Leslie Sanetta Katz left me unrequited in a state of profound post-traumatic injury leading to a period of profound wailing, but no sexual coercion was involved.  Having manufactured this drama to impinge sexist orientation around my wailing, having earmarked me as a testing guinea pig in the AIDS plot, the British murderers knew there was a Holy Gurdjieff Taliban of Syphilis Judiciary problem in my having hitchhiked from Pittsburgh to St. Louis just to hear Robert Fripp play guitar, half-deaf, in 1979 after managing to graduate from Taylor Allderdice.  The coward Fripp, letchering to Ringo Starr, now licky chops at their prospect of total victory sneered, well he sure is a loyal deaf white suck, I suppose we at least owe him a virgin, nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.  What this says is that these murderers are so accustomed to trafficking our students that they think nothing of doing it openly in tandem with the accomplice of the NAACP.