The key concept of the AIDS attack is that cultural competence is the fingerprints of the attackers.  This wasn’t some vulgar bio-terror ring. It was a deeply entrenched, quasi-official Administrative vanguard and intelligencia.   Thinking they were taken by surprise and rallying, Seattle played right along with the piper’s plans. It takes no effort at all to notice that they claim this is not true while openly going along with all of it.   You’ve heard of witnesses disappearing? Or being killed in places like Dallas? Roger Craig was an interesting example. Reporting my evidentiary findings in 1993 initiated the blame phase of the inside plan group. They masqueraded as discovery and made the sale.  They wagered they could laugh openly about Emergency Services concerning a letter that was both innocuous and six years old concerning a woman I had long forgotten and moved on. Focusing on the consequence of severe brain damage they inflicted as an insurance policy, they set forth to inflict a terroristic humiliation, simultaneously construing it as fuzzbusting (outing a rat) and Administrative authoritarianism.  There was no point in arguing since acid rock, Trump and Obama were slapping five and whistling Dixon already in 1987, the team of their royalism having been working on the crime since the 1930’s. This one was going to go perfectly, an experience in Christian super-construction and monk gesticulations of the glorious agonies. Foucault, in fact, magnanimously led the way.

        Many of the victims of the AIDS attack had received a long brewing education from their unidentified as yet poisoners and immediately integrated received wisdom into the new situation by way of their private feelings about fashion and status in the jungle of pop art clowniacs, as several important Trump minstrels (who just happened to be black) arrived on the scene from Britain, many of them after the hearts of violent blacks alienated from the  Civil Rights Movement and more in tune with African Power courtesy Hollywood. King Edward had Oxford historians long acquainted with cultural bribery, methods of diplomatic insinuation, and power surge bellicosity giving rise to their favorites. From the talents of East India Company, strategists in detail and loan to United Fruit Corporation, legends from old Opium Wars like the Macartney and Amherst family crests, fresh from secret deals with the fascist Germans, Brian Eno was like a distillation of their findings.

       Obama’s confederacy is pretty smug about the achievement of the AIDS nightmare because black youngsters and women had secured professional achievement through schools, restraint, responsibility and honors society, learning along the way that speaking out-of-turn in favor of society’s afflicted was a fast road to personal elimination and a little later also to be a call to martyrdom by inside rippers.   They want the good life, not controversy (unless it benefits them), and while one can sympathize morally with normality, it is the sad duty of American society to speak out against atrocity in their midst. Keen that they had been told it was progressive vision to be silent, no one made a sound, lest it be received as awareness that Sir McCartney was naked in his grand plumes of Imperial new clothes.

      The inside joke of a military fraternity, nicknamed queerbait, had prior markings of the traffic in death cleverly encrypted by the assassins.  Yes, they tortured and poisoned me. No, police didn’t care. It was their blue shield to say: get outta here no one believes you queerbait. So when looking at how the organized liars club of Ian MacDonald and Donald Trump who call their enthusiasm for sorcery from Pentagon Disney sacred House of Lennon coping, and at how they use the image of Bruce Lee for police surveillance of supposedly legitimate direction concerning those who cross the beeper police line of failsafe traps and laser malfunction arrangements, the Gregoire art of Moxyland, it is worth remembering that they killed Jim Croce and Roberto Clemente, placing calls to me about both murders on their own behalf and promotion, the same killers who regaled Bruce Lee and spoke of him living on.

      Corporations own those images and can use them anyway they please.