Operation Induce Acceptance (Medicine Man)

     The truth about the AIDS attack was not even really kept very secret, but the victims were misled and betrayed effectively enough that the flashing strobe lights of blackout came from within our communities themselves:  whenever it came up, people would look, bat their eyelashes and say quietly, "better put that away."  I will provide in this website a repository of material evidence as well as suitable digest and links to tomes in which some work is afforded that can explain to the interested how the AIDS attack came to pass and how the Middle East war was started to aggravate global warming as a scorched earth ultimatum from the British.  One thing is very clear about the AIDS attack, it is extremely disturbing reading, written as tales within tales by the mysterians abroad, making it both fascinating and at turns incomprehensible.  The trick was that the fashion elite, British prog rockers who went from feigned opposition to Nixon into deep and gainful partnership with Reagan, pretended they were supportive, making soothing noises, that they represented resistance, to sell to the youth, while forging through this masquerade a terrible No Exit deal.

       My goal in this introductory writing is to capture the situation that now existed on Sunday, October 23, 2016, wherever that may be with respect to you, from my vantage point in Pittsburgh where I am a victim of a terrifying thrill kill operation that unmans the State of Pennsylvania andproves the Manson style of the United States Government.   The government here knew of the evidenceproving AIDS manmade in 1984 when they doctored the situation to make it appear thatthose who authored the text of the mission were discoverers of the script charged with making it a dream into reality.  They put my name James MacRyland Crary, which was assigned to me even before I was birthed for the mission in a strange gesture of planned parenthood by a family of military background, to make me into the object lesson for fixation in their cause, a savage anomaly, awar toy, yoked to the slaughterhouse.  Help never came.

         There are so many byways where the confederacy of the Old South with new African America disciples led by theBeatles and Geffen Corporation are concerned.  In fact, Pentagon Disney was chosen in collusion with China and Lucas Films precisely because it is so enchanting even in atrocity it cannot help but be exciting to the new generation of children.  Black America cleverly waited for a new generation to whom the case would be already finalized as a fait accompli and where personal preferences could easily be manipulated and recruited from among people with no experience in the times where this happened, nor in the nature of the cowardly backstab by the British.  From there, predator wolfpacks would be easily found, all gearheaded with thetapestries of arcana from the Beatles, who were once known as the Quarry men, a singular fact, since my last name was historically Quarry, as they circled me from the pit of Pitt with Pitmen who tortured and gassed me, leering that Lennon would have loved them, since they were bad boys like him.

        The essence of the crime is in thepotentialities of the work of British Museum with NASA.  Peter Gabriel historically put me anonymously on a song called, "That Voice Again," to render their war crime an open secret, sneering that they could sell thatit was just desserts for my personal behavioral after they used knock out gas, in a chloroform genre mission of child molester pornography with the help of Pittsburgh Police Department and the NAACP.  Again, we hit the wall of multiplicity in their stupendous rendering of the many faces of Hitler, droll with the cooperation of Lennon'sname.  There is simply no suitable starting point in a kaleidoscope of trivial pursuits, all with one message:  You all love it, don't you?

       Nevertheless an attempt here will be made to express the inexpressible.  The purpose isn'tthe same as theU.S. Government.  My goal is to warn you, make you aware of and help you define the fact that enemies in our midst have subjected our nation and heritage to a ripper attack from the back.  What I have found and evidence for which is my possession, is a White House war game by the Kennedy assassins in occupation.  This war game is equipped with a cloaking device that allows them to counter-attack from above suspicion:  for who will name the guilty when it is a Federal offense policed by slasher murder?

       While the British get rich scheme is the easiest facet to prove, itself a diversion hiding their refusal to warn, and the easiest to comprehend, it has been my experience that the goal of the British is to limit review precisely because they have so many hidden hands. 

Added: 8.18.19 Louise Bourgeois - confirms to Frankl Theory item: NWAsianWeekly assassination of Saoirse Kennedy.