The AIDS attackers operated through military Christiandom, the Church of England and the Broadway Musical HAIR. Their goal was to construct as feminist revenge the ploy of distraction that foreign English invented as Hitlerian revenge for the crucifiers. A woman named DIA called me to announce the disappearing act of Lennon. The English were primed and ready to start up a demand for unspeakable plague tribalism.

       Galas used the enchantment of deceit to firebrand a Satanism in a call to the anti-church which the assassins knew would unite them perversely under the reasoning of Catholicism. The statement that there are no absolutes IS an absolute the Karls would cream maniacally. The murderers included warped fetishists in the Queer community who spooked their own horses into the burning barn.

       The steering committee of Galas masqueraded orchestration of what their media depicted as reaction formation.  Their foreign deceit requires a steady hand in coping with their Ivory Tower tumblers.    

       As petrified people died, Lewis Lapham lent his weight in prosaics to supering the sickos in rock backstabblery as fairy persons from a sacred realm of insular prowess saying they was like a movie, man, defending their unforgivable species of contempt and evil. Posing as a liberal soothsayer, he was the fascist fist of the AIDS slander. Senseless slaughter held dominion as media trumpets of glorification chiding a damaged child, declaring that the molest of a damaged child, that comparing themselves to a damaged child, was praiseworthy, evoking Ayn Rand in another grim libel, a woman who despised the use of comprachios.

      The deluded were their bison as they cut down the sage.

       Respect for Seattle queerdom isn't even a consideration. Waxing all inassessible and privileged they smeared the putrid character of stigma all over their prey while leering like parochial savages without a shred of concern for their demonstrable alliance with the attackers themselves. There is no shame in Foreign England or child-ripper Penis Gabriel.

       Murdering pigs!  Murdering pigs!  Can I have your autograph?  Can I have your autograph?  Murdering pigs!  Murdering pigs!