Manipulation by Foreign English Attorney

The aggressor in this horrible case chided my blog title:  Story Checks Out as "protesting too much and thus exhibiting lies."  I translated their sentiment into a pitch to avoid a longer mess of summary and attribution.  I doubt they would deny it, the central issue, despite many mangy slitherings.

In answer to this:  Peter J. Sinfield and Amanda Harcourt lied ferociously and invented a media fiction that they rammed into profound impacted neuroplastic head trauma.  The idea that one can protest murder and assassination, the rape of children, the torture of a witness to force them to commit apostasy against their belief in human dignity, too much is too much and profoundly English in gyration.

The rabid insisted on the right to lionize poison crime through the spread of drug culture music and then authored a twisted backlash.  If the protests seem incontinent, it is because of the level of trauma they are toying with.