Without including the issue of John Lennon, it is a lot easier to see what is going on and what all went on with respect to the letters of Gail Burstyn.    It was 1/5th of the span I have lived back from my birth to the ovens of Treblinka and Birkenau which were to Auschwitz what Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones are to the Beatles in terms of notoriety.   There is always light in the sky. We only know darkness because our little world turns. That darkness seems vast at night as though a hole has opened into the greatest darkness of all. Somewhere in that nearly never ending light before my birth the Germans took a match to all we dream is real about our pride and dignity.  Some of their arguments were clever enough to survive the Fall of Berlin, just as they were heard before the Third Reich by chin-stroking humbugs. To beware tears of hate is something we should have known to do. The epoch of Axis America we have entered was signified at the door of the Dallas Police Department when Oswald’s transport came in 1963 by a strange Japanese man standing quietly under the Nuclear Bunker sign over the garage door.  The arsenal has changed hands. Once we were against them and now they are our friends, even our controllers. It was already an established fact that America would sit by and let the Axis do its thing if they left us alone. They paid. Yoko Ono’s targeting of me was absolutely symbolic necessity for this turning of the guard. As her agency said, not personal. John Lennon’s celluloid death in other words is being used by those who started AIDS to pull of the most amazing genie of military amazement absolutely imaginable, they have the stupid queers cheering their own assassins.   What could be more astonishing? But again the entire case only makes sense when you do not include John Lennon.

        Narrative is compelled about the present day for whom the printing of those papers from 1974 in 1994 seems from an age more distant than Auschwitz seemed to me at the time of my birth in a Jewish Holocaust Survivor Community (because it was), a birth plot observed by the Black man Nathan at a place called the Ruskin where I was given the book by John Ruskin, “King of the Golden River,” about a Cinderella white boy; long ago, and yet the rabid rent the paydirt gnashing for prattle about a battered child as scavengers in the pot of goo.   Moonunit Zappa ‘nd Thos.. Gordon both have the same Secret Service plan in their accomplice with Gail Burstyn, they scheme of an offensive that can strike a match to concern about their collaboration with the guilty. To this end Hollywood, as a mentalplex of profiling and antagonistic behavior by the shock troops hired in Pittsburgh, depredated a movie shoot of the page they planned to get from the neuro-plasm they subjected to toxic hypnosis by vagina monologue of their Hillary agent Leslie Katz. You can see how ravenous the killers are by the company they keep.

       The Broadway Musical of HAIR wrote the alibi for Mt. Desert Island.  The plan was foolproof, and also signified, like Ruskin, by lettering on the pages.   From Love Field, when they killed JFK, they uploaded your favorite killers, who purposefully excluded the USA from tribute to having won the war, after we were forced to play second fiddle at Nuremberg, for the revenge of Liverpool’s Oswald Mosley, under King Teddy.  This much is proven. It led into the arms of Sinfield, from Love Field, to Sinfield. The criminals enthralled Seattle cranks by promoting sex as glorious with HAIR, but they then moved to deride sex as sin with the AIDS attack and a game they played on Mt. Desert Island.   Accordingly, we look at their plan from how they incited sexual freedom and then wrote a highjinx to sabotage it into a slave pen for the AIDS psychopathy. This is easier to see when you remove the Lennon issue that was the selling point of the foreign English in covering for the script writers.  People have spread the most evil slanders about me ever imagined by any hate criminal and no one ever stood up for me. Alternative Conflict Resolution, or Warhol Museum, at CMU, for whom custody of child pornography was more important than identifying the AIDS attackers, is a euphemism for pre-planned conflict management by entertainment war games.   Hidden Pun of Penis Gabriel Company sent me an obscure note reading, “Have grown web feet,” while they were setting up the play within the deep web for revolutionary planning from the Imperial Empire.

      There are a lot of puzzle paragraphs in my writing, but snooping UW scholars know where this is leading because of their profilers.   No one likes to be wrongly accused yet they have stridently packaged the whole Durrenmatt, witch’s trap, production justifying execution of an innocent as a symbol, which of course brings us to Iowa Mollie, recently killed by a Latino her father protests must not become a tool for incitement of hate, which is very noble, unless of course there is a combat society at work behind it, which doesn’t mean a Latino one.  It takes many wings to fly the two-tongued ship of Sinfield, but they all have something in common: what they are doing makes perfect sense when you remove the Lennon issue, when you put Lennon back in they all stop making sense. How brilliant. With a stretch of the imagination you could almost call it Hollywood magic. Even Serpico is on record as validating the shooting of an innocence individual in the face by the men who shot him in the face in return for some Hollywood sales of his name by De De Allen, ½ the name in the King murder documents about the facials in question.  De De Mancine, the name in the script, is an allusion to Manson Cinema, which in turn is the story of the birth in the womb of Roe vs. Wade.

          Despite the Catholic overtones, AIDS was pyromania, and the gasohol poured on the flames by the Warhols meant war in careful stages of revelation.   I’m awful sorry that Chinatown has taken me remiss lately, but living in an episode of the horrible film Deliverance doesn’t really suit me and I am, after all, dealing with the criminally insane.   Let’s assume for a minute that John Lennon’s idea was to masquerade as a spiritual mentor to AIDS victims as a secret Houdini escape by fake news, like the Paul is Dead dry run so many people have forgotten or didn’t know about.  The idea is ironed out in the text found in George Romero’s backyard secret papers, a man who worked with Alfred Hitchcock (AH) on the film North by Northwest. Then the whole crime makes sense again, so maybe we should just leave out the notion that Lennon was a pyromaniac selling the idea that the whole was greater than the sum of it parts for people unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS but deeply aggrieved that Hero didn’t meet Archimedes and thus the industrial revolution was set back until after the population explosion.  People we might be invited to call Penny Historians.

        The gig is really very resourceful.  Asshole morons like Real Change Newspaper out of pure spite have broadcast themselves as enemies of the human race.   In South America a Leftist once snarled that he didn’t care there were poor people but he seethed with hatred at the fact that there were rich.   Likewise the British advance the idea that the people having AIDS doesn’t matter, what matters is that some of us got away, that’s too lucky. Hate criminals from Beatlemania call themselves anti-hate criminals; the fascists call themselves Antifa, and all this was accomplished by loyalty to Yoko Ono, who agrees with the presentation by JFK’s killers that Hiroshima was a war crime and the criminal being executed, one of the presents to her from King Teddy that made her wet.  By removing from text that AIDS was an attack they aligned the victims with their killers, and this makes perfect sense when you leave out the Lennon issue, only when you have added the Lennon issue does it miraculously stop making sense.

        This is how Diamonda Galas is managed by stage production.  She stands before the World Trade Centers with an open stiletto, and by bringing them crashing down for the gang also named Dia who called me on Dec. 8, 1980, the Japanese anniversary of Pearl Harbor, they announce that by standing in the name of the victims with those who attacked us by AIDS therefore United We Stand.  Ono had the gall to invert FDR’s injunction: There’s nothing to fear but fear itself, by singing, “Don’t be afraid to be afraid.” Hahahaha.

       When a real colossus of fraud in in play the evil stupids of Seattle have gotten away with saying well, we feel that the revolution is on.  The revolution? What exactly does this mean in this campus game of: who’s your favorite killer?

        I took a class with a Latino socialist at a college designed as Military Friendly, a sort of Latter Day Saints school canonizing the Troopers at Kent State, after being banned by Seattle Community College for being a rat towards Ronald Reagan.   In what appeared to be conscious irony he dubbed himself Avello-Castro, shortly before the death of Castro’s son in an apparent prison suicide. Of course, if Lennon and Karl were working together the impingement on the persona would be very personal, a way of saying, see the queerbait is too afraid to testify that means it is hiding something, proceed to interrogate, and by way of further impingement, designating the son as deficient.

       The Green Party has sway in UW circles, Aaron Dixon is a guerilla saint in Seattle, Rosa Clemente attacked our school in Pittsburgh, the Union covered for them both, going so far as to work with the Postal Union on the innocent slay of Shannon Harps.  Was Iowa Mollie more of the same? At the execution in Seattle they used the meat weapon signifier: ABULAFIA, for Abu Mumia (Death Row) La, (my sister’s indexicality), Fia, (niece Molly).

        The problem with conscious irony is that it is a mask for Hidden Pun.   If you think about it, when a friend comes to you with critical information about murder of another friend and a war crime, showing that a ravenous fraud is occuring around virginity, you would, tongue in cheek, say in conscious irony, oh, yeah, sure, we should castrate him over that, right!  Yet the rabid did exactly that. This from the hoodwinkers who once sang that “Gaudy plumage is the birth right of the male sex.” The point is that it is wrong to accuse an innocent person of something they didn’t do. I’m sure our Honors Director Ramos wouldn’t allow it in the newspaper.

       So why are they doing it?   It certainly is not as if anyone from UW is speaking out against King Crimson’s partnership with Gail Carolyn Burstyn in a Hollywood war game for thought control.

       Puzzle paragraphs cannot be right, that would be cheating.  The game is clear, anyone who questions has schizophrenia. Just as Kyra Schon, George Romero’s daughter, enjoying across the race line her district princess position in Pittsburgh, Alison Krause was a figure of the area who came up at peace rallies.   Although it is like the Aleister Crowley sect to use morphemes as signifiers, we don’t call Akrim Midani a Crimson Midori in a pussyball war game of primal screams, even when finding his signature on Ionesco plays at Caliban Books, because, well, it doesn’t really matter that Dalip Sociology entrapped the white deaf suck in a Salk Labor eugenic exchange, what matters is that we mustn’t give minority advancement a bad name by showing Obama’s accomplice and profiteer in the game.