You are being forbidden to understand murders taking place among you by the perpetrators in the United States Government and this is a very grave situation.   Whether you call them gangsters or corporations the special interest lobby in question remains as local as international and they hold unscrupulous license to target your next of kin while murdering your neighbor as a warning proximate to your own neck.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is too enamored of Hillary Clinton and Yoko Ono to yield public notification but well aware of their ripper mayhem.  Popular culture is being stage managed in street violence.   The origins of this abhorrent development in our public affairs will be introduced here through the written record.  Evidence is anything but scarce.  Theproblem lays elsewhere other than proof.  Shady New York publication houses are operating with a master plan.  Ducking responsibility to properly report murder brings with it the prospect of profiteer by partnership with assassins in damage control, beguiling because there is no way to apprehend you for it.   Due the fact that the FBI and local police are the network commissioning the atrocity there is no one to report available witness testimony to; they will not respond kindly if you manage a reaction at all.   For this reason it is exceedingly deadly to report what the Beatles are doing under the mask of Corrections for which they used Reagan and his successors as Overseers to make sure of blind love-slavery in an enterprise of abomination:  The AIDS attack, for which they are entirely and solely responsible, a fact established beyond a shadow of a doubt by evidence traced to them.   My purpose in this material is to strengthen your mind towards meeting their profane, inhuman sadism and brainwash, however hangdog, gullible and culpable it may find you.  Their power structure has closed your mind and made you a sitting duck.  This report will disturb you and make your skin crawl, as facts jeopardize your sheltered negation.  Fear discovery, because it is upon your door.
      Mania preys upon ignorance and neglect.  A rampage of mania was orchestrated by the offenders.  No regulation or authorized conduct implicit in the social contract and laws of The United States or natural laws obvious to human deportment no matter how troubled the times is binding on aggressors pleading from preferential status to Himmler like license promoting what they claim is a foreign cultural mandate to advance longknives without due procedure.  They accomplished a switcheroo by claiming discovery of a master plan that they authored and sneered they were entitled to adopt.  There is also no graphic limitation to their Manson style connivance which they strut by many a defamation towards their prey.  Child rape was a toss away act by them, like a hobo flicking a cigarette butt.  Accordingly, since they have impunity and you are beyond reach, I seek to address your helplessness with due attempts to lend comprehension.  Bad enough, but still you are citizens of Our Commonwealth where few know obligation or duty.  I don’t wish to belabor the point, since I doubt the sleight was lost on you, prickly and alert, attentive when crossed, insult you say.  Am I to laugh when I see you insulting yourself?  Friends don’t let friends avert their eyes, drunk with avoidance.  Is it an insult to cry for shame that you will not let me stop you from suicide?  When you insist on courtship with men I know mean only to ravage you?  Or is it you who insults me, spurning the altruism and friendship of my sincere, protective instinct and gesture interested in your safety and learning?  Murders, I say again, which you are forbidding yourself from understanding.
      It is a last frontier in the United States, this war game allowing themost loathsome menace in the shadows of night, striking at will, leaving a trail of tears and corpses, to assureyou by wormtongue that it is in reality but civilreview watching over you.  That the bodies are innocent people executed without trial does not move you.  You understand what Authorities are, andaffirm them, they wouldnever touch you, you belly laugh.  What of the pawn they piecemeal?  Must you bore me, you grunt.
      Stolen rights come with many twists of mind.  The aggressor has inflicted a cannibal restaurant menu of tough luck and demands that the hostage be surrendered as clay to their designs.  The idea thattheir power to do anything they like no matter how you respond is untested, because you do not respond.  Your mysticism is their philosophy; your hunger their awareness, your awareness their spite.  To protect themselves they invented a martyr out of Lennon’s commercial persona, making a real world cinema jest of his imaginary death, reported by fake news far andwide as umbrella to prank you in the AIDS attack with a New York media play station.  You deny that and this shrouds murder and mutilation as grisly and ghastly as they are senseless and pecuniary, for death is their riches.  Having all but laughed at the dead the un-nerving narratives go away.
      Nancy Moore, namesake of South Carolina Red Scare politician Strom Thurmond’s wife, maliciously and coyly depicts my attempts to get help from torture (from what I thought to be Amnesty International) regards as “bizarre and accusatory” my written statements about a song she admits Peter Gabriel made about me, having witnessed his obsession by mail crime, a song she never bothered to listen to: talk about bizarre and accusatory.  Gabriel used his song to brainwash a generation about the AIDS attack through fake news about me.  That the endlessly jawing Bavarian who sang for Genesis isputrid has many a byway leading to the heap of pile called his character.  What does it matter thatyou spit at me, he laughs, as he readies the British back knife at your jugular vein, all that you own and held dear in his vault of thievery.  My struggle made him vindictive and his bloodthirst insatiable.  You shrug, feeling not measly but rather disgusted that you were told anything at all.
      To visit this loathsome iron maggot, a termite designed by the super-wealth of drone warriors manufacturing million dollar a day submarines, and his petition trolled upon our Fourth Estate by an insufferable woman’s columnist Lewis Lapham lays bare the NAACP and the Black entitlement bitches who ransacked our heritage promoting lies for promotion of a monstrosity.  They made evil commonplace and sulked of their toiletries.  Peter Gabriel, they vowed, would sing us back to normal.  Let evil become commonplace?  Will you indeed?  Discard with a laugh a useless statement of anguish.  Oh, my yes, you chuckle; and make it a dare.
     The British think they can use their popularity to practice deranged foreign command and control lisping that it is some sort of international syndicate of secret justice despite the brazen illegality of their activity, premised in the suppressed but easily proven truth that the AIDS attack was rigged and timed as an era of blackout and lies clocked to Peter Gabriel’s claims on behalf of Leslie Katz.   Her supporters refer to the AIDS onslaught as a game of knuckleball, disgracing the meaning of Auschwitz.  Dan Edelstein, a scientific radical in the closet sect who worked such terrifying crimes with Scott Riback as having me framed for armed robbery while in terrible trauma and trying to work my way back deaf without sign language, called my attention to a remark by Peter Gabriel, “smell of peach blossom and bitter almond.  Carl Chessman sniffs the air and leads the parade.”  He explained that peach blossom and bitter almond were the smell of arsenic.  Chessman was killed in a gas chamber.  They gassed me in Kings Estate, further when Busis ordered surgery on my ears, they used a gas that had me flailing.  It was scented like fell cloves.  Who else beside Ry, my dad was Bush getting back with Riback?  It’s all in their word games.  One of the clearest warning that Federal Corrections was behind the abomination is that the first team to lock me out of school were led by Annette Potter and Shawn Brooks.  Annette Brooks is the gang term used in Corrections for the Aryan Brotherhood, and yet, because of the Ark deal made by American SWAPO Zulu, Blacks were involved for the money right down the murder of Martin Luther King.  The British prog rock murder cartel are a movement of illiberals promoting the dogma of Isis types like Youssou N’dour and Mark David Chapman, while using Reagan and Trump as Overseers for the maniac warlord power of Ringo Starr.  Like a battered slave running to the Master of the Plantation, trying to escape Reagan’s brutality was met with shattering and crippling mind-shattering attacks by the rabids in Britain.
      I was selected with the shocking help of Black Pittsburgh and the NAACP because I was a high status symbol but very timid unprotected child, shadowed by a magnificent American past to which my family crest contributed significantly.  My name was stolen in forgery by a Federal system who used it to blame me.  A trillion dollar nuclear magnate named Reagan proved to be the most simpering of stooges, blaming a child battered into semi-coma, and finding the sort of crowd who would call me a laughingstock for flailing in fields of fell cloves.