an album called Two Virgins.  It was a Shinto War Game to avenge the victory by America in World War Two on behalf of the fascists.  Lennon forced drugs onto the peace movement to make us into lemmings to slam into the AIDS attack wall and then accept his spiritual leadership, an alliance of Colin Powell (of the My Lai Massacre) with King Crimson at the Dakota, for whom this museum mafia have murdered as shown in this report.

         I don't believe that schizophrenia can explain this huge government sponsored human trafficking organization.  Nor is there any reason for the horrible violence and depraved, inhuman sadism exhibited towards me by Yoko Ono.  Instead, I symbolized America's Victory at Sea, and so they used me, a little boy from the fleet who used the atom bomb called "Little Boy" for the dirty war AIDS attack code named "Little Girl".

        Police, the Bar Association and a child molester syndicate owned by The Beatles brutally impacted a coma into which I was held in terror and semi-conscious while forcing me through this terror and hostage to conform to minimal delinquencies in return for my life.  My closest family forbid me to call the police or seek help even when a neighbor found me in the snow by following a trail of blood that led to me holding a gaping wound in my mouth, in my pajamas, that caused him to take me to the hospital where I received fourteen stitches.

        The murderers, conceptualizing themselves as a secret union continue to advocate for the child molester who inflicted the wound.   Additional material evidence and digest can be sought by contacting me, Mac Crary at or by writing to me at home:  3 St. Johns Place. #1, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.