What This Preliminary Research Tool is About

      When AIDS started the FEMA lobby had me strategically positioned to see the early returns as a Medical Library Clerk. Fundamentalism started raging and my father, a humanist, was put on trial, after his death, by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as a Red Witch in a caustic interview they arranged with me. Then, the murderers in the Administration lured me to Mt. Desert island, stalking me with the violence of child traffickers who tortured me as a child, while spreading rumors about me among teenagers and young adults close to my age. The result of this was that the monsters at Amnesty International in whom I had confided and put trust set me up with an agent Rosa Monteleone so she could tamper with the neuroplasm they had impacted and detonate it to humiliate me. Then, after she eloped to them, they brutally attacked and raped my deaf advocate and had me chemically castrated. It speaks to the felonious and deranged mind of Clinton.

      Mt. Desert Island was a long pre-meditated AIDS testing war game launched by Reagan's Hollywood with the help of Neva Corporation, Japan's pornography giant.

      Basically the British just smothered it in skinflicks. It has variously been known as Lesliegate, Sogate and infidelgate.

     Leslie was their first hired complainer. She was still a virgin after we broke up, which was the neuro-neurotic narrative they planned and wanted.

      Yoko Ono had me viciously and repeatedly poisoned in a masquerade about John Lennon's death about which she is a partner of the AIDS assassins.

      All this is very easily proven and most basic information about the attack.

     The University and their British allies did this to me to demonstrate why they felt that AIDS was justified and necessary. They did not give me AIDS, but that fact has allowed them to poison me in the heart, rape my advocate, slasher a bystander, torture me, poison me in the stomach and ruthlessly castrate me for investigating too productively when earmarked as a scapegoat.