You probably aren’t going to understand this combat with An Encyclopedia of Fraud, bare in mind however that the rabid animals who illegally forced this on me claim that a humiliated, terrorized, frightened, child mutilation victim in semi-coma from severe trauma could have understood and so it seems fair to say that you might, as a reasoning adult, attempt to live up to such mindless expectations of yourself as you would allow foisted off on a brutally battered victim of torture scarcely twelve years old. Refusal, you brag, is your way of protecting children, and you win in court of public opinion because the fact that I am not a sex offender is irrelevant and I defeat myself by making it relevant. There is no law in the land that allows you to release the AIDS virus as a premeditated attack, and my being what you are, which is a rapist and child molester, would not afford you that right. No, you don’t understand that. Little Jimmy will do. How could anyone blame you?

There is a supposition in circulation that only those who attacked us and play to win should be allowed to win, and that anyone who doesn’t play to win should automatically be forced to fail. Further they yammer that the idea that a loser who was tortured should be granted victory even after showing he was only playing to make it possible for an informed public to protect themselves, and this voluntary duty is shadowed by the ripper attacker. It seems to me that it is a miscarriage to force an illegal duel on an innocent person and then demand if they win they be generous. You have forced me to play for my name against ravenous thieves.

The crimson fetish, a Western religion from High Command, screams from sociolinguistic obscurity. It is encapsuled in “so what” vivisection settled on by Prison Administration. AIDS was an act of corrections appealing to those who blush at romantic intrigue and who regard all sex as state secrets and even the thought of making love as a serious crime. This extremism from one tip of Britain’s forked tongue allows attack from the other side of his double-jointed back bite: hate the sin but forgive the sinner. This they call spinning the mirror, while shouting, “look at yourself!”

It goes deeper in the shocking mutilation of Jimmy Crary, but let’s let the Muslim concern take priority a moment since forums are so scarce and my concerns well known. The Muslims are prior lobbied by Britain, and already in place having adopted the mutilation of a U.S. symbol. Hollywood, however, rules America, not democracy. This leaves the idea of oligarchy, which President Jimmy C. described, which some call monopoly, hidden hand or illuminati, in clearer definition, especially where the pseudo-intelligence of Fake News holds sway. Pure belief as a doctrine is always Fake News to someone so we separate Mosque and State out of fair play, secure that our peace keeping forces will protect us from mania, or were until faced with the AIDS attack from the Beatles. Hollywood is Second Amendment happy. So, as a personal/hate object grabbed violently by Hollywood hostage takers in a lewd military operation clocked to the AIDS attack I am a utility, the Warden held hostage. The murderers have canvased hard to make Muslims deride me, too. Isis is big spoils for the Crown. Yet the idea of Shariah vs. Democracy is a misnomer. At best Shariah law would put forward a challenge to Hollywood that they are a superior code of honor in safeguarding Democracy, which would be quite a twist of fate, I almost believe it’s true, but it would take owning up to the AIDS attack, a sore point for Islamic governments, as well as Nation of Islam.

There was only one chance to fail to warn and the British leapt at it in filth and greed. Many people in public letters or the sort who burp their bar stool sympathies, do not understand science so they sort of assume science does not understand public thought. Sociolinguistics is an attempt by scientists to ruthlessly do their level best to not only understand how common people think but to make deception seem like the truth to so many people that being deceived is taken for common sense. Labov, an interesting little name, speaks of inducing “the self-deception of introspection.” From there we find the impacted carrot in the extrusion machine as the parrot in the lair of Jaime Carbonell.

Gifts in language or so-called gifts usually pertain to reading habits; spicy summation, pithies, general interest power, etc. Using a student, much less a victim of vivisection this way is inexcusable. Failing to make this seem neon enough with the ruses of enchanting verbiage you fall out of favor. You don’t make the team. This is accent nature, preferred musicality, the only sexy alternative to macho. I have something to say to you a moment that goes against their quaint ability to find devil delight puns. It will displease you with the vulgarity of its power to open the door for you that you may still want kept closed. There is no concise way to say it. These foreign faceliars and their brutal administration have backstabbed the Beat Generation. The rights of poetry have been castrated, the rights of musicians have been deafened, it is all being eradicated by their sickening lies and digital review. Like the Warren Report, the Beatles want Oz Walled, and this is the wall that Trump built.

The riddler posed as a detective. Behind the sophisticated Liars Club is a dumbed down argument for sales, so-called commonsense reinforcing deception. It is muzzle mania built on the idea that facing the truth about what they did finds as its end game humiliating me, as though their vicious science of poison crime, aimed internally at a muse from our heritage, cancels out the AIDS abomination. As they listen to Dave and Mary, without a word about Willy, they ask that you hop around like disoriented kangaroos over a little invisible act of campus concensual lovemaking by nobodies in a situation where the celebrity superstate maliciously lay in wait sniveling, “Louie Louis” for the tongs of Nippon’s SWAPO Zulu. The murderers said, “Shhh!” meaning don’t warn, wait to perform a human sacrifice, ripper attack fun as a hot foot, crime after crime. They want to be seen as Special Prosecutors. They aren’t even special defendants. They’re decadent scum. They feel deeply that conscience should be shot in the head by Law Enforcement. They see a half-decent America and want him struck down. There’s no mystery about Peter Gabriel. He’s a raping animal.

Tony Levin’s mentality, that no sound you make can affect him, which he construes as a brave man’s protection of speech and the arts, is, in reality, the cause of all this odious violence, and he knows it well. If you don’t have a society where you can hope that truly evil murderers can be brought to justice, and that the Law commands that your screams will be marketed as tonic by the most horrendous sadists alive, it leaves one no claim to living in civilization at all. I say he knows this because of his criminal refraction method. From this mentality he circles in his laser chair from telescope radar on high as the hostile energy builds up, he swivels in glee, picking and choosing symbolic targets with hysteria fit to primal cries, this deaf white suck, that tall building, that Queer bar, this Sierra Club volunteer, to disintegrate with rippermania as all cheer in rapture as though the Gestapo were the moral paradigm of Alexander Pangoulis. It isn’t the victim that matters, but the benevolent of the syphilitic act. Trust the yammer of Iran-Contra-crimos.

The modus operandi of the murderers is crystal clear, their search for the Holy Grail, they look for mental behavior that can be coerced in such a way as to call it voluntary. Admitting what they did then condemns you, too.