Osmosis and Put to Sleep

A Mac Crary Editorial

July 25, 2017


     The problem of data has finally been delivered allowing counter-narrative digest about the monologue from assassin media.  Such counter-narrative will be counter-attacked by superior media firepower.  Dissenting minority opinion has been hexed with informal death row.   The dogs of war are snarling but the war machine is finally uncloaked.  

     Martin Andelman was a notorious liar who always burst with energy and money in his charades.  His madness had magic and cunning.   He entertained as he stole.  In his bag of tricks was partnership with a ruthless engineer of crime from another dimension, the British soldier of fortune, Robert Fripp, a plucky rotter of aristocratic soothsay.  Together they invented Leslie Katz as a sword of denial at the center of the AIDS machine:  a critical fact worth knowing is that the Katz game is nuclear. 

      The coming King of England is both morbid and foolish, a disturbing combination to have Americans enthralled with.  His arsenal is familiar:  Elton John, Pink Floyd, the vomitbag bureaucrat in charge of holy bands:  Sir Paul McCartney, creator of the original applause machine rock hysteria superwave.  Their weapon is unspeakable, the malice seething and seemingly invincible.  I don’t know if my being deaf has helped me see through them.

       The perennial desire for refinement and sensibility is elusive for the lower classes in large measure due to the scarcity of a good education, which led to resentment towards liberal educators by friend and foe alike.  Just as the Vietnamese were learned by the French to think of Vietnamese culture as inferior to their colonizers, the resulting disappointment was observed to turn the victims on each other.  Well-meaning liberal educators had to vy with a legacy of colonial schools.  The Royal Class offered a cheat for what they labelled the talented tenth, a game of leap frog by dint of corruption and brute force, a useful elect.  They could be taught to play bass or affect the gestures of grace by magicians in a fortnight.

        The celebrity superstate advanced brutal mania of a selective nature while making imbeciles of the jetset.   Accordingly, while it is difficult to vy with the gyrations of post-Oxford forked tongues, there is some virtue to fortitude.  The gentlemen behind the attack are very sure of themselves and pleasantly offered their arguments as though friendly and having nothing to gain.  The broadcast shows their contempt.

       Media provided them a leverage for selling the holocaust out of the New York Times where Cameron Brown was installationed for little Barack.  From the shadows of The White House, a hotspot that seems to have little going for it these days other than being a tribune for tabloid moguls, Obama conveyed his enthusiasm for a pornographic storyline originating in the NEVA Corporation and their script describing the murder of Dr. King as a racial foodfight with advantage for those protecting the chivalric code.  Black macho shook hands of righteousness with the KKK invention.

      How can the Royal Family claim to be championing any notion of justice by endorsement of such a nauseating high crime and adoption of an obscenity so perverted that it changes the very meaning of the word obscene?  The narrative I am going to disclose from Pittsburgh and Seattle is the answer to this disgusting riddle, so I will indulge your interest and explain in proper relief.  I do suspect they want recognition of the prison box they built to sink in, and acceptance (or surrender) to rule more than they want a happy land of denial.

        Primo Levi met Bayer at Pitt.  One of the enduring themes of holocaust literature is how America was told what was going on and ignored it, leaving concentration camps out of the newsreels at weekend theaters, not even bombing Auschwitz when war broke out.    The idea that the attack was done in our names is followed closely by the idea we don’t know who our friends are.  Gail Burstyn summed it up with her fluxus refrain, “not enough,” signifying what she also called a zero-sum game; AIDS was Reaganomics, only the truly needy must die might as well have been his slogan.  Her text, much secret and coveted an affair, proves it a Declaration of what the British claim is moral genocide, an act underscoring the Honor Code underwriting their legendary bigotry.  How else, they laughed, can you “save” Africa?

       What Banwell (Elizabeth) intelligence played from Mt. Desert Island where Caspar Weinberger lived through Pentagon Disney with Ming Na Wen at CMU with the Kelly School crime, a reckless driving incident where I was a passenger framed as the drivern, that landed me at Emerald House in Seattle in shock and trauma, and also in the experiment on Mt. Desert Island with Wen/Zell, a street name in Pittsburgh, acting in agency for Oliver Stone (Cineaste) and Lewis Lapham (Harpers), who signed on with Martha Gellhorn to a cover up when I was living with Kate Hayford in Montana, is the medley that the incident at Kelly School isn’t special, doesn’t have any importance, shouldn’t be used to lead the parents of the endangered black children to question Pitt’s NAACP fraud protecting the war game and has no practical importance in its misrepresentation since the overall purpose is to generate a powerful plastic reality based on survival preference tactics by the celebrity superstate.  Bowie used to talk about plastic reality.  It came down through Warhol and Heinz in Pittsburgh as they lobbied what this meant and to say the incident at Kelly School which is what led me to leave Pittsburgh for Seattle, had no relevance, which is preposterous.  Children could have been killed, black children, and to find the Obamas personally leading the power surge misrepresenting what took place, in total effect justifying it, has floored elements of Wilkinsburg who witnessed the nightmarish event. 

      What is happening behind the plastic reality of their Drama School’s ridiculous Driver’s Education package on the heels of Radio KKK and Adrian Belew’s secret production of Andrea Swimmer for Natural Language Laboratories and NEVA Corporation?   Carnegie Mellon turned the tables on reports of child trafficking and torture by misrepresentation of what happened through a fraudulent pornographic genre of narrative developed by impacted neuroplastic memory retrieval extrusion, speak - memory style.   “We have ways of making record play,” snickered Wattenmaker confederate David Reitzes.  The school was harboring a script colony.

        The script concerning the murder of JFK found there in Pittsburgh, the notorious Texas Schoolbook, contains more than the horrible regurgitations of the used, the script of slander written by Reagan and executed in Dealey Plaza while they made the film The Killers is guide to HitlerReagan semiotics.  NEVA Corporation’s plastic reality was the outgrowth of what Henry Wade of Roe vs. Wade had in mind when framing Oswald.  Wade Beebe introduced Andelman, a partner of Paul McCartney, working through Cyril Wecht.  Both Reagan and the Beatles gained their impunity by the scary claim that they were the victims.  Shrewd, menacing and implacable as it is, it is hardly irrelevant that they were also behind the Kelly School incident.  How much more was plastic reality and double fantasy from Pentagon Disney?  

      The specifics of the tale told by CMU and Ringo Starr should capture their civics well enough to inform.   Even taking their position as legitimate you have to suffer through the mechanics whereby they cut out a whole section of society from the right to know and be able to protect oneself in favor of raping a deaf girl by the trajectory of madcap illogic.  If you think of syphilitic reasoning as a calculus you could call what the FBI did a syphilitic code.  There’s no way to improve on that assessment.  So endorsement of the syphilitic code is what Pener Gabriel was doing on SO and US.  Obama’s gyration was acted out by Youssou N’dour’s yammering, a hidden claim on the sensibilities of national estate signed by the change of Winston to Ono in Lennon’s disappearing act and middle name.    The Royal Family of King Edward VIII, an old money confederacy who worked gladly with Adolf Hitler, worked out the plan with South Africa’s DeKlerk to utilize Black resentment as a 5th column, an idea developed at CMU through the materialists of Dr. King’s family heirs.

         The Civil Rights Movement had parted ways with King over Vietnam.  King believed in human rights and Bush of course regarded that as forfeiture of Civil Rights.  Many of the NAACPers felt the same ways, and that is a major problem for those in Black Heritage claiming social affinity for him when acting like Adam Clayton Powell did.  The Andelman narrative played out by CMU to the discrete signatory of Dexter and his pals, resembles Adam Powell’s manipulative disparagement of Dr. King and of course Henry Wade’s centrality as Gestapo of Reagan is behind the meaning of pressure on King to run for office as a caricature on a ticket with Benjamin Spock.   It is in this context that the Kelly School incident played out.  The context illustrates a media philosophy and a “Syphilitic” or mad logic working hand in glove with the celebrity superstate and moguls of captured media that we now call fake news, but which just means brainwashing.  Although this can make it comprehensible and real, I doubt it will make for easy reading.   The struggle against lies is always debilitating.

         Obama’s hustle was a smooth gyration in a plan claiming to be protecting the victims’ integrity, a deceit so vomitbag that it can hardly even be addressed, but the fact of the war game localizing around human traffickers calling themselves, “Ark” and working with liquid crystals from a spectro-chemical laboratory of Wecht’s hidden in Wilkinsburg finds out that military black confederates were manning the gas chambers, which explains their blackmail and death row systematics towards anyone questioning the alibi structure.  Sad as it is blacks lives didn’t matter much to the Hutus of Kuntu Theater.

       The search for empowerment of the world’s poor against a power structure who regard food as a weapon begins with humanism and validation of the intellectual’s integrity.  It takes several forms in Africa, such as Franz Fanon’s work, who commented on the death of Patrice Lumumba while JFK, who mourned Lumumba, was alive to read it, to Biko’s Black Consciousness movement which Pener Gabriel used as shamelessly to promote the AIDS attackers as Dexter used his father and the Green Party used Roberto Clemente.   Planetologists also have a variety of opinions about so-called over-crowding.  Mt. Desert Island’s Ivy League riff raff were partial to a scientist named Calhoun who demonstrated cannibalism among overcrowded mouse colonies; and they were partial to the author of Race and Reason, Carleton Putnam who wrote his books there but changed his spots just enough to make their eugenic sweepstakes inclusive.  Obama and Gabriel were both advocating on MDI for racist provocateurs, asking men like Ralph Proctor to provide the Public Relations for the Union.  How could this be possible?  It’s sort of unbelievable but they claimed that virginity proved rape.

       MisterRogers must have scammed Kathy Hayford.  I am sure that while Kate privately admits that her intelligence about the neuroplasm she observed as my face changed, and jealousy response caused by suffocation was never meant to help McCartney frame and punish me for rape, yet MisterRogers, Reagan and McCartney had sufficient power to keep all of my lovers silent.  Kate’s great painting shows me smiling and her receiving, like the priest in an exorcism, the spirit of the damned.  She was a healer who turned under celebrity awe and spiritual osmosis in an aftermath collaborator. The presence of injury was called guilt and judging from the severity of onset neuropathy in my limbs, the verdict was put me to sleep by the hospital malpractice behind diabetes.  Kate is every bit as guilty as Rosa Monteleone of the Green Party brought in by Midori Goto and Nancy Reagan in chemical castration and the rape of deaf Jeannie, and that is just being fair.

       The consequence of Pitt’s success doing this was that the ARK plan and Obama’s fist allowed his first act of office, pardon of the Ford Motor cartel’s giveaway to billionaires by bailout, a way of squandering the hope people put in him at a golden opportunity to invest in mass transit for the safety of the planet.   Obama also signed King’s very name on a poison murder plot.   The Bush/Clinton machine used a principle developed by the Warren Commission, a principle from International Law not needing police:  outcasting.  People who question are shoved aside.  McCartney meanwhile as an implacable beast of prey set upon me with the dialectics of disease infection.  The castration of American moral sensibility as a final statement of Reagan’s rampage is just what you would expect from the Pitt of the 80’s.  The outcasting of the shamed was transferred to other victims of the attack by refraction onto me, as the berserkers yammering for a chicken fight of victim status followed along as Ringo Starr’s disciples in something of a Nintendo idea of Two Virgins Medieval bloodbath.  The women of Peter Gabriel developed a battlefield switchboard to channel Andelman’s narrative and cloak the processes of child mutilation behind the alibi program of Ringo Starr.  With victim status comes housing.