My essays are made very difficult for me from the fact that I cannot really assume a knowledgeable and sympathetic reader.   I have been used often as a damaged weakling, particularly by black people, but also some surprisingly powerful white people, who enjoy the ego satisfaction of being a puppet master.   Meanwhile the black rain of AIDS was meant to be the gun to the head that it is.   

       Reagan’s most brutal known stooge denies he misunderstood the situation and has a long history of objecting to any form of restraint; he took measures to defend the very men who shot him.   Larry Flynt’s blood oath and loveslavery was fused in that Reagan claimed he was shot, too, and all-in-all would rather be in Philadolfia, his omojanary city of brotherly love.   The message become Catholic tweeting on the non-sexual nature of higher love and so on, while Flynt performs parochial services, jeering at the lovers he scopes through the shower curtains, “woo-woo,” with the lurid imbecility one associates with Dr. Proctor’s contribution on behalf of the Neva Confederacy.

       The assassin group online behind such mayhem as the gay bar shoot up in Miami, taunting me that I should be blind or have AIDS, bellowed, “It’s not up to you that’s the whole point,” which depends on who they are and what they are after, since the schism in basic values supposedly trumps the niceties of democratic interest in what happened to Kennedy.  The question is how seriously does this law enforcement issue go to show the cultural displacement represented by the Obama-Trump rise from the Reagan revolution?     A pornographic concept of justice so permeates the AIDS attack that our quasi-judicial society has accepted it as the golden mean for institutional corruption, a result of the Clinton Family’s moves, when frankly, my dear, they didn’t give a damn.

      It’s entirely possible that sufficient grasp of their dramatic production of a lifelong storyline will emerge and allow digest in clusters of bullet points like:   ~ Why the essays are difficult to write ~ Reagan’s most brutal stooge ~ The Lurid Parochial ~ The Schism in Basic Democratic Values ~ The Reneging of Our Judiciary, for example.  Confrontation in the standard form expected of a peaceful democracy has proven to be an act of chivalry because of how criminal and bloodthirsty the government operators are.  There are also gangs in the public.  Very dim people full of themselves, both black and white, often demand submission to their line of thinking.   It’s chickenly.  They’ve proved it time and again by demanding it of the weak and preying on the scared.   So is refusing to address their stupidities.  Lone Nutters, for example, who think Oswald acted alone, as though the signal date on his secret identity cards of December 7th were some sort of code for attack by communist powers, should be treated exactly like holocaust deniers.  They shouldn’t be given creedence, nor equal time.

       The case does in fact have a smoking gun.   There was a criminal conspiracy of misdiagnosis of my condition in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, a tendency towards terror of abandonment, that was orchestrated by WQED into a howl that made it the focus of ideologically motivated brutality and attempts to coerce suicide by peer blame.  This callous, organized, systemic misdiagnosis, slander and criminal fraud hid the real prognostic needs and the impacted cause in favor of a pretext for bellicosity in defense of the AIDS attackers, a good offense to de-nature any need for a defense.   This smoking gun is a production plan that masqueraded as victim therapy.

         Using the evasive reasoning of the myth that capitalism contains a moral absolute, queer fascists working for Trump resoundingly networked to shout down attempts to give timely warning, a vital and urgent violation of the public trust that apparently was just the thing in the nick of time to make good and sure the assassins got away with it, and the quislings responsible naturally are still hard at it, shouting, “Eureka!”   Where does this John Wayne fantasy that money makes right come from that so appealed to a billionaire in pornography taking away the very freedom of speech he routinely abuses?   It expressed itself during the dawn of the Welfare State with the primitive white farmer’s refusal to take hand outs.  How noble.  Such nobility didn’t stop them from lining up en masse to make a run on lands given to Indians granted the land by treaty when they saw fit.   

        One of the bullet points that needs to be recognized is that the assassin confederacy systematized their premeditation for discovery after all was said and done, delivering the history of the Texas School as an ultimatum as well as a fait accompli, and it is our responsibility to notice what they have done in magazine semiotics like the LIFE editions of 1964.   One of them was about the Movies, I secured it, and sure enough it spotlights Wayne (who was photographed with Oswald) lionizes “The Birth of a Nation,” spotlights Kurosawa who had an observer in Dallas that day, and helped conceive of the handheld film record which is partially stage managed, shows an execution by rifle that the Wayne segment gallops to, highlights the concept:  SINNED OR SINNED AGAINST which is in the Neva semiotics depicting Dealey Plaza as judgement over Hiroshima, and naturally, of course, the issue ends with the images of Edwardian Regality.  The Easter Egg hunt of Hitler’s Resurrection and Second Coming are pregnant indeed.   A lot of people knew.  They say conspiracies don’t work, but they don’t say loose lips sink ships for nothing either.

        The conspiracy to manage the conflict was a fetish by the brainstormers of the premeditation committee.   It was allowed to operate as a serial lampoon of all our social principles.   Dissent was made a punishable offense, by torture, murder, rape, infection, the spectacle of innocents slaughters, you name it, and San Francisco couldn’t stop cheering these twists from the twisted.   The anthropology alibi that miraculously made museum heroes out of violent child pornography kidnappers has a cavalcade of mercenaries working the kaleidoscope of lies we call the Geffen Corporation, partners of Neva.   They claimed to be mindreaders, shooting up the town, ace, anything you need queerball, no need to ask, just show n’yer angry, myuuh.   The Africologists of the FEMA administration at PITT whooped that they were “Warriors!” working the sacred medicine of African kings for HitlerReagan, no checks and balances, necessary, no offense.  The lyrics of Penis Gabriel, braying the smoking gun, go into subtle domains of linguistics (language subtlety) detonating as Obama set up conveyances for a street elect conjob, heaped with race doggerel, received wisdom, ja, from Frank Herbert, the honorary black man to Neely Fuller, fistful of swastikas he assures you are a sacred African symbol top sacredly.  The cultural misappropriation by the British was cleverly camouflaged by being expression of American Africologists in the loop, down with the deal Reagan made to free Mandela and end apartheid in return for the sacrificial gesture envisioned by those who cut a deal against white liberal evil.   Granting the inner last wish was called Operation Medicine Man and was a root ‘n oop hoedown for Oliver Stone and George Bush during the staged and phony intercept, the “Eureka” of Gail Burstyn.

        Another approach to bullet points could be:  ~ The Assassins Online  ~ Our quasi-Judiciary ~ The Anthropological Alibi for Child Smut ~ Aftermath Collaborators  ~ The Smoking Gun ~ The Welfare Refuseniks.    They converted the Kennedy assassination into a Saturday Night Comedy Hour.   Wattenmaker used to say about the linguistic direction, “Why I can do that with anything!”  Well, I can’t.  Seems that’s the real point of discovery, doesn’t it?   

       They were very determined.  They wouldn’t let facts or due process stop them.   They had the outcome all planned and were going to deliver a publishing house ultimatum as a fait accompli to a castrated democracy and that was final.  The indexology worked backwards promoting Midori Goto at Texas Queer in a way found in Living Language by Laura Ahearns if you read it from left to right:  Silverstein, Rubin, Leslie, Kay and Goody, with Jay Wilce up top.  And what will he see?  Hilfiger it out is what, myuh.   Gabriel worked in Pittsburgh with McPherron, Peter Leo and Nester Van Sickle, Van Sickle, like the line in Blade Runner, “Wake up, time to die!”  Get it, myuh.  The Outsiders, a featured reading, had Cherry Valance, now how is that like Michelle Lubin and Nobuko’s Stupid Code of What Boys Should Do And Girls Should Do?  Me Shall Lubin?   Put the cherry under surveillance, see?  Hahahaha.  Cosmic pimpery, courtesy the Black Panther jiggilo partners.   It was all designed for import from the South to the new Dixon up Mason.  The love sensation of moral victory comitatus.

         Prescribed rebellion was the Beatles forte.   MacRyland got told by Moxyland, the South African parable.  Foucault’s disciples were hard at work long in advance building their revenge legacy in Pittsburgh, which they conceived of as a sad end for planet earth.  Randy Shilts has the oblique stroke of shi/ts to hide those shits deserve it.  Take a souvenir to hell was how the martyr kamakazis were coached to wear their horns proudly.  That’s proven.  Contradiction or seemingly one if you don’t believe that any Americans can be found to throw away their lives for a cause from Hitler and Billy Graham (wear Jesus + Hitler = Casper) is the best camouflage of all.   Yet it provides a tragically simple paradigm when you untwist it.   

       So the bullet points might read:  ~Flynt, who by some Kreskin Kirshner managed to partner in advance expectation from with a boy named Sparky, just like Jack Ruby’s nickname, which isn’t to say that Nick Dibarno was meant to evoke Dearborn as like Dibarno (not) where Marilyn M444 lived at the time of Mi Yung Joo.   ~ Online Assassins  ~ Foucault’s Disciples ~ Of Military Overthrow ~ The Anthro Alibi for Child Mutilationism  ~ The Smoking Gun.    There are literary voyayas in Nabokov, the shadow of the waxwing slain/Chapman’s Homer/ torture (bull).   Keep them guessing.  As LIFE says, “promise them anything” (but stab us in the back).  Strub’s contact Meieren used to marvel at how gullible I was.  “Doesn’t that hearing aid press on your ear nerve?” he once laughed, “Things like this don’t happen in the 20th century!”   His sister Dolly was up at Guerrilla Theater saying, “My next plan is to get Prof. Topp fired,” after Topp got Bob Casey elected (on name recognition) and offered to led me drive a demonic car to Louisiana for fifty bucks.   Guerrilla had Taube, the expert at throwing his voice.  Who’s line is that, Oswald the Carrot?    

      Flynt thought it was brilliant, cultivating sacred utterances for a poetry meltdown, teaching the afflicted to gesticulate in 9/8 mainly lawfully while capturing their horror for production bombs, all mapped out in advance by Captain Dia, Generalissimo of not for profit tears.