I live wearing a brave mask on terribly wretched disappointment.   I had an inborn sense of longevity and wellness that was hard to dislocate by violating me, so being reduced to a half-life as a symbolic justice by our school was quite an achievement for them.  When I said very quietly to Dr. Ralph Proctor, I just want the truth, he shouted the words of Jack Nicholson in the film A Few Good Men, “you want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth.”  I reminded him gently that those were the words of the villain.  It’s hard to tell them apart in the transition era we have passed, the Obama/Trump transition.  One gets what I call dramaturge fever, the disorientation caused by being lied to by too many people who you tried to trust.  For example, John Lennon, he comes up a lot when I talk to friends, and is the wedge driven between us, moreso even than my deafness has come between us.  Drug traffic was always part of the kill or be killed thing going on in society, but in the 60’s with Martin Luther King out of the way there was no one to both stand up to John Lennon and carry the torch of the peace movement effectively.  In the case of the AIDS attack, about which I am always accused of banging on or being paranoid, even by people who know that the Federal Emergency Management Agency stationed me at PITT’s Medical Library for the show, very few people followed what happened and those who did all went along with it as an inside joke.  Moxyland, for which my middle name MacRyland is a mnemonic device, is by a South African woman who has interviewed the black and dying in Africa, who knows what happened perfectly well, where it came from, and what sort of game the Beatles played giving us a playstation war game of therapy they called Anger Management and recovery long before the virus was even released and made its rounds.

       For the British Royalty and the White House Hallmark Cards battalions the elementary school level of many college students makes history bankrupt and its vocation an occupation by complicit intelligensia who formed a publisher and teaching mafia cartel who refused to tell the truth, and disallowed the truth to be told.   As a function of this cooperation with a crime they walked off with power and position unchallenged about and unfazed concerning the terrible crimes they pulled off doing what they call the Obama/Trump transition.  The Obama/Trump transition is a very real historic moment in American history that would consume scholars if the details were not hidden as deeply in the earth as undiscovered Lucarno caves of primitive wall paintings.  Key concepts are shut out.  For example, one key concept is to overwhelm testimony about cold-blooded lies, hundreds of them in the case record about me alone, disordered horrors of fabrication and deceit by Peter Gabriel, by comparing them to delusion diagnosis, making it a choice between crude evil capable of enriching you by promotion and terrible humiliation.   You are told the alternative makes no sense at all, and you resolve, without ever looking at the evidence, to believe them because for most people the choice is very easy.  Better to win than lose.  It isn’t how you play the game it is whether you win.  

       What few arguments may exist for clinging to hope or delusions about justice, spiritual ideas, the laughter of Suhwardi towards the bugs in his coat, have been around a long time.  The idea of those who die resisting evil being saints is recognizable enough but since it does not belong in our schools and the show must go on, it’s just a loser, not a useful trope.

      The discovery that Obama and the black intelligensia were the secret weapon in the AIDS attack has gotten old with Midori Goto, the child pornography ringleader behind the inventive tack.   They concealed the terrible crime of blaming me for John Lennon’s departure.  The Ivy League of higher learning gets very surreal when it comes to pushing its hard dope of fraud.  They have killers in Black Psychology policing our schools the way the white bigots of old used to.  They want their cake and to eat it, too.  They want to advance Black Americans but walk all over our morality as a people, even as a species.  Hitler had all the answers.  They claim to control Hollywood as masters of illusion, so that they can say they are only pretending to be very, very evil when playing war games like on Mt. Desert Island in 1988, but they draw the line in questioning what else they were just pretending, or why the Beatles destroyed the evidence showing the whole thing was for real?  Knowing, that just as high command was unable to bring themselves to kill Adolf Hitler in the end, out of awe, reverence, future value to them, whatever, in the end you will also side with his vassals, Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono.  It’s just the nature of reality after a long ordeal.  Peace is always possible even after abomination.  Worse things have happened you’ve said again and again.  So what if you were tricked and people you admired died?  You still have a saving remnant in this or that rock star.   

     No introduction to the surrealism of this hate craft by British progrock who betrayed us, against the aporia induced by the Obama/Trump transition is possible without stalling a minute on that truth, that Obama was in fact the bridge that led to Trump.  

     History as a time capsule is a practical practice of state in the U.S.   Statistically, the facts may be very elusive but the principle reality is demonstrated in the Kennedy affair.  The material was locked up for 50 years.  They said, we’ll tell you later.  People wanted to know.  It is a lot easier when they do not want to know.  When they do want to know you have to lie pretty loudly.  When they don’t want to know you can just change the subject, say well, we’ll tell you later, or say nicely, no hurry.   One wants to avoid the outcome of the Ruling Class a film in which the protagonist rose to acceptability when they finally agreed to do the wrong things expected of them.   Film is very central to the whole thing.  De De Allen’s appearance in the film Serpico right from the beginning, because of this name in the AIDS scroll planted as a time capsule, shows that selective use of icons for selling fables is the stronghold of the killers we are seeking to be relieved from when we turn to them for help.  They are the Judge smirking at the bridge.  This is the Moxyland about which South African writers gloat.

     Certainly it is shocking when lies work out for the evil but what jeopardizes sanity is the way that those who lied openly and to our faces had not only the full blessings of the courts but have invented a full metal trench war of ideology claiming that the whole masterpiece of hate was a tribute to Black American moral scruples.  They have gone so far as to graven Martin Luther King’s image as a tribute to the spirit of Adolf Hitler in the long march of man.  It is one thing to say you will blow up the world if the innocent do not accept you and another entirely to disgracefully say that the defeated approve.  

      AIDS was Hitler’s revenge.  Somehow Lennon put his own name on a script blaming me for his departure.  The fact that you do not know this yet proves the truth and the meaning of the irreparably stained Clinton-Obama Era in which what few people did know, from peers on the street to rock stars, all of them went along with it.  Look at the glee in an expression like, “We can make it happen.”  What does it mean when you say, “We can use this?”  How about when you complete the line more seriously and accurately saying, “We can use this to get away with it!”?

     All of this is about hidden Hollywood and a Houdini act for morons they dubbed Morandini, the name of my Earth/Space science teacher when the script was arriving who said as a maxim to the class that to prevent electrocution keep the fingers of children out of wall sockets.  The signifiers all work this way.  It’s not just Moran/dini, there’s a lot of signifiers.  They all work this way.  It is a codified living novel by Queen Elizabeth and Reagan’s Hollywood, her cult.   It doesn’t matter because we can still use it is the refrain they have played from before they say they knew it was there.