Holocaust, Illustrated

     At Tacoma Community College we were recently shown a film about North Korea in which the reporters visiting asked a typical family if their Dear Leader could do anything wrong?  They seemed to not understand the question and it was said that there seemed to be no place in their language for reckoning with such a concept.   We live in the digital age when many new things are happening that we never knew were possible before and have had to take cognizance of new types of crime.  New type in fact was the Japanese term for atom bombs at first assessment.   Many authorities are intelligent, learned and well-meaning people.   Accordingly, when they are unable to grasp what I say in exhibiting the nerve injury in my face from a military agent that gravely wounded my life as a child, they seem to have difficulty hearing when clearly spoken to, and there is this blank look, a sort of comprehension problem when the words manage to penetrate.   This serves ironically and appropriately for an emblem about the fact that I also asked to be excused from a request that I take Honors Leadership at my old school in Pittsburgh and matriculated to TCC where I enrolled in a Diversity Seminar series trying to find the words to explain to my old school why I left.  At the session today all the specific areas of critique I feel are needed came up again and I was faced again with the same old problem as before.  I don’t know how to explain something both self-evident and incomprehensible to someone else.

      Whether you take Ptolemy’s attempts to allow for an earth-centered universe and the Ptolemaic attempts to explain discrepancies revised entirely by the Copernican Revolution or something like The Berlin Wall as a comparison, you have the same idea, that something is barring comprehension and a revision is needed to address it.  One thing I am sure of, and I know the causes, is that Black leadership has positioned themselves to make critique of what they have done inadmissible, the first words of my experience are met like terrible schreeching of chalk upon the blackboard and this is understandable in the sense that they were faced with very special expectations in an inescapable situation and offered all the answers, which they understood perfectly well, in return they ignored that it was prescribed, that it was a set-up, and their answer to this quandary has been to say that unless you were in their shoes you will never understand.  As a result of being faced with the partnership of Arthur Ashe and Victor Frankl in Pittsburgh I bowed out and here it comes again in Tacoma.

       I worked at a Medical Library in 1984.  I am absolutely certain of my research.  I also corresponded with Martha Gellhorn, a famous reporter who has been faulted for refusal to allow for under concern about Palestinian rights any review of Israeli behavior.   She witnessed the liberation of Dachau and would not allow appeal when it came to Jews, for her they could do as they pleased.  In America, there is for some an idea of what they call a historic Black-Jewish Alliance, and this sounds very romantic, support for civil rights advances and recognition of minorities, what gets left out, which is equally real, is that they beat up Puerto Ricans together in the days of Mayor LaGuardia and the Harlem Riots, where quite rightly custom asks us to see them as victims, which frequently they were.   Does that excuse the belligerent aspects?   Not for everyone.  Further nothing can possibly excuse what the Reagan Administration did.

      In other words in order to represent the historic research that I conducted after resigning as a Medical Library Clerk to see what Reagan was really doing from below, I have to expose the manner in which holocaust survivors thought through the grave complexities of the condition that was being planned to wound the human spirit which was written down by them in a script that came as a Reagan plan.   Authority is what authority is.  I returned to school in the first place, and made Honors, because no one would listen to me as a homeless victim of violent crime.  When I review Arthur Ashe I am perfectly aware that he was civilized about his inescapable condition, but ironically it is exactly at my information that magnanimity is jettisoned.  I am also told that if I don’t have AIDS I will never understand and the answer to the idea of being a white manchild who was crippled in the attack is their final solution to the dispute, if you want to be heard they say, then die.  Many people at my old school have conceded that weird punishment is in evidence depicted as special and ruthless hazing for a cause, but they refused to address the evidence that the punishment is really for talking out loud and early in attempts to warn that the teachers are behind the plague, and that the hazing is a disguise open to much more severe analysis.

     Seattle Community College banned me.  Community College of Allegheny County admitted their concern about what happened, noting with sorrow my long disappearance into homelessness about which they heard scary things.   I came to Tacoma Community College because I felt that CCAC was, in offering me a course in Honors Leadership, actually asking me to forfeit in return for honors.  Obviously I cannot do that.  Whether the NAACP like it or not, I understand what happened.

Epic Poem

     Everybody, I mean ... everybody ... knows that I was suspiciously framed; so, this poem isn't about that; instead this is about how everyone also went about conning themselves into believing it was still safe to assume that those who were doing the frame up were not the original perpetrators of the offense that everyone knows I was being accused of and this accusation took the form of admitting about me the fact of my having known nothing about it.  The frame up, in other words, took the form of saying that the Secret Service had the right to frame me suspiciously for absurd crimes as a way of punishing me for knowing nothing about what they were punishing me for, saying only that I could have known, known what?  Never allowing those who watched to admit they may have been the authors of what I knew nothing about.  The murderers, in other words, have jurisdiction.  To weasel out of this, they claim it was all a joke, or better that they were just humoring Adolf Hitler by allowing him to have his way, therefore they are not to blame, only I am, who knew nothing about it, and the message is:  we are all Adolf Hitler.   It is about what I consider any honest person would admit was a very unsafe assumption.  I will mention that you have all made this very unsafe, scary and sad mistake because of how high the stakes are.  You would rather bet all and be wrong and lose everything that way than take a chance on addressing the obviously very serious problem in how this works.

       Due to a foible in my squarespace blog this is mis-dated May 2, 2017.  The actual date is August 1, 2017