This discovery was attended by Charity Khesgi of Sign Language Interpreting Services, Goshen College, and Dr. Ralph Proctor.   Both would agree that I did not know it was there when I explained at length what I have been finding in Hitler-Reagan semiotics.   Why did I look and what exactly is this item?  It is not photoshopped.  It occurs in the reel of the film during a fade/dissolve sequence that is invisible to the viewer.  In other words, only those who would be in a position to watch frame by frame could know of it.  Let me explain the process of discovery, above and beyond the intense difficult of securing the clip extraction for close scrutiny.

       Although each image needs understanding and explanation, this one is on topic for focus because of its centrality in witnessed discovery and content.   Jessica Bouvard, Mercy Deaf Counseling observed the image preceding this one, which is visible to the naked eye.   It has Germans entering a building marked RRTHRUS with the US over a swastika.  She was skeptical of my three points:  camera angle, language coding:  rather us and lazarus.  She said my observation depended on confirmatory bias.   I stopped the image for frame analysis and discovered this image of Reagan next to a bust ghost of Hitler, exactly beside the swastika now isolated by film-maker Raoul Walsh under the US, not by me.  Jessica sighed grimly.  Charity and Dr. Proctor already knew that R. Walsh was the assistant director of D.W. Griffith who recruited the medieval burning cross for the first epic of Hollywood, Birth of a Nation, which celebrates the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.  Many people do not know that Reagan worked with the men who created the burning cross for use by the KKK, who adopted it after their film, and who had close ties with the Axis before the outbreak of war and afterwards.

      There is a great deal more to this problem.  Allen Dulles of the United Fruit Company, a boa constrictor that surrounded JFK in Dealey Plaza, met with Adolf Hitler as a representative of Schroeder Bank in 1933 to forgive his campaign debts.  John McCloy, who sat with Dulles on the Warren Commission, also sat with Adolf Hitler in his personal box at the Munich Olympics.  These men had Hitler safe in Argentina after the war using a double fantasy cover up, the source of which was uncited for who she was in Wm. Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Hanna Reitsch, now known to have been German’s Ace Test Pilot, the last person seen with the Fuhrer.

       These images pertain to Dealey Plaza and a script, The Texas Schoolbook, found on a tip at Pitt.