Ironically and coincidentally as the crow flies today I was thinking about train wrecks for the metaphor they provided no not real train wrecks those are very rare and don’t serve much value for metaphor although I’ve read somewheres that Iowa State Fair occasionally had slow moving train wrecks for fun at carnivals of the Captain Kangaroo variety managing for no one to be alarmed by anything but the poster and to be sure train sabotage was a common tactic of the French Resistance to the Vichy Government allied to Japan at the time in Southeast Asia no I was thinking of the train wrecks in the 711 rulebook of Cosmic wimpout today because I attempted to pull together a presentation of the paranormal facts surrounding the death of my father Ryland and came away with a train wreck a rule of the dice in which there are no winning combinations a cosmic wimpout much like a line on a Bingo card where there is one left but no fulfillment.  It was taught to me by a darling of FEMA attorney Chancellor Nordenberg from the secret cult of 711 or N.O.R. (Nature of Reality) Pennsylvania’s version of ISIS a neighbor of MisterRogers living near Rodef, a tenement with swastika tiles and Friends Meeting House where Matt Marcus of WQED would burn his LSD victims gangrenous with pokers from the fire place to bring them back to reality between doing sets for MisterRogers, apparently an adversary for the Captain.

       Train wrecks are interesting when you are carrying the baggage of disaggregated verbiage that seems to orient towards murder express.   This is particularly unsettling when you know of clear cases involving complex pseudo reasoning by power mongerers on high apparently licensed to bypass lawful recourse and yet yammering of waving the flag on high and kneeling before their omojinary throne of Allah on love fields of forgiven sin.

      My purpose in these times is to exhibit a tune of speaking for the silent weak, myself being such a one, because in all high minded purposes of the major powers, speaking in retrospective eloquently of the great achievements despite the millions dead, each and every individual who loses their life in a great ordeal would have it be otherwise and this is the danger of attaching too much enthusiasm for the interest of symbols.  Take Jerusalem for example.  The LSD/schizophrenics claiming to be avenging Lennon had his script all set out as a Salem Witch Hunt over Jerusalem as a laughingstock enterprise knowing that the symbol of peace in the Middle East would embroil intensely religious figures such that the humanist poet just saying, well it’s a symbol of peace, can be sent to the gallows to prove their sincerity to sickening hoodlums of Britain who connive such matters, but my point is that symbols of peace are scarce, and despite the acid poisoning of the second coming anti-Lennon jazz, it still is a moment of real estate and meaning worth pursuing, which is why I oppose Trump’s move and favor the Palestinian Authority in the matter, who do have civil rights figures, and none violent people on board.  We are not all Yasir Arafat, whether he got a crooked deal or not.

        Each person stands alone even in dark times.  We should be helping one another, which is why I propose The Commonwealth Party.  The Commonwealth Party openly recognizes that The Green Party was a scam by the AIDS attackers, period.