The Diamond Black's Reign

     While we are waiting for Donald Trump to make an eccentric shambles of everything, I want to pursue with you the now trivial truth that AIDS was a complicated attack enjoying the mercenary hucksterism of Black food fight Christians in a sordid but heavily guarded union alliance.

      To begin to explain it is helpful to know about the film El Norte. A poor but talented man has an opportunity to escape grinding poverty on the strength of his talents. The audience is left heartbro/ken when he decides he can't leave his family. The film ends with him in hard labor on a farm gang.

      The idea of a black diamond on high was conceived by Reagan and the South African regime during the struggle against apartheid during which time very notably SO(/?) by Peter Gabriel was published, a moment in time that would have been public warning, timely public warning about AIDS, if I had been fully informed. Instead Gabriel worked with South Africa on a plan tracing to King Edward VII and Tom Rodd, through a "Billy Club" in Highland Park.

      Jimmy Creary was labeled Coded Symbolic Compensation.

       South Africa got mean about the US support for the ANC. They knew that Blacks are hostile and suspicious. They are practiced at incitement. One of their agents said to me, "If you try to help Blacks they will only turn on you."  Like a shark he had a wormtongue pressed snickering to Dr. Proctor's ear at WQED in those days. They reasoned that the U.S. should pay the price for inciting their Blacks in Africa with a revenge attack inciting Blacks on white liberals. So, as the "Mt. Beatty" mis-spell in the Post Gazette shows, they created the pussyball war game that gave various ministers a platform of Black grudge and high ground seething with accomplice in the AIDS attack.

      Obama put a sticker, "The joke's on you," outside the school library. What did he mean?

       I found a ghoulish batch of letters from a murderer working with Pittsburgh Police and PITT's Nam coalition, code named Burst-IN, who used me as a voodoo doll in the King Crimson Krugerand coalition that waged AIDS as African Art including 911 in the siege from MIdori Goto. This sickening script still being kept so-called secret, despite many copies being circulated online was prized by the vomitbag fascists like Ringo Starr whose attorney Amanda Harcourt even wrote to me, in the punk thrill kill society of the South African 1%. Obama was their Diamond Black, the El Norte hustler who said, "fuck the family, I'm'a git me some of the git'n's." Beat Kitano made the film: BROTHER in his honor.

       This script, how would you like to find it? It is about a gang watching from childhood an individual struggling to live, actually watching the clocks over an evil, calculated time span, while murdering others on the sidelines to make clear they don't play, targeting my career, making me deaf, humiliating me in the marriage bed, with a scripted plan to kill me dead at the appointed hour. Oah, well.

       Yinzer mania from Maniac 1% at Carnegie Mellon who subjected me to mutilationism in broad daylight without so much as a whimper in my defense.

      Behind this is the perfect alibi of the perfect crime. The assassin himself, from Hollywood island, hidden hand, claims the script is invisible power of the rightful owner of the USA ~ Great Britain, and that I failed to save his life, cackling in the museum mafia with his Tojo Bride.

       What better way to play God than to stage your own death?