I saw the AIDS attack in 1984 from the point of view of a Medical Library Clerk in deep trauma from prior torture of a vivisection direction, so I knew the direction of the attack and pursued it.  The assassins had run a superwave of rhetoric through my head making sure I detected their message loud and clear that people who were reckless about sex deserved to die.   However they were supported through intelligence services operators in banking and finance who were also British eccentrics of the sort to read Borges and Idries Shah, so they were right on top of Queer sensibilities who were more like dacoits of theirs than any sort of match.   Penis Gabriel the brutal, ripper hatter vampire of strangler fairy tale rock music, plied a devious, vicious, murder-loving alibi for the vice entrapment operations I proved were a plot to start testing predating AIDS.  When I tried to get help even the offices of Amnesty International were blocked and occupied by vicious human traffickers who brutally raped us and subjected me to serial mutilation.

      It would have been nice to know all those years who we were fighting.   https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/HITLER%2C%20ADOLF_0003.pdf

      The murderer used a double hypocrisy strategy to forge false witness in his venoms.  The murder justified and plied sexual liberation, while mobilizing the pincher grips of the assassins who he invested in for ultimate victory, but he also campaigned by home invasion against a traumatic neuroplastic head injury his vipers inflicted to confuse the hopes of a life and career.  The murderer, after aiding those murdered my father, sold himself in the hegemony of the equally syphilitic Magna Cum Laude of Harvard who called sexual violence towards hostage children, "Roman education."  Aware in his dementia of his failing skills as a propaganda writer of sickening prog rock, the molester called the desperate attempts to express what had happened gifts of his own genius, so read and admire an account of the murdering British pig who made sure of the AIDS triumph.