I was born in 1960 to a single mother who went on Peace marches so I saw the movement against the Vietnam War and developed sympathies for the protesters as a child, but because I was a pretty, blond little boy, I was violently attacked by both races, the klan in Pittsburgh for being a traitor, and blacks for seeming to have an advantage.   Dislocated from school by a complex of injuries, I returned nearly 60 after finally learning sign language, and found younger professors teaching about things my own generation more or less lived through, but being required by media administration to leave critical issues out altogether.

     In sociology, this semester of 2018, at military secret friendly Tacoma Community College in the State of Washington, a classmate sniffed out the liberal fairy question, “If two people want to be together how is that anyone else’s business?"   In light of the unreported discovery of the Texas Schoolbook at Pitt in 1993, in the context of a premeditated AIDS testing war game, the question has been shown to be the same (exactly) as: How can anybody say they had the right to shoot President Kennedy?   It also is the same question (exactly) as:  How can anyone say they had the right to release AIDS?

     Only because it is IN THE NEWS that a school busload of Yemeni kids were filmed being bombed in a mass homicide by allied forces for no apparent reason than to underwrite our scorn for innocent lives, a practice that all these years since 1980 not one of his friends ever, not once, has written a song about or spoken out against these obscene practices, it raises a lot of grounds for scrutiny about John Lennon’s pride of place.  It is worse than heads in the sand. They have instead violently protested the idea that consensual love making isn’t their business, in fact they are a pornography institution operating in secret from places like Warhol Museum, raping people for black market museum films and advancing a military drama school of sexual violence from places like Carnegie Mellon and Peter Gabriel’s Real Worlds Studios, supposedly pornographic sociology, while claiming it isn’t their place to interfere with slave trafficking of the Smithsonian variety.   The Texas Schoolbook is a sex stripper show script from Carousel Club and the F.B.I. old breed, with deck hands in places like the Teamsters and the NAACP, eager for legitimacy conferred by confederacy. In fact, the Bar Association appointed a master law student over me in a Pittsburgh Public School who consorts with a point man name Sparky, the very name used by Jack Ruby. Instead of protest, Yoko Ono and Ringo Starr are saying more than that they have the right not only to pry, to leer, to use stigma, but to target, manufacture by attack prostitute, and cultivate sexual violence by military rape in camera, which they did to my deaf advocate, a girl legally a child from Downs Syndrome, saying it was an experiment in making AIDS victims feel more at home.

         On Mt. Desert Island they had a cow dog who would be taken to the cows for a while each day to gnaw at their hooves and this would prevent him from biting someone by taking out his agressions.   They used me for a white voodoo doll in this matter, a treasured looking little white boy who by viciously subjecting to serial mutilations was therapy for more victims of the plot so they wouldn’t come after someone important and British, just as after poisoning me with a nerve agent, they said, well you can’t have Midori, but we will watch you online, after we make off with your arranged fiance Rosa, in Two Virgins Pussyball war gaming, clocked in Military Virginity War Games to the AIDS attack, and scripted in advance, using Neva Pornography, the Japanese war machine who worked with Reagan on the punishment of JFK for war crimes like Hiroshima.  It’s all in the script so don’t blame me if you don’t understand.

         In short, the Rolling Stones and their friends in show business, installing Obama for their shield, advocated for a pimp ledger used to kill JFK as though helping those they say killed Lennon is found art.  They did this extraordinary act of war by pure libel, writing a crude smear over my name, while deafening me so I could not hear what they said, sneering that I was to blame for failure to read their lips.   Crimes like the Yemeni school bus massacre yesterday (my father drove one in retirement) are the sort of issues of spiritual sensibility I tend to hear that convinced the black fascists involved in promoting the game, rather than warning people when they knew, that I should be deafened and to hell, they said, with Dr. King.

      If you entertain what I have arrived at for the true explanation, that Disney and King Edward long ago brainstormed the rise of Adolf Hitler as a monstrously good name for the war show party, and were behind the hit on Kennedy, you can see why my being both at the scene of Lennon’s exit, in name, and on hand with Reagan’s attorney from the FEMA when he says he was shot, too, waving to me the night before and producing a plastic reality brochure from Pennsylvania Law reading, “there is no such thing as objective reality only what they jury believes,” you arrive very magical, mystery-like at the only (exact only) explanation that is telltale and covers all the facts, a miracle like the Imperial Wizard only could perform took place, using media as a weapon for the total negation of reality.

       Obama showed, by his silence and participation, that AIDS was a secret weapon not of the Christian Right, but of the Black Christian Right, earning inclusion by making it their business.  Obama’s sponsor, David Geffen, Lennon’s publisher, was allowed to use abortion as a metaphor for Lennon’s murder by insane claim to adoption of the script as though found art, in partnership with and in military defense of, the scriptwriter Gail Carolyn Burstyn (a homophone) from Bryn Mawr, proven to have been personnel for Sir Paul McCartney, in a grisly, winner-take-all bid on our heritage and sympathies, just as though John Lennon’s murder was his own proud creation.

       The outcome is a violation of rights dictating that the mind of America IS their TV to use at will, again as though, always as though, we had rights, against false narrative, against plague years as found year, from the crypt of a prior script.   The blackout speaks loudly of Hollywood's contempt for our lives and dignities, but I have news for The Fourth Estate: Defense of The First Amendment isn’t an experiment.

        Seattle did the most damage of any civics.  They created the perfect AIDS wracked monster, code named Tang Mark N.E.Y. (not even yet) Gatzert of Death Row NASA, telling her you can’t have King William to gnaw, but you can ripper deaf Jimmy, which is just as good.   They recently used a deliberate oral infection. It is much like the Apartheid plan to poison Nelson Mandela’s brain and humiliate the A.N.C. but better, they got the Blacks to do it to a white, so they don’t feel so scummy, after all, they decided not to do it to Mandela.   Now the NAACP lords over me in their double cross, snickering, you can’t have Midori Goto, but you can have some porno while you die trying.

      What really scares me about those of you from the 60’s, when I was just a child, is that you allowed them to do this to us, kept us hoodwinked, because you didn’t really care.  It’s a bitter pill to discover the sellouts were actually plotters of this counterfeit American crime. For telling me that John Lennon would have approved of it, you have convinced me he was the real author.